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How to Block Ads on Google Chrome

How to Block Ads on Google Chrome

How to Block Ads in Google Chrome Open google chrome browser on your computer. visit the Chrome Web store. Search for “Adblock” on the search bar. Find “Adblock” from the results and click on the “+free” button on the right side. Click on “add” from the window that pops up. Now, Visit any website on your google chrome browser. As you can see, the ads has been blocked by adblock plus. You can disable adblock plus on a specific website by clicking on the adblock icon in the top right hand corner of the browser. This is How you can Block Ads on Google Chrome.

100 thoughts on “How to Block Ads on Google Chrome

  1. HEY THIS IS NOT FREE ITS SAYS I NEED TO PAY 35 EURO dollars plz help its says i have 60 days WTF is this you trolled me….What the hell is this can you trolled us…..It totally not free and i dont have enough money to spend just for blocking ads….I just want to remove lot of ads on my computer always showing up plz reply as soon as possible i dont want to pay!!

  2. when i click any link..new pages simply coming ,,new ad page..and other unwanted page,,how to tackle these problem,can anyone explain plsssss

  3. thanks A lot guys,
    it works
    @$ ur name suggests mind
    you people really have it.
    I appreciate your team nice work thanks a lot.

  4. I can't find this for Internet Explorer! When ever I click on something it ads like 10 new tabs of ads or something stupid like "how the big bang theory was caused" And I am getting sick of it! I went into my internet settings and blocked third party cookies, and it worked for two days and the ads and stupid websites keep on popping up! Please help!

  5. google india youve got to be kidding me you broke piece of shit the only use i had for this video was to print out the manuscript and wipe my fucking ass with it

  6. thats funny, click on chrome……. (2 hours later) click on apps….. (2 hr later) click on store…. (2 years later) install extension.

  7. Here is a great hosts file which has over 1000 addresses which you would love to block

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  9. That tutorial is very good for more peoples watching this video for how to block advertisement in GC , MF AND IE

  10. Watch it Only If you are 18 + :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZUH4gCrR2k

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