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How To Choose The Best Travel Backpack | Part 1: Intro | The Right One Bag Carry-On Pack For You

How To Choose The Best Travel Backpack | Part 1: Intro | The Right One Bag Carry-On Pack For You

– In this video series,
you’ll learn how to choose the best one back travel backpack for you. Hey, I’m Tom, the founder of Pack Hacker, and we’re a team of frequent
to perpetual travelers that do travel gear reviews,
share our tips and tricks, and make guides just like this one. So if you’re new here,
consider subscribing. I even spent one year living out of this 40-liter GORUCK
GR2 exclusively. This one. When it comes to choosing a
backpack for one bag travel, there’s so many different
brands and models out there with varying degrees of style,
durability, and price points, and it’s hard to tell,
what’s gonna work for you. In this guide, we’ll cover
some things to consider before you end up pulling
the trigger on a new bag, and we’ll show you some
things to look out for, even if you’re unable
to go look at the bag in person before buying it online. Let’s jump right in. (relaxed music) This guide will be broken up
into a couple different videos for the different themes
that we’re gonna cover. So if you’re on YouTube, we’ll be sure to link everything up in
the description below, if you wanna skip around at all, and if you do have a specific bag in mind, be sure to head over to packhacker.com, and hopefully we’ll have a review on it. If not, let us know, in the comments, what you’re looking at,
and we’ll try to help out. We also have this guide available
in written format as well. So if that’s more of your
jam and you wanna read, then feel free to check that out. We’ll do our best to try to
keep that guide updated as well. So here’s the bottom line, there really is no best
travel backpack out there. So in this guide, we’re
all about arming you to kind of get you to a position where you can make the
selection based on your needs, and hopefully we can teach
some of our learnings with you and make it a little bit
easier for you to select. So, why backpacks? A lot of people ask me this,
and I do have a couple reasons for that, about why I
personally prefer one. Sure, roller bag luggage is great, and you can kind of fit
a lot more in there, but there’s a couple reasons why I personally prefer backpacks, and a lot of our team members at Pack Hacker also prefer them. So, number one, they feel very freeing. When you land, get to a new location, instead of needing to
hop over to your Airbnb, your hotel, or your hostel right away, if you do pack right and
pack minimally enough, you’re free to go do whatever you want for the rest of that day. When it comes to standard roller luggage, you’re kind of restricted to
a certain terrain as well. It’s gonna be easy to drag
that thing across the airport, but when it comes to, you know, maybe even a cobblestone
road, you may start to run into more problems, and forget about trying
to go take a day hike directly when you land on your flight, when you don’t have anywhere
to drop your luggage. Travel backpacks are usually
versatile and lightweight. When you are gonna be wearing something for a prolonged period of
time, kind of forces you to pack more minimally and really consider what you’re gonna be taking with you, and that not only kind
of frees up your mind because you have less
things to think about, but it also frees you up physically. You can move from, again,
location to location without that extra bulk, and
you can be a lot more nimble and a lot more quick
when you’re traveling. So in this guide, we’re
going for travel versatility. We want you to look good when
you’re exploring a new city. We want you to feel good when
you’re walking around with it, and we wanna kind of find the perfect pack that’s gonna fit in multiple situations. It’s needs to be durable and
rugged and weatherproof enough for you to be able to go
camping for a couple days and kind of go on an
adventure outside of the city, but again, it also has to look good so you don’t stick out like a sore thumb if you’re hanging out in
a cafe or you’re trying to get some work done in
a coffee shop for a day. We wanna pack that’s gonna fit in both of those environments equally. We do mention a couple
different packs in this guide, and a lot of them, we’ve reviewed already and kind of collected our thoughts on. So we’ll try to share
those insights for you and kind of compare and contrast different choices for one bag travel. So thanks for taking a
look at the first video in this series on how to choose the best travel backpack for you, and be sure to take a look
at the next video for more. (relaxed music)

26 thoughts on “How To Choose The Best Travel Backpack | Part 1: Intro | The Right One Bag Carry-On Pack For You

  1. Do you have a favorite one bag travel backpack or have any questions about one in particular before buying it? Let us know in a comment and we'll do our best to help out! We're glad you're here.

