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How to AVOID Getting BANNED By Facebook Ads | Shopify Dropshipping – [SOLVED]

How to AVOID Getting BANNED By Facebook Ads | Shopify Dropshipping – [SOLVED]

this is probably one of the most
important videos I have on my channel what’s poppin people it’s your boy the
Beast of ecom and I am back with another video drop nothing but you already know
value bombs so this weekend has been absolutely crazy and busy as hell with
of course Black Friday and you know the cells over this weekend and of course
it’s Cyber Monday today at the time of recording this video so obviously of
course I hope you are all sending those emails crushing it today and I hope you
all had a fantastic Black Friday and weekend sales as well congratulations to
those who did get in on the Black Friday sale for econ PS 2.0 there is a sale on
only for 24 hours today ok on the course so if you are interested in getting in
out of this kind of rate then just click the link down below it’s only for 24
hours but let’s put that to a side for one second so today’s video is probably
one of the most important videos that I have on my channel now you may be asking
why now I get tons of different messages all the time about ad accounts being
banned and you know I’ve been running adverts but I got banned or every time I
scale I get banned when I open a new account I get banned
what should I do so I decided to put out this video today
to explain some of the things you know prevention wise you need to be doing to
make sure that your account doesn’t get banned and then of course some of the
things that you can do if your ad account has been banned at this moment
in time or you’ve just been recently banned what are the certain different
steps you need to be doing to try and get your out accounts all business
manager back up and running so you can start spending money on Facebook of
course if you get some value from this video which I can pretty much guarantee
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so drop a comment along with hash tag value bombs and okay
someone at total random so let’s quickly toolkit let’s jump straight into the
computer and start learning how you can get back up and running with your ad
accounts right so let’s get straight into this one and like I said this is
probably one of the most important videos that I have put out because if
you have add an ad account band before then this is gonna help you out
massively in terms of trying to get you back into the game you may already be
back into the game and kind of to help you know not get you banned again so
this is kind of gonna this video is kind of gonna be twofold so the first part we
need to talk about is prevention because of course prevention is much better than
cure so how to actually prevent your ad account getting banned in the first
place so you don’t have to deal with all the hassle distress and the you know the
headaches and those sorts of things and then some of the things I want to talk
about a bit later is some of the things that you can do if you’re currently
banned right about now so let’s get straight onto it again you’re gonna get
loads of value out of this one and make sure you do stay to the end and watch
absolutely all of it so first things first is prevention so let me just show
you what you need to be doing is the first things first is do not sell black
hat stuff so what do I mean by kind of black hat stuff well first and foremost
you don’t want to be selling any sort of copyrighted products you know all the
Harry Potter stuff the Game of Thrones stuff you know Lord of the Rings or
fortnight or any sort of those sorts of things just completely avoid selling
those things okay they are pretty much a surefire way to get your ad account
banned so try to avoid all of those now secondly secondly is the china-based
beauty skin care products now I’ve seen tons of different adverse out there for
these sorts of products I don’t I try to avoid these sorts of products that kind
of all costs but they are out there and to be honest I don’t understand how some
of these at accounts are actually getting these adverse approves I’ve been
told that some people may have you know people on the inside of Facebook call
getting things whitelist at accounts whitelisted I have no idea but you know
you don’t want to be doing and selling these sorts of products because they are
one of the most you know they’re the highly sort of
products that are gonna get you get your ad account banned and flagged so the
china-based ones that prevent stuff like skin stretching skin marks and you know
acne creams and you know these sorts of things that are based in China okay and
you know you see these sorts of videos on there of them making wild claims and
stuff like that can clear up you know different sorts of skin problems and
skin issues try to avoid selling those products okay even if you do find
something that is out there that is selling well you know avoid of course
before-and-after pictures as well so their top products that I tried to avoid
that you need to have pretty much avoid at all costs and of course these skin
care products you know if they’re based in China God knows what sort of
ingredients are in there so if any sort of consumer has an allergic reaction or
anything too like that you know you don’t really want to have a lawsuit on
your hands whatsoever okay so then the first thing
you need to be not doing is not selling these black paid products now try not to
get number two is try not to get too many disapproved ads now Facebook takes
these things into account now if you are getting loads of disapproved as then you
will end up in manual what’s called manual review now so you guys may have
been in manual review as well and being in manual manual review is likely to
lead to you know things taking a long time to get approved so you put in
adverts you’re getting things out there and it’s taking like 24 hours before
your adverts actually start spending you maybe your ad account may have been
placed inside of manual review okay so that’s why things get take a lot longer
to get approved and of course Facebook is going to be going over your adverts
in a lot more detail and a lot more scrutiny so of course in that case you
need to be making sure that your adverts are of course aboveboard now if they are
going over things in a lot more detailing your ad account then of course
you’ve got a more higher chance of getting your ad account banned or your
