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How To Build Your Facebook Ads For Chiropractors and Orthodontists

How To Build Your Facebook Ads For Chiropractors and Orthodontists

Hey there! Are you struggling to create
Facebook Ads that attract new patients for your practice every month? Do you
want to steal the exact campaign that I’m using for one of my clients that
gets new leads every week? Well I’m Nick, and in just a few seconds,
I’m gonna step behind my computer and show you a quick testimonial from one of
my clients who’s loving the results I’m getting him with his Facebook Ads
campaign, and then I’ll actually do an over-the-shoulder breakdown so you can
see firsthand how this campaign is built and running right now using Facebook Ads
and ClickFunnels (the software like I’ve got on my sweater here)! So let’s dive
into this together right now! I hope it’s super helpful for you!
“Hey! Dr. Marco Pinto here – I’m actually outside my office today, but I just got
off the phone with two patients – both of these patients have been brought to my
practice by Nick and his Facebook Paid Ads service. It was great talking to these new
patients! These are patients that I will have not seen if they wouldn’t have seen
my Facebook Ad, so I definitely want to recommend Nick and all his hard work.
I know hopefully we can continue with this relationship – it’s working out
really well for my practice. Cheers!” Okay, I hope you liked that testimonial from
Dr. Pinto – Dr. Marco Pinto my client. So I’m gonna take you through the four
steps we ran through to craft that offer – and by the way, I’m using my PDF guide
here: my “Four Keys to Facebook Ads That Attract New Patients.” If you don’t
already have this guide, I *highly* recommend it – ten pages in length. I’ll
include a link to download that on my Landing Page if you click through this
ad. So first thing we’re gonna do is step through the actual “Offer” that we created.
So before we even get into the Facebook Ads themselves, let’s actually take a
look at the Offer that we crafted for Marco. So what we need to do is
understand a little bit about Marco’s clinic, or his
practice, first. So Marco is a Lingual Orthodontist who specializes in CPAP and
sleep apnea treatments, or any of his patients who have sleep apnea and have a
CPAP device – Dr. Marco actually fits intra-oral devices which basically bring
the jaw forward and that’s how he makes the the largest profit for one of his
services. So what we recognized is he wants people to come through the door
who have a CPAP device, and then he’ll actually be able to fit
them for a personal sort of like mouth guard/retainer device that nets (him) and
his office a whole lot more money than, basically, just one of these offers for a
$21 adjustment. So this is basically a (tried-and-true)
methodology in this space – I’ve seen it convert for orthodontists, chiropractors
anybody who offers a medical service that’s a little more high ticket on the
back end – this is that first Test/ /Analysis and Efficiency Adjustment in
his case for anyone using a CPAP device. So when somebody arrives at this page,
obviously there’s gonna be a button here for them to claim their voucher, or for
that offer. What I like to do is always showcase testimonials – anytime you can
validate social proof where somebody is actually coming to the office and they
love the service – whether it’s on a Facebook review a Google review or sort
of like a card that’s personal like this, I love showcasing those in my Landing
Pages, and then also in the ads which you’ll see in just a moment here. So
that’s the very first Landing Page that someone will come to – that’s where
Marco’s offer sits when somebody wants that voucher they’ll click on that
voucher, they’ll enter their name, phone and email, and then that will be
delivered directly to them and then there’s a very simple thank-you page
that I’ve built for them. All this is going to showcase is simply “Hey! Thanks
for taking advantage of that offer – if you do want to get a free cleaning kit…”
so for people who have a CPAP device, actually maintaining that device is a is
a real pain point! So on this Thank You page, we’re actually running an offer
where if somebody will actually call in to the office – so Marco and his office
doesn’t have to call out to them – if they actually call him first, they’re actually
gonna get a free CPAP (cleaning kit) offer! So not only is this funnel designed to simply
collect more leads for your office, but it’s actually going to be designed to
get people calling in. So what we have when this page is live is this is
basically a five-minute countdown timer, and what Dr. Marco has been having is
people will actually dial in to get that really cheap kit but a value-added
valuable kit for them and they do that at this number, okay? So that’s Marcos
funnel in a nutshell, and what I’ll do is step back to the guide here. So what
we’ve already done is we’ve recognized an offer – and this converts really well
for orthodontists, dentists – if they want to offer some sort of like highly
