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How to Close a Sale on a Cold Call? ๐Ÿ“ž Cold Call Teardown ๐Ÿ“ž

How to Close a Sale on a Cold Call? ๐Ÿ“ž Cold Call Teardown ๐Ÿ“ž

– One of you guys has sent me an appointment setting cold call. He sells SEO services to lawyers, and in this video I’m
gonna run through that. It’s gonna be anonymized, and I’ll give feedback
on an actual sales call. Here’s the call. – [Client] Hello? – [Salesperson] Hey, Michael? – [Michael] Yes. – [Salesperson] Hey, this is Jason. You left me a voicemail
just a few minutes ago? – [Michael] Yes, yes, I
remember. How are you? – [Jason] I’m good. How are you, Michael? – Good, good.
– I’m just– – So notice, Jason asked this question. He’s like, “How are you?” didn’t wait for the response, and just started jumping
into his sales pitch. One, I wouldn’t recommend
asking a question like “How are you” in a cold call. It sounds like this was a call he made, the guy sent him a voicemail
and then he called him back. I would jump right into it. But, if you do screw up and
ask a question like that, wait for the response. – [Jason] (laughs) Excellent. Just to clear things first, just to make sure we’re
both not wasting our time, we have a lot of partnership
deals going on at the moment, and one of those is
passing cases that we have. This is not a marketing. We’re not selling you on a
six month marketing thing. We already have cases coming in. It’s as simple as looking it over and seeing if it fits with your firm. Is that something that
we’re clear on? Just– – Instead of getting
super sales-y off the bat, I would compress it a little bit instead of having to sell him, I would say something like, “I was looking through your site. “You guys obviously have a great team. “I was wondering what you do right now “for finding new clients. “What’s your marketing
strategy look like?” It’s tighter, it’s more human, and it’s in line with my persona. I’m usually like a
to-the-point type of guy. Somebody else might get more flowery. And what I like to do in these cold calls is get to the point as soon as possible, which is kind of what
Jason was trying to do with the “wasting your time” line, but I also wouldn’t say words like “I don’t wanna waste your time”, or “Let’s make sure neither
one of us is wasting our time,” ’cause you don’t want them to have that thought in their head that you might be wasting their time. – [Michael] Yeah, I’m curious. Where did you get my information
from? My phone number? – That’s the response of a guy that has no idea why you’re calling him, knows you’re in a cold call, and feels like you’re wasting his time. The fix to that is being
more human in the intro, showing that you’ve done
some research on the company. – [Jason] We’re looking for
personal injury on Facebook, and I found you there. You fit with exactly what we need, which is for, like, dog bites. You’ve done dog bites in the past, right? If I’m correct there?
– Right, right. Right, I have done dog bites in the past. – [Jason] Okay. So there’s
a limit to the amount of lawyers in Cali so we’re, you’re one of the person
that we really wanted to partner up with. Do you, are you able to take up
partnership right now with multiple cases? ‘Cause these are more than
just one case a month, there’s multiple. – [Michael] Um, well what volume are you
talking about, first of all? So I can– – It’s kind of cringy, right? He’s talking about
partnerships instead of saying “marketing” or “sales”, which, maybe this is
tested, maybe that works. I’m interested to see where this call goes in the next 14 minutes, because at this point I
probably would have hung up if I was this lawyer. – [Michael] Just trying to understand. – [Jason] Not super high, but definitely more than one case a month. – And then he downtalks his own service. He says, “Yeah, it’s more
than one case a month, “but it’s not super high.” The better response here would be to use a case study. So if they say, “What type of numbers are
we talking about here?” you could say, “Well, for Morgan and Morgan “who have an office just
down the street from you, “we generate two to three
clients every single month.” If you don’t have a specific
case study in their industry, you can go a little bit further back, but some kind of case study, and if you’re in marketing, it definitely has to have
numbers attached to it. Similar to what we do in a cold email. – [Michael] Okay, alright. Well, here’s, um, here’s my idea. I’ll tell you what I’m doing right now. – [Jason] Sure. – [Michael] I’m independent.
I’m on my own, and– – The fact that he’s still
talking about marketing with Jason at this point, means that this guy is extremely desperate
for marketing services. This is a lay-up, and I’m
gonna be extremely disappointed if he doesn’t have a meeting or a sale booked by the end of this call. – [Michael] I contract out my services to a giant insurance firm
that I’m working with where I deal with, like, high-volume, large cases, usually in the several
millions of dollars. So that’s really kind of
what I’m doing right now. I work with a lot of lawyers down here in Southern California. You’re located in Northern
California, though, right? – [Jason] That’s correct, but we sometimes get offers
for cases in Southern, as well. – What the client’s doing here is trying to disqualify himself. “Oh, we only do million dollar cases, “also you’re in Northern California, “we’re in Southern California,” which might sound bad, but is actually a very good sign, because literally all
