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How To Block YouTube Ads On Google Chrome – Tutorial

How To Block YouTube Ads On Google Chrome – Tutorial

Hi this video is about How To Block YouTube
Ads On Google Chrome Do you get tired or annoyed by the ads that
play before a YouTube video? So how do block those ads that appear on other
people’s YouTube videos so you can get straight to the content?
Herman Drost DrostDesigns.com Here’s an example of an ad that appears right
before the video You need to click “Skip Ad” to get to your
content The free adblock extension for Google Chrome
blocks video ads on YouTube, Facebook and other websites
Here are the steps to block YouTube Ads On Google Chrome
If you’re not using the Chrome browser you can go to Google.com/chrome
Click the download button used for the Mac, Android or IOS
After you install Google Chrome go to the Chrome web store…you’ll find it at chrome.google.com/webstore
Search for adblock in the search box Click enter
Scroll down..you’ll see extensions…most popular…adblock…so click on that
The adblock extension will pop up Click on free
Click ad Adblock is getting installed
This one it says “adblock has been added to Chrome”
Now let’s test it out by visiting a website Now if I play the same video with the adblocker
installed on Chrome it doesn’t show the ads anymore
Join 40 million other users who are using the Google Chrome extension to block ads on
the web so you can free up your time. You can also get AdBlock for Firefox, Safari
and Opera by going to getadblock.com And now I’d like to invite you to get free
access to my $100 per day YouTube Blueprint called YouTube Hijack
It’s a 7 part video course on how to make $100 per day from YouTube without even uploading
any videos Click the image above or click the link in
the description below this video Thanks for watching

56 thoughts on “How To Block YouTube Ads On Google Chrome – Tutorial

  1. Do you get tired or annoyed by the ads that play before  a YouTube video? So how do you block those ads that appear on other people's YouTube videos so you can get straight to the content?

  2. The problem I have is my Adblock Plus was hijacked by something that looks like a black splotch of oil with six fingers (that's what the icon looks like that replaced ADP.) I don't know how to remove it or what it's called.
    This device blocks regular internet adds, but there are ALWAYS adds on Youtube videos!! Any idea how to get rid of it ?

  3. Fuckin' dummy. Just copy/paste a URL for a vid into media tab, network
    stream on VLC player which simply plays the video without reading the
    inserted code that triggers the ads= no more banners or ads or
    notations. You're welcome…shit for brains. Oh, and use Firefox or Pale
    Moon, or Midori….anything BUT chrome for your browser, else google
    herds you all like sheep.

  4. Help, i had a virus and this helped me thx but still in video it shows me the little ad porno idk why, please help, i dont like to close it everytime

  5. i download an ad blocker and when im watching they arent working so i download the
    fake adblocker so i download a real ad blocker it works i watch so many videos they didnt pop up on the screen
    thanks techno guy

  6. Does this work with all pre-content ads on youtube? I wouldn't mind normally getting a selection of ads (after all that's what keeps youtube free), but I am getting this same series of ads from State Farm called "Chalkboard" that are simply driving me CRAZY. They're a misophonia sufferer's absolute nightmare. The sound of the acoustic guitar player's hand gliding on the fretboard. The light "thwack" as a red State Farm folder is thrown onto a table. The sounds of someone writing on a chalkboard. And all happening in the 5 seconds before you're allowed to skip the ad. It was OK the first couple hundred times I heard it. But now after a year I simply can't take it anymore. I HAVE to get rid of them.

  7. I don't so much mind the ads that play before the videos. The problem I have is that now they're being played DURING the video! Like Fucking SHIT! I was watching a video earlier today that had TWO ads DURING (not before and not after) but DURING the video!

  8. Thanks very much, but how to stop pre- ads on iPhone on Youtube? As i have no Advertising option under My channel (((

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