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How To Choose Keywords For Google Ads in 2019

How To Choose Keywords For Google Ads in 2019

how do I choose the best keywords for my clients let’s find out to begin with I want you to write down the top three services or products in regards to revenue and profit first tip arrange
those products or services into two simple keywords so for example if you’re
an electrician in Brisbane then electrician and Brisbane are your
keywords my second tip will be don’t fall into the trap of using industry
jargon or the internal language of you and your employees even better would be
to ask your clients what they would search even if a client wants to rewire
their entire house they still will look for an electrician in Brisbane we’re
coming up to our third tip but what I’d like to see is more people subscribing
commenting below or at least hitting that like button third tip easy as use
the Google ads Keyword planner it’s an amazing tool that allows you to explore
different keyword opportunities and it’s free for all Google ads users fourth tip
nearly there make sure you’re using the right keyword structures so that your
search terms are highly relevant personally I use broad match modified
phrase match and exact match sometimes I will use broad match I will be making a
video on this in the future so stay tuned the final tip is to use negative
keywords regularly and often these are keywords that are relevant to your
business and you want to make sure that you’re not showing your ads for those
search terms I’ve been Sam Fields, you’ve been awesome, like, comment
subscribe, see you next week!

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