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How To Build Your Influence With A Book? Part 2 | Marketing Online

How To Build Your Influence With A Book? Part 2 | Marketing Online

I want you to know that author is short for authority okay so if you’re an author that can get you on an interview show that can get you on new media or traditional media if you have a book and if if what if your host who’s interviewing you can read the damn book in 20 minutes wouldn’t that be cool well they can do they can read mine you know they don’t just have to skim it they can actually read all of it and authority is an influencer so if you have your own ism’s book you can copy mine you can reach out to Mitchell you can do it yourself doesn’t matter to me but an authority is an influencer and if I have this icon of influence it’s kind of one more thing in my toolbox to get on a show to get on the podcast that can have access to millions to be a guest blogger on a on a blog that has access to millions to be interviewed by someone who has a fan page that has access to millions you see what I’m getting at okay are you smelling what I’m stepping in can you see how becoming a push button influencer using just one of the many icons or symbols of influence can get you where you want to be a social influencer is also a crowd source er so this book was crowd-sourced and that means I got on one of these hangouts if you go to marketing online hangout com go to the past episodes you can see one of the episodes that I actually recorded I was in Gold Coast Australia at the time and I crowd-sourced the alux systems I had students and tribe members have in my tribe give me feedback and they actually rated the Alex isms and thank you if you were one of those people and I have a but I had a bunch of them do it a couple dozen and then we decided okay these are the ones that made the cut and there are a hundred and forty of them so all these Alex isms right you see the numbers here and there they’re segmented in different categories all of them make it so it’s a super simple read and heck if you went to a guest bathroom at you know if you came to my house and you just went to the bathroom I had one of these you could read the whole thing you could read the whole thing and come out and say Alex that was great I just learned 25 years of your life in 20 minutes right and I said where the heck have you been yeah waiting for you well I was reading your book okay I’m just trying to be funny that’s not an Alex ISM so I cause of influence a book is one icon of influence that’s one of many you’ll be hearing a lot more as the days go onward and let me just read some of the Alex ISM so you get a sense of what’s in here so you can do it for yourself now I don’t like to start with a foreword because that’s kind of it gets in the way so I start with a heading that’s what I do and what I know so what I do I start with I wake up brush my teeth and meditate in bed for 15 minutes that’s my opening sentence to the first sentence in the book I work out at my gym for an hour and then I get back home I shower and then I watch a TED talk while eating breakfast that is paragraph number two and then I just continue with what I do and then it talks about that I walk into my office at 10 a.m. and I feel like I’ve done more in the first two hours of the day than most people do in a week and then the second section here is what I know and this is the heart I actually highlight you know parts of my book it says there’s a secret that high-performing entrepreneurs know that low-performing entrepreneurs don’t know it’s the secret that can be expressed in two simple sentences here they are so please read them carefully listen passion doesn’t produce commitment it is commitment that produces passion okay I read those words in a memo written by a mentor of mine this mentors name is Roy he runs an academy in Austin Texas and I’m reminded of their meaning those two sentences day after day in nature and in business first you need the wood then you get the fire think of commitment as the wood and the passion the fire another mentor of mine Harv talks about first you need wood then you have fire do you see what I’ve done I’m not creating content I’m curating content I’m a Content curator and that’s what the future of the internet and new media is all about all about curation and I talked about that in the next section what I want there is no forward to this book there’s an afterword but there’s no forward the book you hold in your hands in my hands is not original I haven’t created the life lessons you’re about to read okay I have curated them and they are curated in what I believe is a witty wise and even wacky compilation of ideals you can lean on there are my ideals and they’re called Alex ISM so if you’re ready let’s go through a few of them and then I’m gonna give you access to the book if you think it’s interesting if you don’t like it you never have to watch this because no one’s making you watch this hang up you can invite some people to keep watching you can invite some people to read this because it’s being transcribed you can invite people to listen to it on the podcast I’m speaking to your ears not just to your eyes because the spoken word is a lot easier to remember so remember that that’s one of the things that I will be teaching you and push-button influence when you’re doing a video speak to the ear not to the eyes because otherwise if I speak to the eyes I say check out this book I’m speaking to the eyes right I’m saying check out this book you see the book right but what if they’re reading it in a text they don’t know what this book means what if they’re listening to it on a podcast they don’t know what this book is so instead I would say in my hands I’m holding a book called Alex isms and the subtitle reads useful life lessons from a recovering serial entrepreneur my byline says founder and CEO marketing online.com and i want you to have a similar byline with every book you read so that people can revisit your website from the cover and not search for it inside or in the footer you see what I just did I’m speaking to your ears not just to your eyes that way if you’re reading it which you may be listening to it which you may be or watching it as you are right now if you’re watching live it’s a lot more understandable I hope you’re getting what I’m telling you because that’s what I’ve learned over the years now [Music]

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  1. I want you to know that author is short for authority. If you're an author, you can get on an interview show. That can get you on new media or traditional media if you have a book.

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