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How to Bulk Edit Facebook Ads – Make Changes to Multiple Ads at Once

How to Bulk Edit Facebook Ads – Make Changes to Multiple Ads at Once

When you’ve setup a
Facebook ad campaign with a verity of ads and then you look back at the ads when you’re looking at the performance,
you just want to check in on them and you notice “Whoops, I made a typo.” Or there’s some language in there that’s getting
some negative feedback, I want to change it out. Or maybe there’s a better word I can use,
that I didn’t think of at the time. And now I have to go into
every single ad, and edit it? Oh my god, this is going
to be so time consuming. There’s got to be a better way. And thankfully, there is. I’ll show you the easiest Facebook hack to bulk edit your ads’ text copy. And then as always if you stick with me to the end I’ve got a wonderful
giveaway offer for you. So you can make bulk edits to multiple ads at once on both Power Editor and on Ads Manager but I suggest going with Power Editor because it has a
quick and easy shortcut. I’ll show you how to
do on both Power Editor and on Ads Manager nonetheless but lets start with Power Editor the superior editor when
it comes to bulk editing. So I’m in Power Editor here. I’m going to choose the
campaign that I’m editing. And I’m going to choose both Ad Sets. I want the ads of both Ad Sets. And I go down to the Ad Level. I choose the ads that
I’m going to want to edit their headline or their destination URL or their text and next to the edit button,
in the downward facing triangle I’m going to click Find and Replace. And you see here, I have
the option to change multiple variations.
The name, the destination URL the headline, and the message. The message is the text.
So I’m going to change the text. And anytime it says here ‘singing’ I want to change that to ‘voice.’ So I type in ‘singing’,
replace it with ‘voice.’ Or I made a typo – instead of,
you know, ‘singing.’ Maybe I’ll make a typo here. Write ‘signing.’ So we change it up real quick. We rename and we review the changes. And that’s it very easy to make bulk edits to all these ads, with
just a click of a button. Now I’ll show you how to bulk edit multiple ads on Ads Manager. And it’s pretty much the same thing We’re going to find our campaign,
and go down to the ad level selected both Ad Sets and I’m selecting the Ads that I want to be editing. There is no shortcut though,
so I’m just going to click edit and wait for the
Power Editor to appear. And you’ll see here when the text appears across the board on all
the ads it will display for you. So my destination URL stays the same but the text has some variations. So instead of showing me the
variations like it did in Power Editor it’s just going to say ‘Mixed Values.’ And there’s no Find and Replace. So if I made a typo instead of voice, I typed vocie so I’m going to have to
write out the entire text. Otherwise if I just write voice that’s all it’s going
to say on my text. Right, you see here on the preview. So I’m going to have to
write it uniformly across etcetera. Once I’m satisfied with my edits I click Save and Close, and I’ve made bulk edits to multiple
ads, with the click of a button. And that is how you bulk edit multiple ads at once. So save your glorious time, and
use it for more productive things or more fun things. I think the lesson
here is use Power Editor to bulk edit. Now, I want to offer you something else. I want to offer you 15 minutes of my time. I want to lend you my ear to give you a consult. Let’s say you’ve hit a brick wall
when it comes to your advertising. Either in the setup there’s
something that you don’t understand there’s a question you’re
not getting answered Or you’re seeing the performance and it’s not living
up to your standards and you don’t know what
to do to improve your ad. So I’d love to take a look at it and help you out, help you improve
your advertising performance and increase your
conversions, lower your costs. Make sure you take
me up on this offer by clicking on the link below and setting up a
consult time with me. If you enjoyed this
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