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How to Capture Amazon FBA Customer Email Addresses (Facebooks Ads & Manychat Tutorial)

How to Capture Amazon FBA Customer Email Addresses (Facebooks Ads & Manychat Tutorial)

How do you capture your Amazon FBA customer’s
email address? I am going to show you this today, step by
step, that is completely, 100% within Terms of Service. So just a heads up, this video is going to
be very step by step so make sure you’re watching until the very end if you want to learn how
to capture your Amazon FBA customer’s email address. For you guys who are new to my channel, I
am Tamara Tee. I started Amazon FBA in 2017, started my own
YouTube channel for you guys, started teaching Amazon FBA, I am now an Amazon coach, mentor,
whatever you want to call it. If you want to see more videos from me and
tutorials, please subscribe to my channel by hitting the subscribe button, and the notification
bell so you get notified every single time I release a new video. I think every Amazon seller is going to wonder
about this sometime along in their journey. And they ask me, “Tamara, how can I get my
Amazon customers’ email address?” This is against Terms of Service. How do I do it within Terms of Service? So that’s why I am doing this video for you
guys today. I am going to show you exactly step by step
how I capture my customer’s email address and how you can as well. But just a little warning, it is a little
complex and you have very little knowledge about Amazon FBA, then this video may be a
little challenging for you. But don’t worry, it’s very step by step like
I said, and you can always come back to this video when you are ready to get your Amazon
customer’s email address. However, if you are new, just make sure you
check out my free training webinar in the link below, in the description. This will be a little training for you, just
to get your feet wet so you know what Amazon FBA is all about. Anyways, let’s get back to our original topic. Why is it so important to get your Amazon
FBA customer’s email address? Well, when you get their email address, you
can literally do anything with them. So, if you have a new product that you want
to launch, all you do is email them. If you want to do a mini launch to rank for
new keywords, all you do is email them. And the beauty of this is that they are more
inclined to buy your product and you don’t have to give them a steep discount because
they are already familiar with your brand, they already like your products. So they are more inclined to buy and did I
mention, you can keep marketing to them again and again? Because, then now, they are your customer,
not just Amazon’s. So let’s dive into my computer, let’s get
started so I can show you how you can capture your customer’s email address. Alright, today we will need Feedbackwhiz,
Facebook Business Manager, and Manychat. I am using Feedbackwhiz because I need to
pull up all of my past orders from my customers on Amazon, with their first name, last name,
and address. We will be building an audience on Facebook
so Facebook can match our Amazon customers to their Facebook profile. Kind of cool, right? I also want to let you guys know, if you have
not watched my previous video, to use Manychat and Facebook Ads to launch your Amazon FBA
products, I’ll link that right here. Make sure you watch that video because it’s
very, it’s going to be somewhat similar to this one. Except in this video, I am teaching you how
to get the customers’ address. It’s not hard, it’s just very step by step. So the first thing I want to do in Feedbackwhiz
is get all the information for my customers who have bought from me on Amazon. I am going to Reports, right here. And I am going to choose Report Type. I am just going to choose Orders. And depending on how long you’ve been selling
on Amazon, try to pick the longest amount of time. So for me, it was 2 years. I’ll just go with 6 months here because 6
months of data, I have a lot of customer data within the last 6 months. Alright, click Generate Report. I am not going to manually do it here. But, what you want to do is, after it generates
and it takes literally seconds, you download the report. You will have an Excel document. With that Excel document, you want to filter
out the ASIN of the product that you are selling on Amazon. So if you have more than 1 product, you filter
it out by each ASIN. Because if you’re selling different kinds
of products, some customers may be only inclined to buy that product. If you’re selling a beach ball and a garlic
press, your garlic press customers may not want to buy your beach ball when they see
it on Facebook. They were more into the kitchen kind of category,
right? And vice versa. If your customer bought your beach ball, I
think they were more looking for summer beach products. So, with that being said, all you do with
your Excel sheet, after you download it here, is to format it in a way how Facebook wants
it. So in business manager, in Facebook, we have,
we’re going to go to Ads Manager. And we are going to create our ad here. I previously already created an ad so we will
just use that. However, going back to what I was just saying,
you want to format your customers’ data in a way that Facebook wants it. I’ll let you guys find that template from
Facebook. Just Google, “Facebook customer upload data
excel sheet” or something like that. Basically, Facebook is going to give you a
template and you just put it in order on how the template wants it. So I believe it was first name, last name,
zip code, state and country. After you have that information downloaded
from Feedbackwhiz, you just format your excel sheet to how Facebook wants it and you upload
that audience onto Facebook. And Facebook will now match your Amazon customers
information to their Facebook profile. It works 110%, I’ve done this over and over
again. So when you create, this is a campaign that
I created a very long time ago in my training course. I was teaching my students how to launch products
using Facebook ads and Manychat. So we will be using the same example here. So if I click on my campaigns right here,
it has 1 ad. We’re going to go into ad sets right here. Because I want to show you where you upload
that customer data that you just downloaded from Feedbackwhiz. So we are just going to close this. So right here, it’s my budget and schedule. This is my ad set. And my audience is right here. So it says Feedbackwhiz report buyers ID,
whatever it is. Basically, I just created, I clicked on Create