Jason has to say here, which he didn’t, but all he had to say was “We work with three lawyers “in Southern California right now. “They’re all getting clients from us, “so our services work
all around the coast. “And we’re specifically
reaching out to you, “because based on the research, “I can tell that you’re gonna
get a lot of value from it. “Typically we do actually source “these million dollar deals.” Now I’m not saying a lie. Only say that if that’s true. But if you’re doing your
market research correctly, I’m assuming these guys do source these million dollar deals. If not, Jason should say, “Oh, alright, I guess
we’re not qualified,” and he should hang up. But if you’ve done your
target market research, assuming this guy is a good lead for you and this isn’t the first time
you’ve heard this question about the deal size, then you should have a
good answer ready to go about how you’ve done
it before in the past. – [Michael] Okay. I mean, well, nowadays, geography I don’t think matters that much. People can work remotely
and they can file documents, and all that, so it doesn’t concern me too much. – This guy’s giving all
the latitude you need to make a sale. This is so interesting. – [Michael] Let me just think about this. – [Jason] I would think about it. If you’re doing cases in the millions, the problem with this
one, I know for sure that one of our attorneys has a
quarter million dollar case for dog bites. Let’s see. I think my partner has
more detail in the cases. Would you want to take
a look at the cases, the calls coming in, see if it fits with your firm? And we could just move forward from there? – [Michael] Well, no, I’m
just thinking about it, because the way that I do now, or the way that I work– – Jason should have just said “Yes, we do million dollar cases,” if he even thinks that they do. Saying you do “quarter
million dollar cases” when someone does
“multimillion dollar cases” makes you seem smaller than he needs, so you’re not qualified to be
talking to this guy, right? And I don’t know if the firm
that Jason’s working for actually is or is not qualified
to be working with him, but if they have done
million dollar cases, Jason should either know that off the bat, or shouldn’t guess. – [Michael] –work with
this other company, ’cause I work hourly. So this, with dog bites, I assume, is contingency cases, correct? – [Jason] Correct. – [Michael] Okay, okay. So what is your, I mean, what is your split as far as someone being a partner with you? – [Jason] For the legal
matter for that cause, you know there’s ethical reasons, there’s ethical matters for that, but each case for the average
case for dog bites is $30,000. We were thinking of doing
a really low trial period which is like 5% of just one case. Multiple cases are coming in, where we’re thinking of just charging for a one-case kind of fee, which is like 5% of $30,000. – You can just hear the
hesitation in his voice. “We’re thinking about doing this.” “Our cases are $30,000”, even though the client’s mentioned their multimillion dollars. There’s a lot of hesitation and a lot of disqualification
that Jason’s doing that he should just
not be doing right now. – [Jason] But before we talk about that, we want to give you this
trial period for free first, because we know we’re
getting calls coming in, so. – And there’s no need
to double down there. “We know we’re getting calls coming in.” Just say “we’re gonna give you leads for free” and that should be
enough to close this guy. I would actually even bring that up way earlier in the call. – [Jason] See if it works
for you first for free, and then we can go from there. How’s that sound with you? – [Michael] So let me understand this. I just wanna understand
this, how it works. You want a trial period, right? For how long? – [Jason] That’s a good question. Maybe a week? – You don’t know what you’re selling? “Oh, you want a trial
period. For how long?” “I don’t know, how long
do you wanna do it for?” Like, come on. Before you’re doing these cold calls, before you’re doing these
appointment setting calls, make sure you know what
you’re selling to this guy. – [Jason] Because we’re
getting calls every month, we know exactly how many
calls we’re getting right now. They’re being sent to voicemail. Some of them are being sent
to our partner attorney. If this sounds remotely interesting, I think this could work, but I just wanna make sure. It’s better if I can
just show you the cases and the calls coming in. – [Michael] Well, I want
to understand the terms. – I’m gonna stop the call there, but literally all the
client wanted to know was have you worked with
lawyers like him in the past, what does this actually sound like, he’s asking again what the terms are because Jason has no
idea what the terms are. And if that’s the case, if you’re just testing a new
product out on cold calls, at least decide beforehand
what it’s gonna be. Is it a week trial? Is it a 30 day trial? What is it going to be, and
what does it consist of? From there, Jason, all
he had to do was say “Does that sound good?” the guy would say “Yes”, and then you could get him into the system and start it going. Very simple lay-up call that was undercut by no knowledge or less knowledge of the product. This is a new format, so please, in the comments let me know, did you find this valuable, is there anything else you wanna see when it comes to cold call breakdowns? Give it a Like to encourage
this type of content on YouTube, and subscribe for more B2B Sales Training. If you need marketing support for your digital agency, check out Experiment27.com. Thanks.

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