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How to avoid the “Too Much Text” Facebook/Instagram Ad Error!

How to avoid the “Too Much Text” Facebook/Instagram Ad Error!

Hello Youtube, what’s going on? My name
is Adam Sullivan and welcome to my Instagram page where I am here to show you something
I’ve been working on. So since summer is right around the corner, I decided I wanted
to go ahead and set up ads for lessons since, ya know, people tend to do a lot of music
lessons over the summer. As you can tell, I have a little ad here. Feel free to go to
Instagram to check it out. Instagram.com/sullivancello or @Sullivancello. The original issue I was
having with my ads was Facebook and Instagram for that matter were denying the ads due to
having more than 20% “content” in the ad itself. So this is a little tutorial on
how to get around that. So all you’ll need is a calculator as I have right here and your
Photoshop or whatever photo editor. This isn’t really a tutorial on how to design ads but
more so about how to get around that 20%. So, as you can tell, this is the original
cut of the ad. What we’re gonna do is first off, we’re going to divide our ad into a
5X5 grid. So first we need to get the dimensions. Mine is, I’m gonna say 1280. I think that’s
what it’s locking onto. 1280 by I think 668. So what we need to do now using the grid
over here we need to make this a 5X5 grid using the markers. So 1280 divided by 5 equals
256. So our first marker needs to be… And if you’re wondering where I’m looking
at for there, I’m looking down here. You’ll see these little coordinates. [Musical Interlude] [Song: Acid Jazz by Kevin MacLeod (https://bit.ly/1SuhIEu)] Ok, so now that I’m back and as you can
see we have our nice 5X5 grid and it shows that this block of text takes up eight out
of the twenty-five squares. That doesn’t include my logo too which takes up another…
that’s 9…10…11… So that’s 16 out of 25 squares that have some kind of text
out of them. So like I said before, we want to go for under 20%. So if we do the math,
we’re looking at, so 25 times 0.2. Ideally you want this to be within 5 of the squares.
In my case because of the way I have it set up, I want to keep the text visible since
it is the only thing to my ad, I want to go ahead and set it up so that it’s a little
bit over. Mine came up to 8 squares total so it came up to be 0.32 or 32% which Facebook
has it flagged as being “limited” but it doesn’t have it so it’s not showing
at all. Ok, so now let me minimize this and first thing I’m gonna do in my case is get
rid of the logo. I love my logo to death but it ain’t helping me. So this point right here is our middle; dead
center, and now we have this grid of these bigger squares that are making up effectively
what were using as our main box. So now, take the text and we’re… actually I’m gonna
move the text to center it. Let’s see, what we’re working with here. So as you can see
when I centered my text, because I am clipping within one of the boxes at all then you want
to go ahead and count that box as having text. So in this case, we have 13 of them which,
depending on your use case, you could probably get away with this but I want to shrink my
down just a little bit and take it up a little bit so it’s a little off center but is definitely
off that middle bracket. So now as you can tell, we have it within those 8 blocks, but
I just need something to fill in here so I went ahead and opened my logo. And once I
apply the background back in, ta-da. Then all I have to do is center it from here. But
let me point out a few real quick tips. Keep in mind that nothing’s been officially
released from Facebook saying this is the way to do it but a lot of people have taken
this method, and granted it’s not exact but it helps a whole lot for people who are
like me and only have one sentence. I’ve seen ads on FB with more text than this, especially
from some of the drop shippers. This is just a guide line to help redirect that train of
thought to help your ads come up better. And yeah, and just like with ManyChat, if
you have any questions feels free to leave a message in the comments below. Feel free
to message me on Facebook. I actually had saw the ManyChat video and decided to go test
it out. I’m gonna leave it live until either ManyChat makes me mad or something major comes
up. Otherwise, I guess have a great day guys. I’ll see you guys in the next video!

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