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How to Blog From Your Smartphone | Top 5 Must Have Apps For Bloggers

How to Blog From Your Smartphone | Top 5 Must Have Apps For Bloggers

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39 thoughts on “How to Blog From Your Smartphone | Top 5 Must Have Apps For Bloggers

  1. Bro don’t make the title english if you’re not gonna speak English in the video god damn I hate when people do that shit lmao

  2. Hi friend kya app Meri help karoge. Maine apna WordPress blog laptop pe banaya hai but would blog mobile me login ho Raha, Mein mobile me kaise login karu pls help me

  3. Sir agar hum app ki jagah google Chrome Mai blogger ki website Par create kre to Thik hai ya fir apps hi Sahi hai

  4. Mujhe eek new search engine ke liye blogging karna hai kya mai in saare applications use kr ke blogging kr sakti??? If I don't have computer or laptop and how…

  5. bhai me bangladesi hei. plzzzzzz bhai meroko pura app ka nam likke dedo bhai plzzzzz…..me tura hindi malum he…isiliye apko bat mera malum nahi hotahe

  6. Thanks for sharing this article. this could be helpful for new bloggers.

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  7. Bhai main to 2-3 blog mobile se bana chuka hu aik bar Adsense ke liye apply kiya to Adsense code diya lekin main utna dhyan nahi diya or use karna chor diya fir aik blog banaya to Adsense ke liye apply kiya to bola you currently have another site under the review plz finished it and accept new association to ab main kya karu us blog ko bhi delete kar diya hu ab kya karu plz bhai

  8. Bhai mere adsene par sab roports show karre hai ki impression clicks page views lekin blogger pe ads nhi hai fir ye reports kis cheez oe

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