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Google AdWords, so in this video, I’m gonna break down how to go through and run Google AdWords campaigns I’m gonna show you guys two different campaigns That have worked extremely well for me in the last 30 days and even last several months and so right here guys This is my Google AdWords account so you can see in the last 30 days or so last 30 days December 26th January 24th spend about seven thousand dollars a little over seven thousand dollars at about three thousand conversion So leads generated at a cost about two dollars and 38 cents per lead, which honestly is pretty good and so I want to go through and show you guys all this but with complete transparency guys, I A fraction of the amount that I do over on Facebook so this is inside my Facebook Ads account that I’ve spent last thirty days about seventy seven thousand dollars, so Just take that for what it’s worth that I’ve spent a lot more on Facebook Ads So if you guys want my full Facebook Ads mini course, I’ll have a link down right below this video to that the opt-in See exactly how I run Advertisements on facebook as well as Instagram and a lot of different strategies there But this is all about Google Adwords And how to go through and run your ads right here on Google and I’m gonna show you guys two different campaigns that work extremely well and some of the targeting that I would highly recommend now from the 7,000 dollars just to show you guys my Tracking because I like to be completely transparent on this channel here show you guys everything that’s happening. So I tracked everything on a day-by-day Basis as you can see here, and it seems probably like you look at all These numbers seems a little bit crazy and it seems like I’ll that’s a lot of work, but honestly It only takes about three minutes every single day to go through and update this especially when you have the spreadsheet all laid out like this, so You can see right here This is ad spend. So this is ad spend for just the month of January that’s why right appears is the last 30 days because Taking a little bit of December is about seven thousand dollars And this is a little bit lower about six thousand dollars and haven’t you know updated with today? It’s not live update up-to-date stuff because I haven’t track because I tracked the next day going back It’s about six thousand dollars but if you look at total revenue generated, so I’ve got straw and PayPal separated and I’ve got revenue and cash separated because Revenue is if somebody buy something on a payment plan Obviously that’s projected revenue that you could potentially make in the future whereas cash collected That’s like what you have in your hands day up which a lot of marketers just talk about revenue But you need to understand where your cash is at versus your revenue or else It’s going to be very difficult to really go through and grow your business although the revenue numbers are extremist exciting so you can see right here from the $6,000 been able to generate about twenty three thousand five hundred dollars in total revenue So that’s like a 4x ROI right there, which is pretty good And then you’ve got total cash is about twenty thousand now most things I’ve been pushing this month have not been Payment plans so you can see that’s only a three thousand dollar difference right there. And so Six thousand to twenty thousand. It’s like a three and a half X ROI Which is pretty good and then at the end of the day, you’ve got your profit and loss of revenue on cash So about fourteen thousand dollars made so far this month with Google AdWords and then guys once again This tracking I have separate tracking for my Facebook Ads. This is all just my AdWords tracking now the reason why I’m spending a little bit of time showing you guys this is to go through and show you that like I’m not just making some random video about how to go and you know run AdWords I actually know what I’m doing and I’ve made some money doing this and this is just for this month for this new year and so you can see right here Revenue generated profit loss after the six thousand dollar ad spend is accounted for seventeen thousand dollars fourteen thousand dollars right here and and honestly guys six thousand dollars is really not that big of an ad spend when you kind of compare it to like seventy seven thousand dollars here in Facebook and what money you can actually make so my goal this next couple months is really ramp this up for you and And I’ll make another video for you guys then But I made a video last year on AdWords and did really well. You guys really enjoyed it and so I figured I’d go in and make another video because Google they’ve changed a lot of the advertising platform what to do what not to all that stuff and so first before we jump into the campaigns I just want to go through and break down some of the targeting options and These are going and showing you like how you can create custom audiences just like you would on Facebook So custom audience would be let’s say if you have a YouTube channel like I do Anyone that has watched your YouTube videos and you want to subscribe to your YouTube videos or let’s say you don’t have a YouTube channel But you have a list of leads or a list of customers or people that visit your website We can create custom audiences of all these people and these perform extremely well And then also on top of that I’m gonna show you guys how to do all this here in just a second You can create what