New and I uploaded my customer information right here. So it’s custom audience, and customer file. This is where you upload your customer file. And that’s it. After you upload it, you do the rest here. You create your ad and Facebook is going to
match the customers’ data to their Facebook profile. So they will see your ad when you run your
ad. So if we go to ad here. This is the previous ad I made. Super simple. It was basically doing a giveaway for my beach
ball. I marked it at 75% off. So right here, this would be my ad. And I am just telling my audience to click
into Send Message so they can get a promo code for 75% off. This is where the magic happens. After they see your ad, when you’re running
your ad on Facebook, they click on Send Message, they are now in your Manychat sequence. So obviously I am not going to manually run
this ad for you guys. You guys can do that yourself when you have
your ad set up. But now we are going to go to Manychat. This is what happens when your customer opts
in to Send Message. Remember, this right here? When they want to claim the code. Now, they are in your Manychat sequence and
you have your Audience right here. All your audiences will be right here. And you have your flows and you have your
growth tools. So when we are setting up our – if you were
to do a launch using Facebook ads and Manychat, you would have to do it from your growth tools. So if I click on here. By the way, it’s proceed with JSON growth
tool. You will need to be on the pro plan. I am on the free plan right now just as a
tutorial that I am showing you guys. But you need to be on the pro plan. It’s $10 a month, you can’t go wrong with
$10 a month. Alright, so when you have your Manychat set
up here and your customer has opted in, this is just an example, but you need to start
being creative. After they have opted into your bot, you can
literally send them any kind of messages that you want that are within Terms of Service. So don’t spam them because Facebook will have
you blocked if you continuously spam them. Make sure you read the Terms of Service on
Facebook about that. However, for example, if I want to capture
their email address, I am going to show you right here. Reminder: you guys must use Facebook ads with
JSON if you want this to work. That’s the only way Facebook ads will pick
up that you are using your growth tool to get your customers to opt into your bot. I hope that makes sense. So I am just going to edit this. Originally, I was running a giveaway for this. And right here, it’s just saying, the very
first message when people click onto Send Message right here, they see, “Hey there! Are you interested in getting our sumer beach
ball for 75% off? Only available on Amazon today, December 16th”,
whatever it is. I am not going to go into this in detail but
if I were to ask them for their email address, maybe, we’ll change this up here, right here. So instead of getting them to claim a promo
code, I will now email them the code. So right here, if they click on Sure, I do,
sure, they want the code. That brings me to my next message, “great,
please copy and paste this promo code into the checkout on Amazon.” We are not going to do this. We are going to say, “Great. Please confirm your email address here so
I can email you the code.” And try to put a happy face emoji, if you
can. Make it sound friendly. Okay, also, you want to remove the button
now. They are no longer copying anything. So we’ll just remove this. Go back here. Delete. And we will delete that last one right here
as well. Because that was originally the message that
was going to get connected to this one. So I am going to delete this one as well. Alright, now I am back on this one. And this would be user input. When you click on user input, the user, the
customer will see their own email address here. It’s going to populate. So right here, we are going to click on Email. And this will populate. This will populate for them, their own email
address. We’re asking them for their own email address
and right here, it’s actually going to show their email address. It’s not showing right here obviously because
I am not really connected. But once this message, once this set up is
up and running, the customer will see their own Facebook email address and so will you. And that’s it. If, for whatever reason, they do not confirm
their email address or it’s not correct, they will get automatically sent a message that
says, “please enter a correct email address.” And it will send them their email address
again. That’s their Facebook email address. You can also edit this, if you want. So right here, I’ll just say, “is this correct?” And again, they will just have to confirm
that on their side. After that, I will to maybe add some text
and say, “awesome, be sure to watch your email inbox for the 75% off code.” And that’s it. That’s literally it. If you are capturing a lot of email addresses
and you want to save them somewhere, then you would have to connect Zapier and trigger
a zap there. That’s a lot more complicated that we’re not
going to get into detail today. Or you can just copy and paste your customers’
email address that will populate here and save it into an excel document. But if you were to go through the Zapier way,
all you do is click on Perform Actions. And remember, this is not a Pro account, my
account is Free. So there’s no option here. But with the Pro account, it will say trigger
zap. It will give you an option here that says
Trigger Zap. So it will zap the customers’ email and automatically
save it wherever you want to go. You just have to set that up into Zapier. And again, it’s a little complicated, so we
will not get into that today. But that’s it. Now you can start collecting email addresses. With your email addresses that you collected,
you can start emailing your customers. Whichever email software that you use. Actually I don’t recommend MailChimp, but
you know, if you are using MailChimp, you can store the email addresses there and start
marketing to your clients over and over again. Start building that customer base outside
of Amazon. If you want to learn how to launch your products
outside of Amazon by using Facebook ads and Manychat, that’s all in detail and in depth
video tutorials within my FBA Winners Full Training Course. If you guys liked this video, please give
it a thumbs up. Please comment below. I know you have a lot of comments for me on
this video because it’s not easy. Let’s face it. And please subscribe to my channel. I’ll see you guys in the next video.

