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How to Cheat and Get Free Instagram Followers That Engage! 3 Little Known Steps That Work!

How to Cheat and Get Free Instagram Followers That Engage! 3 Little Known Steps That Work!

– Hey there my friend. How you doing? It’s Chris Njigha here
from ChrisNjigha.com and in this very exciting episode today we are talking about Instagram. Instagram followers, all right? Hey, let me ask you a question. Would you like to know the very best way to get free Instagram followers
to your Instagram account and do it in a way that’s,
actually, low key cheating? (laughing comically) But it’s still legal
but it’s like cheating and still getting results
within your business. Well stick around. I’m gonna share with you somethings that I’ve learned recently that are just powerful
about the Instagram platform and how you can start generating
tons of leads and sales by getting a ton of Instagram
followers to your account. Stick to the very end
because I’m gonna show you how you can cheat at it and nobody will ever know you’re doing it and it worked, it just works, okay? (laughing comically) (upbeat electronic music) Alight, so if you haven’t already, hey, definitely give this video a like. Definitely subscribe to the channel. Don’t forget to hit that bell too so that you can be notified
whenever I release new content, social media marketing, Instagram, and things like that help
you grow your business because if you don’t
know, you’ll know now. This channel is all about
empowering you (inaudible) with the mindset and marketing skill sets. Get results in your business.
Now! Today! ASAP! And, finally, get that
breakthrough you’re looking for. Alright, so we can get right down into it. We’re going to talk about Instagram. How you can start getting
some free Instagram followers and cheat at doing it and grow your following base. Three little known steps that really people aren’t talking about but it’s just critical and then I wanna show
you how you can get away with the cheating part in the very end. So, let’s get right down into it. So here we are, I’m on my
Instagram profile right now and so here’s the thing. Instagram is such a powerful platform. I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve not been really using it. Not really been using it. I got a couple of followers here and there but I haven’t really been using it because I’ve been focusing on other venues but, man, I’ve been recently learn some of the power, just the incredible power that this platform has. Here’s the thing, Instagram has grown to the point where it’s got a
billion monthly active users. Yes, Instagram has really faced Mark Zuckerberg’s success story. It’s super powerful. One of the things you may
not know about Instagram is that the platform has many
advantages over Facebook. One, that 35% more engaged followers on Instagram than they do on Facebook. In other words, when
you go on when you post, you’re gonna get 35% more
engagement which is huge because probably you’ve noticed that Facebook, they’re not getting as much engagement as they use to. Instagram got 80% of
your post are all about some type of products. So people are use to promoting products and stuff like this on
their Instagram profile and people are use to seeing it and buying it and being okay with it. 75% of users will take action so if they see your profile and see a link they’re
gonna do something with it. They’re gonna take action. 30% of people purchase the product for the first time when they saw by seeing it on Instagram. See once again, people
are use to seeing products and being sold and things like that and seeing brands on Instagram which is definitely
different from Facebook. And then free traffic is just
one of the largest platforms where you can get free traffic and get lots of exposure to your business. So one thing about Instagram
that I really like is that well all you gotta do
is really post one time a day and that’s enough for you to get any followers to your account. I mean, just one time
a day you’re posting. Most huge brands don’t own posts more than five times a week anyway. So you don’t even have to
spend a whole lot of time posting all the time, right? And 100% of it can be done from your phone which is another great way in cheating at building your business. So, one of these three known steps that I’m talking about getting
tons of Instagram followers and cheat at it that makes
just boost your business. Well, the three steps is this. First, is building your audience. So when you building your audience that means you have, you’re looking for people, followers,
who are the right type of people right for your brands. Let’s say you’re into health and wellness you want someone that’s into health and wellness. How’d you do this? Well, you find people that
your Instagram followers will most likely follow that are into health and wellness. So let’s say for example we’re trying to look for someone that’s into nutrition or something like that. Let’s see, first thing that comes up is this right here, nutritional. He’s got, this follower
has a 115,000 followers. Would you think that the people that are following this brand are people that want to be in nutrition that are healthy, that’s their jam. Look what they’re posting. Obviously, great content that people are, obviously,
interacting with. This is the kind of thing that, obviously, is an nutritional niche. So whoever is following these
people, all these people who are alike, those most likely are the people you want to follow. Does that make sense? So you’re basically following the people who are where your followers
will be most likely going to. Another way of describing it is influence or marketing, finding the
influences within your niche, gravitating to them, following them so that you can see their followers. Because their followers more than likely will probably follow you. Not all of them will but that’s okay though. You want the ones who
are willingly come to you because those are the ones that not only do they