is called a similar audience So it’s an audience that’s similar to like, let’s say your buyers all your buyers And so Google will go out and find people that have a similar income demand Income demographic age or interest or different things like that maybe they’re visiting similar websites to those people that were your past buyers is the same concept as a Facebook look-alike audience and so in order to do that what you’re gonna do is just come over here to tools You’re gonna come over here to audience manager. It’s under the shared library So this is kind of the new format when I shot this video last year in 2018 about a year ago It was completely different obviously because Google has updated their total user interface So we come here click on audience manager and that you can see these are all my different Audiences that I have and you got the size the size on search. So like when you’re typing into Google com and Let’s say well type in Basketball shoes. Okay, like what is the audience size of people actually typing this in for your ads right there and then for YouTube Okay, so you can see these are a little bit different sometimes a lot of times are the same but you see right here 13,000 and 12,000 and then on display This is like the little ads that show up as banners on let’s say like a blog or some other websites You’ve got 18,000 and then so you can see how these numbers all differ a little bit and then Gmail How many of those people are Gmail users that you can actually advertise to these people inside of their Gmail in box? Okay, so that’s pretty cool and really quick guys before we jump in any deeper for those you guys might be wondering What is a Google ad what does it look like so you can see right here? It’s at the top of the search results so you’ve got right here it says ad ad or if we go over here to YouTube and let’s just type in let’s just maybe type in basketball shoes right here and usually there’s going to be so on this one there actually wasn’t but typically there’s gonna be an ad right up here at the very Top just like on the Google search. So that’s where your ads are actually going to go show So let’s just jump back over here to the audience’s So in order to create a new audience All you gotta do is click on create an audience and you can create a website one a YouTube user So this is gonna be anyone this viewed your videos like your videos subscribe your channel customer list This is probably what most of you guys are gonna be using as far as uploading any contacts you have Pass leads for your business or buyers or anything like that You can upload their email address phone number any other data right there. So this one and then website visitors These are gonna be two of the most commonly used Audiences for you all that are watching this video right here So you kind of give it a name you say hey visitors of a page So then you go through and basically say, you know, hey, I want people that have visited this exact website So like if it’s your blog or specific page in your blog or website? or whatever it is and you can say hey anyone this visit in the last 30 days we could change this number up maximum is 540 days or if you want to say hey I only want people that visit the last seven days and last week you can do that as well now jumping back over here I want to show you guys the two campaigns that I’ve been Running and that happen to working very well for me You could see I’ve got $2 and 38 sent leads, which honestly that’s kind of tying in some other Campaigns are not focused on leads and set numbers a little bit higher That’s probably sub-2 dollars in all reality If we come here look at some of these campaigns some of these are the costs for conversion right here You can see those are not actually going after generating leads So I’m spending money and it’s not going for leads which it accounts into that whole two dollars and thirty send mark right there Okay. So what we’re gonna do is come over here to the campaign’s And we’re gonna click on new campaign Just like this and so what you want to do is kind of go through and decide what you want to achieve With your advertising that you’re going through in placing. So I like to go and generate leads with my business That’s kind of the primary thing of any business because the leads obviously you can then go and result into sales and honestly website traffic Is good, but you’re usually getting people to your website because you want to generate a lead So I like to just go and run the leads campaign right here And then what I like to do is I like to go and do the video campaign so I like to do a lot of YouTube video ads because you’re able to build a deeper connection with People through video as opposed to just like a bunch of text and so kind of like on Facebook where you can have an image with your ad or a video with your ad This is the way you’re able to build a little bit deeper rapport as opposed to just having text on a page. However Obviously that works as well, but I’m just this is one of the two campaigns. I’ll be showing you in this video So if we click on video click continue here and Then we give it a name so we’ll say demo campaign and choose a budget now the thing that I found out what I used to do is go through and spend like $100 a day starting out on each new campaign that I was doing but the thing is that happens is something called ad fatigue So if you have an audience size of let’s say a hundred Thousand people or a million people or whatever it