discounted toothbrush, an electric toothbrush works well. In other spaces
chiropractors who do the “First Assessment and Doctor’s Report of
Results,” that works really well and it, gets quality leads coming through that
door. And then we’ve also got it as we just saw on that website
and Landing Page there. So now, let’s actually get into the Ad! And before I
step through anything else here, I’ll pull up Ads Manager and show you how I
built that on the back end. So basically, I have this one was just…only been live
for four days and already got some great results. This was just a simple video and
as I’ll scroll through this here, you can see how it’s built. But what I can
actually do is preview this ad in my Facebook newsfeed here. So this is
exactly – minus the demo portion here because this is just a “demo” of this ad – this is
exactly how it appears in people’s newsfeeds.
So if you pause the screen you can read this through end-to-end, but this is a
really quality set of text and even within here we use the actual text from
one of those testimonials. So as you saw in that handwritten card before –
so this is just giving validation that Marco and his office deliver quality
value, and they’ve delivered results for other people! So this is exactly what it
looks like here, okay? So before we step further into the actual
results, I know everybody’s dying to always see, “How do you target people?”
right? And how do you, how do you build out an audience here? So this is Marco’s
actual audience that we’ve been running, -and this is just for four days- and this
is the simple version of the audience. I run much more complex setups for various
audiences using a”Lookalike” system…I do “Conversions” and getting people to pay
for “Link Clicks,” or rather getting, getting ads ran for the sole purpose of
getting clicks and conversions on that site rather than just video views. But
this is the, this is the audience that we created – so you can pause the screen at
any time to do a deeper dive into this – but we’re only going for – specifically –
Marco is just trying to reach people who already have a CPAP device,
right? So we’re trying to target those people already have one, and who we
recognize might be struggling with an inefficient device, or they might be
waking up with pain at night, so we recognize his audience but he’s always
trying to serve is a little bit older: anywhere from 40 years old up, both men
and women…he is in the Miami/Melbourne Florida area, so we’ve got a 50-mile
radius here, and then all we did was just target a bunch of “Interests” related to
“Sleep Apnea”, or “CPAP care” any sleep disorders, anything related to that and I
have a whole lot more logic on why I target the way I do, but to keep this
video short and value-added for everyone, I’ll save that for another call (video). And
then Marco actually specifically likes to work with people who are on Medicare,
because they actually cover almost all of the costs for his device, okay? So
that’s the, firstly, the “Offer” that we step through, and then the actual ad
itself, and now without getting into retargeting (and) how we do that, let’s
actually take a look at the RESULTS. So you heard Marco, that he had just got
off the phone – that was a couple days ago in October – so his ad just went live. We
are here, basically three, four days ago, here, it’s barely been live – not even for a week! We recognize 12 clicks coming through on
that first day, seven clicks coming through to his landing page on Thursday,
another seven Friday, another seven Saturday that’s yesterday, and then we’re
barely into the morning on or the afternoon on Sunday, and we still have
people who are actually delivering leads directly to Marco’s inbox – those leads go
directly to his Gmail inbox, and then he or somebody from his office, rather, will
actually dial and follow up directly! So that’s my breakdown to Marco’s currently
converting Facebook Ads funnel using ClickFunnels and Facebook Ads! And I
hope this is super helpful for you – go ahead and steal this and hopefully run
this with great success for your office as well! Alright, so that is my breakdown
in a nutshell! I hope that methodology makes sense! If you wish to go steal that
and implement that for your office by all means go forth and implement that
and have a ton of success with that! If (you look) if you need any more free
content, I do have some if you click through on my ad – I have a guide! I might
have some other video content there, so do feel free to click through, and if you
ever want to hop on a call to see how I might build a campaign like this for you, I
certainly can do that in about 15 to 30 minutes. So I hope that was super value-added for you today! Cheers to your success! 🙂

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  1. Great work Nicholas. I love videos like this, ones that really dive down into how to provide results for certain niches etc. Good stuff! We seem to be on a similar journey, so if you want to connect, hit me up! I subscribed and liked, keep it up!

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