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How To Avoid Getting Your Facebook Ads Disapproved

How To Avoid Getting Your Facebook Ads Disapproved

Assamualaikum how you guys doing today
ever wonder why your ads get disapproved although was approved much earlier and
suddenly out of the blue blue disapproved all account getting banned
and what do we need to do and how to find out why from these things happening
now follow me I’ll show you one simple trick to find out how your ads is
performing and what you need to look out for so the first thing you need to do is
go into your ads manager or your power editor whichever you feel comfortable
with it, click on the page post so what’s going to happen right now is it’s
going to show you a list of all the posts that you have posted and also all
the ads so basically as I just post within your Facebook page is that the
displayed or its hidden what we call dark post so here you can click on any
of your ads let me click on this ad here are you able to see all the statistics
that related to that particular ad or posts like the number of likes the
number of loves and comments that you get now the most important thing that
you should look out there is the negative feedback so you gotta watch out
in terms of how many people have hid your posts or hid all posts and the most
important thing is that you need to look out for report as spam even with a 1 or 2
kind of negative feedback it’s enough to give it an alert to Facebook to relook at
your ads and disapprove it if you’re running about 4 or 5 different ads and
the take the feedback for each of the ad it seems to be pretty high even those
one or two and I’ve heard that it takes up 100 likes to bounce
off the one negative feedback that you get so you gotta watch out really here
watch out your ads do a daily routine to come in and just look at your ads and
your posts using this method and see their ads are performing well if you
find that the negative feedback is quite high I will suggest that you pause the ad and try a different ad in total maybe
the copy is not working maybe the image is not working and according to Facebook
all they want is a positive feeling and right now Facebook is clamping down hard
on advertisers so be careful you guys that’s about 6 million advertisers in
Facebook so they don’t mind kicking off about a million or 2, I guess that is a
short advice in terms of how to monitor your negative feedback it is utmost
important right now especially in 2018 for you to monitor your ads to make sure
your ads don’t give disapproved and eventually to not to get your account
get banned like me I got banned once it’s so hard to give it back that’s
all from me today make sure you subscribe my channel and follow me for more tips
on digital advertising see you guys soon

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  1. Hi Ganee , Do you think my ad account will get suspended if im using a french visa card to pay them but im based in african country ?

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