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How to: Advertise Your Small Business On Facebook Tips

How to:  Advertise Your Small Business On Facebook Tips

Hey guys, this is Nathaneal Mohr with the marketing blog www.GuaranteedProfit.com. I hope you’re having a great day today. The topic of today’s video is going to be about how to advertise on Facebook. Now, there’s been a lot of mixed reviews as far as whether it’s an effective place to advertise or not, for small and medium-sized businesses and there’s obvious reasons for that: One is that it’s using kind of an “interupt” style of marketing in a media where people are already focused on another activity that isn’t necessarily related to the actual ad itself and at the same time, while that’s the case, it’s kind of on the peripheral of your vision. So, they’re not necessarily clicked on a whole lot most of the time. The plus side to advertising on Facebook is that you get a lot of great selects about your prospects, you know, you learn an awful lot about them and you can really narrow who it is specifically that you should be speaking to in regards to your marketing message. So understanding those two aspects about advertising on Facebook, there’s two ways or two potential strategies you can potentially employ to make sure that your Facebook advertising becomes massively profitable for your business. This is just feedback from our members, and our coaching clients, and stuff like that. So basically you can either make an ad hard to click if you’re trying to send someone directly to a sale. If you make an ad hard to click like putting, basically, the objections on the ad, or basically being very up front with costs and certain attributes like that, that might stear somebody away from actually buying. You might not get a lot of clicks, but most likely the people that do click on your ad are qualified buyers and they’re probably the best kind of prospects for you. Another way to look at advertising on Facebook is to build your list. Now if you’re building your list, you basically want to make your ad focused on the content that going to be on your Facebook Fan Page. And, it’s going to be up to how well you manage that, and create a relationship with those prospects in getting them to actually “Like” your page and carry on that relationship with you is going to depend on how well your ad works for that specific style of advertising. So that’s basically it; a really simple, really quick video this week. I hope you’re having an excellent week and I would love to hear your comments. Other than that, I hope you have a really good day and we will talk to you soon.

6 thoughts on “How to: Advertise Your Small Business On Facebook Tips

  1. @ngabetutube – I own a couple different small businesses. Most of them focused on either fulfilling done for you marketing services, or training others how to do the same strategies my team has tested. what about you?

  2. I don't use Facebook Ads, it doesn't work unless you can drive them to a page with a payment button that makes a large profit. My main strategy is to rank multiple Facebook page on Google, and in a Facebook search. It really works, check out my channel for tips on that.

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