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How To Analyze Your Facebook Ads Data & Optimize in Under 5 Minutes!

How To Analyze Your Facebook Ads Data & Optimize in Under 5 Minutes!

Today we’re going to learn
how to analyze Facebook ads to determine what’s working, what’s
not working, how to adjust accordingly and how to optimize your campaigns
for maximum success, leads, & sales. And if you want to subscribe to my channel make sure you hit the
subscribe button & the bell to get notified when I post new videos. I’m going to show you
3 buttons on your Ads Manager that you’re going to use
to read & interpret the data on any campaign that
you have run at any time and on any level in the campaign the campaign level, the
ad set level, the ad level. And it’s going to take you
a total of not even 5 minutes. So 3 buttons, 5 minutes,
campaign optimization. And if you think these tips are good then make sure you let me
know by commenting below. So once again if you just load up your
Ads Manager, you’re on your Homepage there are 3 buttons you’re going
to use to find the appropriate data read it, interpret it, and
then adjust accordingly. The first button we’re going to
look at is the date range button And it’s always the date that causes the
most confusion when it comes to performance I see so many questions online,
people saying ‘My ads aren’t delivering’ and the truth is
usually they are delivering but they’re looking at
the date range for today and they’re not seeing
the results that they want. So what you have to do
is change the date range. If you go to lifetime, you’re going to
see all the results ever produced and there are a number
of templates you can use and you can customize
the dates as well. So make sure that you
use that first button to clarify what date
range you’re looking at. That you’ve defined the
date range you’re looking at you need to define the key metrics
that you want displayed for you. and to do this we’re going to use
our second button, the columns button. By default, Facebook has certain templates of data that they want displayed for you and you can cycle through
them and apply them. But I always like to create my columns
because Facebook will bombard you with data that’s irrelevant, and
distracting and unimportant. So if you want to create
your own data metrics your own columns to look at and apply,
you’re going to click Customize Columns. And your dashboard looks like this. On the right hand side you’ll see the data that’s
currently being displayed. and you can re-order it or remove it.
You can remove some or all. On the left hand side, you
have the data categories. that you can sift through, scroll through,
and then in the middle they’re displayed. If you see a metric
that you want displayed you simply click on the check mark
and it’s added to the dashboard. You can reorder it and once you’ve determined and found
all the data that’s important to you on the bottom left you
can save it as a preset and name it so that you can
apply it whenever you need. If you click apply it
will immediately apply and of course you can exit it.
And if you saved it as a preset you can return to it whenever you like. So make sure you define the key metrics that you want to
see by using the columns button. This third and final button,
the breakdown button will allow you to answer the who,
the when, the where, and the how. Under breakdown you are
able to breakdown the data within a campaign,
an ad set, and an ad by so many different options.
I’ll show you some of them. So let’s say for example the who. Specifically what age, who? And you’re going to see the breakdown
of performance, and you can go in back into your campaign and adjust. If you see here that 35-44 year olds
are outperforming the rest then hone in on 35-44 year olds. Okay, the when. We can
go by the time of day that it’s being delivered
to the viewers timezone. and I can adjust my ads delivery to
specific times that yield the most results. The how. I can go by placement and device. Where am I reaching them, how am I
reaching them, how are they getting to me? How are they communicating
[x] seeing my ad? And of course the where. Where are they
located, what region, what country? All of these questions that can be
answered by using the breakdown bar. By the way, to be able to
answer those final 2 questions the what and why well regarding What, the best way
to answer it is through split testing. Make sure you’re split testing
your audiences and your media and your text, and your text placement. Vary all of those and test them one against the other to determine
what’s working and what’s not. If you follow all the steps that I just
lined out for you in this video here you’re going to have a very clear picture you’re going to have a very
clear answer to the why. Why isn’t my campaign working? or
Why is this ad outperforming another? So why don’t you spend the next 5 minutes
taking a look at one of your campaigns to see what you can do to improve upon it. But before you do that make sure that you like this video
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  1. Thank you so much for the video! I was looking high and low for videos that explain how to make sense of the facebook ad performance. will check out other videos too! thanks again! very grateful here!


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