is If you’re spending a lot of money, you have to go through and rotate those ads more often Whereas I kind of like to go and spend around forty to fifty dollars So let’s just say forty bucks for this one and then have multiple ads So like you’ve probably seen it like on Hulu or some of these other companies that have all these ads on their platform Where you see the same? Commercial over and over and over again and it just starts to get annoying and you start to kind of like just tune out that Commercial tune out that company whereas if you spend a little bit less money But you have multiple ads rotating through then it’s going to be a lot better user And your brand’s gonna have a lot better appeal to the person viewing it. Okay, so then I’m coming down here I usually like to do starting out like five bucks a day if you wanted to really go through and start getting promoted Instantly you can do and say hey I want each lead. So this is the target CPA so cost-per-acquisition That’s how much you’re willing to pay for one new lead okay, so I you know, you can start out at ten bucks and then lower that to five bucks as it starts running and Then right here YouTube videos do all YouTube videos languages if you’re speaking English I would highly recommend putting in English right here Okay Just because you don’t want it to be like going to people that are not English speakers and then obviously based off your business you could be wanting to go through and target just the US and Or if you’re trying to do a broader market but English speakers only you go through and say, you know United States, Canada New Zealand Australia South Africa United Kingdom a lot of these different ones and just type these in right here, okay So I like to go I typically I want to do all countries and territories because then it’s just like Google has so much data So many people visiting their site all the time that you’re gonna get a lot of low-quality information Where is your cost per leave might be very low But the quality of those leads are gonna be a lot lower than what you’re probably looking for in your business So for this example, I’m just gonna leave it at United States and then inventory type I just leave it at standard inventory You can kind of mess with these and kind of play around That’s a big thing is you got to go and mess and test and just see what works best for your business with all this stuff Excluded content. I usually go through and exclude all of these And then coming over here I check all of those exclude mature audiences additional settings This is where if one person just like you can spend all $50 with just one person if they’re going through and watching tons of YouTube videos and They just keep seeing your ad keep seeing your ad you can spend your fifty bucks just like that often one person Which is not very effective So we want to do frequency capping right here and do cap impression frequency So this means that if I put in two right here That person is only going to see your ad twice a day max and then cap view frequency. I Only want them to see it once max per day, okay So these are kind of like the impressions of what? I like to do the number of views and so that you’re not having the same person It might be binge watching a bunch of YouTube videos Seeing your ad the whole time and maybe they never opt-in or they do opt-in But you spent all 50 bucks on just this one person. It’s not very efficient. It’s not very effective Okay, and so then ad schedule you can choose what days or what time of the day or whatever you want right here But I like just do all days. Just run it Continuously throughout so there’s not like a time of day or a specific day that you know I’ve found that like really works the best to make it worth it to go through an only show at certain day sure certain time of the days however with your business that Could be very doable and that connection really makes sense. So then coming here we name this an ad set So now we come in here we give this ads group a name. So we’re just gonna call this demo right here and then what I like to do is you have all these different options of like the Demographics you can choose by demographics or their audiences or you can say hey I only want to target people who are typing in this keyword like basketball shoes or something like that We’re topics placements You’ve got all these different options But I usually like to come over here to audiences and these are kind of your custom bodies These are the ones you’re going to see the best results with so like I like to go through and first Mark it to anyone who’s already watched my youtube videos because that means they’ve spent a little bit of time with me watching the videos Hopefully build some rapport some trust. They like what I have to offer and everything like that And so they come down here and we will choose how they interact with your business this Remarketing and similar audiences. Okay. So now I can come down here and if you’ve uploaded a list you’ve got this combined list right here if you want to say Hey people would visit my website. You’ve got website visitors right here. So if I say all visitors so you can see 32,000 people Let’s click on that and then coming down. I’ll choose a YouTube video that I want to go through the market So just for the example, let’s just choose this one. This guy’s video And we’ll just throw this URL in right there And obviously I’m not gonna go through and fully promote this video because I wouldn’t