11 thoughts on “How to Capture Amazon FBA Customer Email Addresses (Facebooks Ads & Manychat Tutorial)

  1. Thanks for the tutorial. This is very in depth. I'm guessing zapier is another expense? Does your course have a much clearer breakdown and process?

  2. Cool vid, people will find it valuable for sure🎥!

    I also tag people whose emails I get on ManyChat, something like 'EmailLeft'

    So far more than 4000 emails collected through ManyChat, so this strategy indeed works😎🔥.

    P.S – it's always good to add a reason to why you are asking for their email, which you did here.

    Have a good one!

  3. Hi Tamara, good stuff indeed, I enjoy your videos, keep up !
    Just a few thing:
    1. Manychat allows today Comments opt-in the the growth tool even in Ads. If configured properly I consider that great asset in terms of “social proof”. Sometimes even probably more engaging than common “learn more” click opt-in by JASON
    2. At the beginning of this video you mentioned this approach allows gaining customer’s emails without utilizing large discounts (unless I missed something in your explanation) , however, as you elaborate in the video you lure the customers into the bot by hefty 75% discount. This will certainly be effective, no doubts, however at cost of 3/4 of new product. Which I still consider as good approach but probably more towards launch strategy or gaining new customers through look-a-like audience based on existing customer base
    3. Regarding Zapier – I do work with bot+Zapier+GetResponse for certain automated tasks, but yet to try for discount coupon distribution
    Are you aware probably about the way of automatically extract exclusive unique coupon code from Google Sheets to insert into GetResponse autoresponder email ?
    Trying to accomplish full automation on that…

  4. Hi Tamara. Feedbackwhiz has told me Amazon has recently imposed new data protection policies where 3rd party developers like them can only retain personal data for 30 days.

    Any order past 30 days, Amazon no longer provides information as BUYER NAME, CITY, STATE, POSTAL CODE, etc and they appear as "NOT_AVAILABLE" information on reports. Please, could you gently check it trying to extract actual data (e.g. 6 months from today). Thanks in advance.

  5. Hey Tamara great vid, I appreciate the content.

    I have one question, is there a way to automatize the sending of the mails with the discount code after collecting the mail adress? Is this also possible with manychat?

    Thank you and keep up the good work 🔥🔥🔥

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