  2. I bought the Aer Travel Pack because of your reviews and Chase Reeves. The AER Travel and Fit pack are amazing. Thanks again for your great reviews.

  3. I carry the AER Travel Bag in the smoky grey color. I am still working on making it lighter/packing minimum items is a challenge.

  4. I hope you guys don't leave out tom bihn bags! The s19 is the perfect bag for me. Also I noticed that you seem to talk out the side of you mouth in the first video. It's a common bad habit that comes up. It is often paired with a slight head tilt. It's small thing but can be distracting. Not a total deal breaker but eliminating it will help things seem much smoother. Just a small critique, very happy with the thoroughness of the videos so far. Thanks for producing them!

  5. Your video is the most comprehensive detailed review I have ever seen when it comes to travel backpack gear. I am extremely excited to make a wise choice to fit my personal needs. Buying soon! Will visit your web to transact! Thank you for the help!

  6. Hi Tom– hoping this might be a good place for me to start…any recommendation for an EDC backpack that would also work for one-bag travel? I currently have an Incase TRACTO Duffel, but it doesn't carry that great as a backpack per se (and I need a bit more organization for things like laptop/notebook/headphones/chargers/jumprope). Was thinking of a MIssion Workshop Rambler or Mystery Ranch 3-day CL, but pricey without trying first. Thanks!

  7. in my humble opinion Tortuga Outbreaker 35L is the best option to choose for one-bag travel. But it costs as hell, as well as other awesome carry-ons 🙁

  8. I'm currently looking into buying a Millican backpack but there are very few reviews out there for what is becoming a very popular bag! Have you guys heard of the company and know if it's worth looking into? 🌎

  9. I am headed to Africa for a month in July. I have narrowed down my search to The Tortuga outbreak, the AER travel pack or the Arcido Akra or Faroe. I know they are all great bags but I need help in choosing the right one. I love the looks of the Arcido. The Tartuga looks like the best built with all the features I could want and the AER looks like it would be the good all around. Just can't afford to be wrong. Can anyone help.

  10. Hello, good videos.
    I wonder if I have any carryon suggestions for Europeans?
    For example Ryanair's luggage policy will change next November 1st and they only allow to carry with us a suitcase with the following dimensions 40 x 25 x x20 cm, which is simply 16 x 10 x 8 inch. It's not easy to find backpacks with certain dimensions, especially with an aspect that does not call attention and can serve as a daypack without make me a target for burglars.

  11. I really like how you include females and how they look with the bag in your videos. Makes it so much easier! Subscribed

  12. I have a question for you. Bought a backpack (Cotopaxi Allpa 35), but I am not sure how to tell if it is right for me. I doubt after taking a trip they would accept it back. Any ideas on this? To bad they do not sell from REI! I have thought about packing it up and carrying on a couple mile hike. But any ideas from y'all?? I don't ever hear this topic discussed. Would be happy to hear from (polite) readers. Thanks.

  13. Hi I am looking for a backpack for the back of the wheelchair when going through the airport to carry not only my carry on medical stuff but also my service dog in training things. If any commenters have any ideas that would be helpful thankyou.

  14. Do you know anything about the Thule Landmark 40L Women's? And tanks for the great info on your sites!!!

  15. I found eastpak good for me…. currently on my second large sized model….for this current version and the previous one, both packs have been used 5+ years, daily commuting and used for a few holidays. Only now are is it starting to degrade ….

  16. Hey I’ve recently stumbled upon your channel as I’ve decided to take up the One Bag Traveling mantra. I don’t travel often but have some trips coming up that I wanted to pack less for when I go. I am looking at some on Amazon that seem to be well-reviewed: The Inateck 40L Travel Backpack, and the WITZMAN Canvas Rucksack (in the nylon material). Any thoughts/feedback would be greatly appreciated since I did not see them reviewed on your site. Even guidance towards which style of bag will be better suited for one bag packing will point me in the right direction. Thanks!

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