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How to Build Instagram & Facebook Story Ads

How to Build Instagram & Facebook Story Ads

– What’s up everybody? It’s Adam with ParaCore. And in this video I’m gonna go over the Instagram and
Facebook Story Ad format. It’s probably the newest ad format that’s come out while I’m filming this, and it’s powerful. Stories are getting a ton of attention, a ton of activity. I know that for me when I’m on Instagram, I’m usually looking at stories more than I’m even looking at posts, and I know a lot of
people are doing the same. And so the Instagram, the
Story Ad format is pretty cool. So what I’m gonna basically do is show you how you build them in the Ads Manager, and some of the different options, and how they look in different formats and so on and so forth. Okay. So this is our brand
Outdoor Adventure Marketing. We’re running a lot of lead gen ads. So this campaign is a lead form campaign, so it’s for lead generation. So there’s a lead form that I’ve created, and you can see here the way
that we label our ad sets, I like to label it by
placement and audience, because really those are like the main controllable factors at the ad set level. So we have Facebook Travel & Tourism Page Admins and then Owners and then Instagram Travel & Tourism Page Admins and Owners and then Instagram and Facebook Stories and then the same audience. So when I hit Edit here, what you’re gonna see is you are gonna see in the Placements I have selected Facebook as a placement and I have selected Instagram, and I have only selected the stories. So this entire ad set is just for stories. And I like to do that because, creating a very specific ad for the story because of the orientation of it being vertical and everything else, I just think is a really good idea. So we created ad sets for particular placements and in this case it’s stories. So we’ve done Facebook
and Instagram stories and then I have the
four stories over here. So if I hit the first one, what you’re gonna see is the
ad name which is no big deal, Facebook Page, Outdoor
Adventure Marketing. And then here’s the story
preview here on the right. And in this preview you can see Dustin, like, filmed this video, he had the camera mounted by the bocce ball court outside. He sent me the video, it was like 14 seconds or something, I actually uploaded it into Instagram, added the filter, added this language, and then did Save Video. So I did all of the editing in Instagram itself, saved it out, and then AirDropped it to my cellphone and my MacBook, and then I was able to upload it here. So when it comes to editing a video, typically it’s a little bit annoying and frustrating with Instagram Stories. With Stories it’s easy because you can just edit the story, save it out, and then you’re good to go, and I didn’t even publish this as a story, I just saved it before I did it. Okay so that’s how I got the ad set. So basically this is a single panel story which is available on Instagram. An image or a video, so I just selected this first one. I uploaded the video, it has to be up to 15 seconds, and then that’s pretty much it. So you don’t really have a lot of options when it comes to Instagram Stories. I mean a lot of the texts and a lot of the messaging is done on the story itself. You do have the Learn
More swipe at the bottom which you can change right here. So if I wanted to do
like Get Offer, right? So that’s gonna change
the bottom to Get Offer. And then you can also
change the background color, but this is only, I’ll show
you this in another ad, that doesn’t have the
vertical video, okay. So this video was created
specifically for the story. I added the text here at the bottom. You have Get Offer. I’m gonna switch it back to Learn More. And then because this is a lead form, I actually select my lead form. You can create one but we already have one selected, so I create this, and then we’re basically good to go. So creating Instagram Story Ads is actually one of like the easiest ways to create an ad because you don’t really
have a lot of text, as long as you have your messaging here and you’re saving your messaging, then you’re basically good to go. Alright so that’s a single panel story ad. And now when I do the previews, I can do Facebook Stories and it’s gonna go there as well. So the CTH is a little bit different but it’s essentially the same, so you can place it in
both spots simultaneously. Alright here’s a different one, and the difference
between this one is that it’s a panel ad, it’s a multi-panel ad, so it’s got three panels, alright? So similar stuff up here, just selecting Outdoor
Adventure Marketing. And then here I selected the second option which is a carousel, and this allows you to then do three different cards. So what you’ll see is the first card, this is the third card, the first card just says Outdoor Adventure Marketing, Tour & Activity Operators, this is Dustin, pay for results, not promises, and then it goes into
