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How To Advertise Your YouTube Channel To GET More Subscribers FAST

How To Advertise Your YouTube Channel To GET More Subscribers FAST

Hi this video is about How To Advertise Your
YouTube Channel To Get More Subscribers FAST Do you want to get more views and subscribers
to your YouTube Channel FAST? YouTube enables you to tap into the billions
of views that are received everyday. If you set up a Video Ads campaign using Google
AdWords you’ll be able to attract viewers and subscribers immediately to your YouTube
Channel. Herman Drost DrostDesigns.com
Here are the steps to set-up your first video ads campaign:
First you want to link your YouTube account to your AdWords account
Watch the related videos at the end of this one to learn how to do it
Next log into your YouTube account Click “Creator Studio”
Go to channel – advanced and down the bottom you’ll see “link an AdWords account” so I’ve
linked a few accounts here..you’ll see them down here
Select the video that you want to advertise Click “video manager”
I am going to select this video Sometimes you see the “Promote this video”
You don’t see it on this one so you just click on the drop down
And click “Promote” or you can go to your AdWords account
So I am going to click Promote And here it says “Create a Campaign”
Campaign budget Daily Budget
Put $5.00 Audience-Everyone
On the right you’ll see estimated views per day and daily budget of $5.00
And you can preview your ads here In-stream is where your ad plays before another
video on YouTube In-display is where your ad is a thumbnail
image and text appears near similar YouTube videos
Audience-select “Everyone” Click “next step”
So I’ve got the headline “Professional web design”
Description “get a custom designed website” Description 2 “increase traffic, leads and
sales” Select a thumbnail..this one
Click “next step” I got Sign in to AdWords
Ok I’ve signed into AdWords and I’ve got Review here..you’re almost done
Here’s my ad copy, budget. potential reach Targeting Group
Locations And here’s my in-stream ad
Here’s my in-display ad Then click “Create and launch campaign”
And here you can see I’ve got Campaign 7 Here’s my ad down here
And it says “not serving yet” It’s under review so it will take maybe a
few hours or a day at the most before it’s approved
If you click on this little pencil ad you can actually edit your ad
Click “Yes, I understand” And here you’ve got the display URL which
is the website address that appears in your ad
And the final URL which is your YouTube Channel or your landing page where people go after
clicking your ad That’s it!
Now you know how to advertise your YouTube Channel and tap into the billions of views
that YouTube receives every day. If you want to learn more abut how to use
YouTube Video Ads to drive an avalanche of traffic to your website or product then download
my cheat sheet Click the card icon or click the link in the
description below this video Thanks for watching

97 thoughts on “How To Advertise Your YouTube Channel To GET More Subscribers FAST

  1. Back in 2009, YouTube used to actually promote Partners videos. Now if you don't pay, your channel dies. Miss the old YouTube. : ( It's all about money now.

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  5. What do you do when you click on promote and the next screen is blank? And yes my Adwords account is linked.

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  9. This is a great business strategy that can be implemented towards anything. For all the aspiring Youtube creators doesn't hurt to invest upfront. Since later on the channel will pay for itself.

  10. I tried google adwords i got views but i am not getting subscribers. I chose In stream and in display ads, Anything that i need to do to get potential subscribers?

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