business manager being banned as well so you know try not to get as many things
disapproved your advert me and disapproved if you get in terms of
different things disapprove then you really want to be wary of being
being placed inside manual review now so what a good saying don’t get too many
disapproved ads but what sort of things can you do to make sure that your ad
account you’ll your adverts re are being approved so here are some things to
trying to avoid getting your adverse disapproved now first thing is do not
call your audience out directly Facebook kind of don’t really like this so you
know things like avoid calling them out based on their characteristics their age
or their certain profile so for example they’re you know you know kind of put
this in your ad copy whatsoever so you know are you a mom or do you suffer with
acne or do you suffer with X whatever X maybe okay so you don’t want to be
calling them out directly because that is one way that Facebook don’t like –
it’s called profanity you don’t really want to base them on any sort of their
age race sex or anything like that don’t call them out in your ad copy whatsoever
now I found that obviously Oh hobbies and ownership seem to be okay of course
not houses so you don’t want to say are you a homeowner because Facebook go a
bit crazy when it comes to you know selling houses and real estate and those
sorts of things but um stuff like you know do you own a dog or do you enjoy
tennis so calling them out in that way seems to kind of be aboveboard and I
haven’t really had any problems whatsoever with calling people out on
that front but when it comes down to characteristics such as being a mom a
grandparent or do you suffer from X or are you you know those sorts of things
and the characteristics and perhaps profound getting past sorry their
profanity filter then you know you don’t really want to call them out in that way
now one thing you can do is I supposed to say frame frame things differently so
you know such as saying are you a mom you could say moms are going absolutely
crazy for this you know whatever this may be or whatever your products may be
you’ve just got to be really clever with your words and think about how you’re
putting it how your ad copy is coming across and you’re not being as direct
okay so that is one thing that I found out personally from getting adverse
to prove myself and when I make those changes and frame things a little bit
differently then they seem to get approved rather than just calling people
out directly and getting caught in the facebook profanity filter so another
thing is of course you should already kind of know this one but um
avoid using engagement bait and Facebook you know came out and stated this you
know they are there they’re against kind of engagement bait some people still use
them on adverts I do see it but I generally try to avoid it at all costs
just to stay above board because I don’t want any added count bands so don’t use
words like you know in your ad copy you know text someone who would like this or
share this with friends you know comment below someone who should buy this for
you now previously a few years ago before Facebook said it was okay
Facebook allowed you to kind of do these things and it’s called engagement bait
to try and get people to like comment share and all those sorts of things on
your advert which used to work fantastically actually but Facebook then
came out and said they they don’t like engagement bait so you kind of have to
use things a little bit different than you can’t blame your li just say you
know tag X and stuff like that so again you don’t want to avoid using engagement
bait so the next thing you need to do or not to do essentially is avoid using
negative connotation or sentiment words now this is something that has been
stated by some ovens which he came out with and basically it’s believed that
Facebook has a built-in system that monitors the sentiment of words now if
you don’t know what sentiment means or connotation basically it’s like the
feeling that a assess that he’s assumed with his certain words so for example
you know words like sick tired hard sofa unhappy they’re generally have a
negative connotation to them so when you say those words people generally think
negative or it generally kind of has a you know a negative negative feeling
associated to those words so being suffering unhappy hard tired sick and
stuff like that so you want to try and avoid those sorts of
try to use happier words instead that have a positive sentiment so happy you
know lovin love this is absolutely amazing
this is a great product this is fantastic this is wonderful
so you know try and avoid using the bad words and try thinking and using the
instead of saying are you sick tired of X or are you sick and tired of whatever
it may be say you know you can change things around and say you know this is
an absolutely fantastic amazing product whatever it may be and then going to
obviously your ad copy and stuff like that so try to frame things a little bit
different now moving on is you need to warm up your ad account first and a lot
of people don’t do this okay just run a really cheap PPE pay post
engagement campaign very low cost and just start to get your ad creatives
approved and up and running in the first place
that’s the main goal is to get your ad get your basically your ad creatives
approved because of course if you’ve got an aged account now if I put something
live it pretty much gets approved within a matter of you know 10 minutes or so if
that and start spending whereas if you’ve got a newer account when you put
something live it doesn’t just come live in ten minutes because Facebook take
into account the camp your your ad account age history and all those sorts
of things so if you are opening up a new account just run a low paper
engagement cost campaign to start with and just focus on getting your ad
creatives approved then of course what you can do is just pay off your bill
early and show Facebook that you are there to pay to play that’s the most
important thing that you are paying and you know you are making payments to
Facebook because of course it’s money in their pocket they obviously obviously of
course like that don’t jump straight into an account with
a website conversion campaign with like 10 ad sets to creatives you know and all
this sort of jazz because if you get disapproved then you’ve got tons of