a video that he filmed, and we just decided to put the video here. I also again created this in
Instagram like I did before. So then the second carousel video will, each time it’s swiped up, will continue, and then now we have a third one which is like some of our messaging, Guaranteed Leads, Flexible
Budget, blah blah blah. So this is what a carousel
Instagram ad looks like. So a lot of times you only see the single, and then periodically people
are doing the carousel, so we’re doing the carousel. What you’ll notice and what I changed earlier was that you can’t actually do this in Facebook. So when I hit Facebook, it says it’s not supported, it kills the ad format. So if you do the carousel, it’s only available in
Instagram, not in Facebook. So a very important detail there. And then beyond that, it’s pretty much the same. We have the call to action, we’ve got the form, the lead form. They’re calling them
Instant Forms now I guess. That’s weird, Instant Form
and Lead Form, I don’t get it. And then your tracking
which you don’t need because there’s no link, right? So when it comes to a lead form, you only need the form
and then it pushes through and then it notifies you through Zapier or something like that. Alright this next ad format, this one is actually like a regular ad that we converted into a story ad. So we just did an ad with an
image or a video, a single one. This is the report, this is
the video that we uploaded. So this is a regular ad. So this might be, you’re not gonna be running an ad in like Facebook or Instagram that’s longer. This is actually a minute long video but it’s basically cropped right here, and it’s like it auto-cropped it. I mean I didn’t reduce
the length of this video, it just did it for me. And then here is like our longer copy. And as you can see it has the longer copy here at the bottom, and then you can hit More. Okay so when I hit this
Edit Stories background, now it’s allowing me to
change different things. So like if I want something
to be just different, as far as color goes, then I can change the color. So originally it defaulted to green. I guess it must have pulled
that color out of the video is my guess because I didn’t
actually select green. I’m gonna revert this back. It’s gonna go back. And this is actually, so I have like this URL here and I have Want More Bookings? But these things don’t
actually show in story ads, so you can kind of ignore them, alright. And then when I switch over to Facebook, you will see that Facebook, they just don’t let you have videos longer than 15 seconds, so it’s also not supported. So in Instagram, they allow you to take a longer video, and it just crops and cuts it, you just don’t see the entire thing. In Facebook you can see the entire thing. So Facebook is more limited right now, it’s just one panel of 15 seconds, and that’s all you can do. And then again when you
click here for the lead form, the lead form opens up
and then you submit that, and you’re basically good to go. And then this last one I believe, yeah it’s just another carousel, and again it’s not supported on Facebook. So the middle video is
different on this one. They have the same beginning, you can see it jumped in this one instead of standing on the mountain. And then on the third panel, it’s gonna be the same that we saw before. So Instagram Story Ads
and Facebook Story Ads are really easy to set up. You can do most of the
creative development just right in in Instagram then saving it out. So if you’re doing a carousel, and you have a photo that you take and then you wanna add stuff onto it and then save it, then you can upload it here, and then you can just
use it right as it is, and you don’t need to like use Photoshop or anything like that. It’s like half the time creating imagery for a normal ad that takes forever. So in Instagram it’s really cool ’cause you can just create it and save it out and you’re good. And then Facebook is obviously a little bit more limited. So I highly recommend checking it out. Stories on Instagram are
just going bananas right now. On Facebook they’re probably
getting there but no so much, but it’s a really great ad format, it’s a place where not
everybody is advertising yet ’cause it’s one of the newer ones, but I highly recommend it. So thanks for watching. My name is Adam with ParaCore. We’re a pay-per-click
lead generation agency. If you need any help, have
any questions, comment below, like the video, subscribe to the channel, and visit our website if you like to learn
more about our services. Thanks for watching and I will
see you in the next video.

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  1. I just saw a Facebook Story Ad that was around 72 Seconds LONG! Are they beta testing something? it wasn't a big brand, just a regular guy in the music business selling ebooks. Did you notice any such limit increases?

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