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How To Advertise On YouTube For Beginners – Tutorial

How To Advertise On YouTube For Beginners – Tutorial

Hi this video is about How To Advertise On
YouTube For Beginners Do you want to introduce your business to
billions of viewers on YouTube? After you’ve set up your Google ads campaign
using Google AdWords you’ll be able to start driving traffic immediately to your product
or website. Herman Drost DrostDesigns.com
Here are the steps to set-up your video ads campaign:
First you want to link your YouTube account to your AdWords account
To do that Google “how to link your YouTube account with Adwords”
Scroll down and you’ll see my video here Next log into your YouTube account
Click “Creator Studio” Go to channel – advanced and down the bottom
you’ll see “link an AdWords account” so I’ve linked a few accounts here..you’ll see them
down here Select the video that you want to advertise
Click “video manager” I am going to select this video
Sometimes you see the “Promote this video” You don’t see it on this one so you just click
on the drop down And click “Promote” or you can go to your
AdWords account So I am going to click Promote
And here it says “Create a Campaign” Campaign budget
Daily Budget Put $5.00
Audience-Everyone On the right you’ll see estimated views per
day and daily budget of $5.00 And you can preview your ads here
In-stream is where your ad plays before another video on YouTube
In-display is where your ad is a thumbnail image and text appears near similar YouTube
videos Audience-select “Everyone”
Click “next step” So I’ve got the headline “Professinal web
design” Description “get a custom designed website”
Description 2 “increase traffic, leads and sales”
Select a thumbnail..this one Click “next step”
Sign in to AdWords Ok I’ve signed into AdWords and I’ve got Review
here..you’re almost done Here’s my ad copy, budget. potential reach
Targeting Group Locations
And here’s my in-stream ad Here’s my in-display ad
Then click “Create and launch campaign” And here you can see I’ve got Campaign 7
Here’s my ad down here It says “not serving yet”
It’s under review so it will take maybe a few hours or 1 day at the most before it’s
approved That’s it!
Now you know how beginners can advertise on YouTube and tap into the billions of viewers
If you want to learn more abut how to use YouTube Video Ads to drive an avalanche of
traffic to your website or product then download my cheat sheet
Click the card icon o click the link in the description below this video
Thanks for watching

83 thoughts on “How To Advertise On YouTube For Beginners – Tutorial

  1. After you've set up your Google ads campaign using Google AdWords you'll be able to start driving traffic immediately to your product or website. #youtubeadvertising #youtubemarketing

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  3. THIS was a much needed tutorial – How To Advertise On YouTube For Beginners – Tutorial. And you did it with you usual thoroughness and attention to detail. Thank you!

  4. Hi Herman,  Always on the mark.
    Another great short video that shows all the basics of what you need to get started.

  5. Terrific tutorial for the beginners. Would love to get more info on targeting a specific audience…

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  7. Hello…thanks for the video it was helpful.  Does YT accept paypal, or do we have to use credit card.  If we have to use a credit card, do you feel confident that the budget is always within your control.  Thanks.

  8. Hello guys and girls my channel is all about gaming and will soon be about vlogs too I upload EVERYDAY with 1-3 videos I also take suggestions and always respond to commenters so come on what are ya waiting for come on over to my channel!

  9. Hi isitebuild I'm a new YouTube user and got 300 000 views on a video I think it might get more views so I wanted to advertise it but when I followed your tutorial you skipped the billing part and didn't say you had to put your credit card to realize this so my question is do they give you money on the credit card you put in after this or do they charge you for putting on an advertisement then give you the money on the card?

  10. Hey isitebuild,

    beside Youtube video marketing, I would recommend you this marketing forum http://www.webmastersun.com

    I tried and got good results when advertising on it.

    Hope it helps!

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  12. Hey there! Very informative video. I have a question: Can you still advertise your product via a youtube video and still get paid on adsense? ie) Handmade crafts being sold on ebay but promoted on Youtube?

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