match your perfect prospect and their the ones are ready to buy and they’re target customers but the ones that actually like you. They like your content, which is the perfect storm and then from that point
you just start following those followers which you can easily do. You can go right here to
where all their followers are and then, man, I can start
following all these people. These people who have
already raised their hands and said hey I like this brand. This is a great way to cheat and getting free Instagram followers who will interact with you because these are not fake people. These are, obviously, people. If you wanna take it a next
step you could probably just go to one of the posts and then hit the likes and see who liked. You see the people who
are actually engaging, actually interacting, who
are following your brand and is right on top of
your particular niche. Perfect!
Perfect, right? This is how you get free
Instagram followers just by doing that because
they’ll see your brand and if it matches they’re gonna
want to get to know you too. So after that, to make
sales and things like that, it’s all about engaging
with your audience, with those followers, with content that speaks to them. I mean, Instagram got so many
different stuff all kinds of different things that they’re doing. They got IG TV, they got
stories, they got take homes, they got contests, they got highlights. I mean, of course, you can put regular picture posts And videos. So, I mean, Instagram is doing so much and then when you want to
sale and start making money, how do you do that? Man, the link, right here? It’s the only place you can put it. BAM! BAM! You put what you want where you want them to go and it works like that. There’s other feature too
probably can’t see it on here because it’s on a computer but on the phone you get to swipe up feature once you hit 10,000 followers. So, let me ask you a question then? How that exactly do you cheat at this? Cause you’re probably thinking more Chris it sounds good but dude that sounds like a lot of work. Well, the way to cheat in my opinion is when you can automate that. Imagine having tons,
10 hundred 50 hundreds of followers following
your Instagram account every single day and you never even jumped on Instagram but maybe
one time to check it. You’re chilling with your family. You’re watching your kinds. Maybe you’re at work. You’re doing whatever it is that you gotta do all the
while in the background your Instagram account is growing. By the way, now having to run with any ads or anything like that. How would that look?
How awesome would that be? That, my friend, is how you can cheat at getting Instagram followers for free without even paid ads, without any super techy stuff to do that you have to worry about and, yes, it is possible. If you wanna learn more about what I am talking about check out the link in the description of this video. It’s gonna take you to a training where it’s going to show
you step by step by step, how you can do it exactly same way. It’s not gonna be me teaching you because I’m not a Instagram guy. I ain’t gonna sit here and act like I am but I ain’t stupid either. I recognize when I see a trend or I see something that makes sense. I don’t know about you
but I’m always looking for something because I have kids. Did you see my little baby boy? Let’s see my boy right here. I love his cut right there. I’m always about finding ways to leverage my time. Leverage my time which is my most powerful
precious resource. So I can spend it with things that makes more sense to me. So if I can do anything in my business and maybe you feel the same way too that leverage is time, I’m all for it. So imagine this, imagine having a strategy that’s non super techy. Even your grandma can
do this Instagram thing where you’re not having to
manage complicated blogs, not having to worry about
super technical software or having crazy conversations with people or on other social media
platforms they ain’t trying to buy your stuff but everything is set on automation. Automated, automatically, organically with no for paid ads, getting
traffic, getting sales, getting followers to
your Instagram account and growing it automatically on autopilot. Yes, my friend that’s
what I’m talking about. I just jumped into this
program, started using it. So in the next couple months we’re going to see how things look. (laughing comically) Well, if you wanna check that out now and learn more about then definitely click the link
below in the description so you can get access to that and start building your business the way you want to build it. Cause the fact of the
matter is you don’t have to spend all day prospecting
it, you don’t want to. You don’t have to do all
those traditional way. There are ways to build the business the way you want to build it and that is a fact. You can take that to the bank. So, hopefully you enjoyed it. This video right here is
exactly how you can create create the lifestyle that you want. Using your Instagram account and cheat at getting
free Instagram followers. Using these three little
steps, three step process. This little known that people don’t know. Spilling your audience
with the right followers. Engaging them with content that makes sense to them and then selling them and
doing all this on autopilot. So that’s it my friend. Hope you enjoyed it. This video has been on how
to get Instagram followers for free through all steps you can do to cheat at it and get away with it. So, until next time my friend until the next exciting episode be blessed, stay hungry out there and I’ll see you on the next one. Bye now!

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  2. Thanks a ton for this valuable video Chris! Instagram can be very lucrative. I love targeting leaders who already did the work and start following their followers. Automation is SWEET icing on the cake!

  3. Yo, It appears that Gramzilla is the only working website. I can not believe that there is so many spam websites on Youtube.

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