different ads they’re all disapproved which Facebook can of course flag so
start very slow warm up on that account to start with and then of course once
you’re paying money and stuff like that then start
venture into your website conversion campaigns now finally before we move on
to cure always have backups of backups and I always preach this no matter what
you always have to backup the backup then backup the backup even more ok so
what you need to be doing is add as many people as possible to your business
manager and I don’t care if their friends their family or whatever it may
be they’re basically just silent people who they don’t and know have to know
anything about adverse whatsoever they’re just there to just in case your
you get banned personally ok if your Facebook profile gets banned personally
or anything like that then you can still log in and of course
access your adverse of course you want to create backup ad accounts but of
course you have to be spending money on on them now because Facebook changed the
rules whereby you can’t just have tons of different ad accounts just sitting
there spending no money whatsoever they’ll disable them if you aren’t
spending any money in I think it’s 60 days so 60 or 90 days of camera whatever
what it is off the top of my head so what you can do of course is open up
another ad account and just run a really low spend one dollar a day $2 a day
pay per engagement post to something to your website you can do that just to
keep it alive but make sure you’ve got backups then of course you want to
create another business manager as well okay so you’ve got to and of course you
want to backup pixels on your site that you can do through various apps
pixel-perfect or track a file so you’ve got two pixels on your website so if one
an account that is tied to just get banned you’ve got another account still
collecting data and stuff like that so there are sorts of things for prevention
now let’s talk about cure if you’ve currently been banned or recently being
banned so now if your ad account has just been banned if you just pad your ad
account been banned okay now this is a first thing you want to do of course is
just reach out to your Facebook rep if you’ve got one if you’ve been spending X
amount of money you may have a Facebook rep if you haven’t then of course you
can use the chat feature that they’ve now got to reach out to someone and they
can get you via email and stuff like that so try to understand why you are
actually disabled in the first place because of course that’s going to help
you massively in not doing the exact same thing most of
the time it’s just two violations of the policies and you know they generally
always use that as one so violation of policies violation of policies blardy
blardy blar you can of course is recommended to check out the Facebook
advertising policies and you may have if you go through that you may have
breached something but check that now of course if it is just that then you can
just use another ad account in your business manager okay hopefully you’ve
created more that a back helps so if you have then you can just always just use
another one this is of course if your own account has been banned now if your
business manager has been banned okay this is a little bit more major so if
your ad account if your business manager has been banned then you will need to
pretty much need new everything to get up and running okay so you’re gonna need
a new bank card you’re gonna need a new profile you’re gonna need a new email
address you’re gonna need a new business manager new ad accounts as well so
pretty much everything new now of course do not share any of the day out from
your old account whatsoever so you know your local audiences you pixels your
custom audiences do not share anything with your new business manager
whatsoever now it could be that you’ve got a possible IP ban and some people
say that every time I create something new every time I create something new it
just gets disabled off the bat you may need to create you may need to have a
VPN to access Facebook so it changes your IP address because Facebook
sometimes they say that they can IP ban you which has been floating around so if
that is the case get a VPN set up then you of course what you want to do is
clear all cookies as well you can uninstall and then reinstall a new
Chrome browser so everything is brand new and fresh basically what I’m trying
to say is you need to start hundred percent over again yes it is a pain and
backside but of course if you want to pay to play to get up and running and
your business manager has been banned then you’re gonna need absolutely new
everything and try not to you know cross anything from your old account into your
new account so hopefully everything in this video has helped you out remember
focus on prevention and of course last case scenario if you have been banned
we watch this video and go through the things in the Cure section so hopefully
this video has helped you out as usual I hope you got some value from this video
if you did make sure of course you like comment and make sure you smash that
subscribe button and be sure to of course to hit the
notification bow as well become a part of the notification gang and stay up to
date with all of my latest content now if you’ve been banned and successfully
got your ad account back then drop a comment down below and let other people
know what you did to get your ad account back because I can pretty much guarantee
there’s gonna be tons of people in the exact same position okay
so sharing value is going to help everyone out as well so drop a comment
down below if you were in that position before hit me up on instagram drop me a
like drop me a DM drop me a photo and we can try and connect on there and make
sure of course you are in a free Facebook mastermind the link for that
will be down below and of course econ B’s 2.0 is currently on Cyber Monday
sale it’s only for 24 hours so if you do want to get in congratulations to
everyone who already has taken advantage then again click the link down below
today for 24 hours okay and of course the free Facebook mastermind group
that’s hundred percent free all the time okay so that is it for this video I’ll
be back with another one to up in December you already know value bombs if
you got some value make sure you drop a comment and of course a thumbs up and
I’ll be back with another one so take care and I’ll see you later

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