want to go through do that. But Now what you’re gonna do is put in the URL of where you’re trying to generate leads, okay? so one of the pages that I like to go through and generate leads to is this little Facebook Ads training which you know I’ve got a link to this down below right below this video that you guys can go through and check out all my facebook ad Streams well walk you in detail step-by-step how to generate leads how I’m spending You know a good amount of money every single month at a profit obviously and so what you all do is just take this URL Paste it right there. Oh, that’s the display URL, right? Oh right there okay, and Then we’ll come down to the call-to-action and this display URL guys. It’s really just gonna be the same as this Okay, you don’t really need to mess around with that. It’s not a big deal And then the call-to-action I would just say something like download and I would be in this video whatever video I put in here It’s probably gonna be a video of me saying hey click below to download the you know, Facebook Ads cheat sheet or whatever It might be and so then we come in here and notice you only have 15 characters and 10 characters here So get my Facebook Ads Something like that right and then we come down give it a name Facebook Ads hit save and continue Then it goes to the review process and once it’s reviewed it usually doesn’t take too long usually a few hours Sometimes it can take as much as 24 to 48 hours. I’ve even had it where it’s taken even several days Google’s process of reviewing ads sometimes a little bit crazy, but that’s just that’s the way it is, right, so usually if your ads not starting some things that you can do is come up here and on this cost-per-acquisition Increase this so if you’re only saying I only willing to pay five dollars per lead well, maybe they haven’t started running your stuff because somebody else is willing to pay ten Perley and Google Ads is all based off of a bidding system. So if there’s let’s say a hundred Advertisement places and you have ten advertisers and they’re all willing to spend more money than you Then your ads not gonna show until all of their bathe daily budget has been used up. You’re just gonna get the Leftovers of whatever is left over to be spent and shown for your ad Okay so keep that in mind if your ads not showing it’s not necessary that your daily budget is too small is that you’re not willing to spend enough for that advertisement space because once again It’s all a bidding game. Okay So this is the first one that I would highly recommend doing that is going through and generating leads with your Google AdWords AdWords campaign and this is leveraging YouTube videos now if we come back over here Just cancel out of this leave Another one. I like to go through and run is you can see right here These ones are at 15 bucks a day. And the reason why I like to run these is because if you look at your CPM so your CPM is the cost to show your ad to 1,000 people. Okay, and when you’re running a lead generation campaign Just like I showed you guys usually your CPM is a little bit higher but obviously we’re going for leads and so It’s usually fine because then we’re able to go through and remark to them through email marketing or text marketing or whatever phone calls but I like to go through and throw in some of these other campaigns fifteen bucks a day and I’ll show you guys how to go through and set this all up here in just a second because I’m able to get my business exposed to a lot more people. So if we come back over here to this AdWords tracking You look at my CPM right here. You can see the days that I’m running these types of campaigns I’ll show you how to set up right here in just a second see two dollars So two dollars and 20 cents to show my ass to 1000 people Okay, and then it kind of creeps up a little bit here Then I shut those campaigns off which I’ll show you guys how to set up here in just a second And look it jumped up to 16 dollars fifteen fourteen fourteen And then I turn it back on and jump down to three and four dollars right here Okay, so if you want to go through and get a lot of exposure to a lot of people This is a great way to go through and set that up. So if we come over here to new campaign We’re going to click on product and brand consideration okay, and once again You can either do a display ad I like to do video ads Because I’m trying to go through and lots of times promote my videos that I’ve got on my youtube channel And so we’ll click continue And so we’ll just give this a name so demo once again like on these ones because I’m not going for leads I’m just going for exposure I usually don’t want to spend as much money per day, but obviously that’s up to you and your goals so I’ll do about 15 bucks a day and Then coming down here I just like I want still just English speakers, and then if my if I’m targeting a specific country or specific set of countries and With my other my lead generation ads then I’ll want to also target those same countries right here So I’ll just keep this here at united states and then standard inventory just like we did before Excluded content. I’ll just uncheck all these like I did before excluded types embedded live videos Mature audiences in additional settings we can come over here and on frequency capping. I don’t necessarily do this because The more my my ad can show on this type in front of as many people as possible That’s what I want. That’s my goal here with this type of ad campaign that I’m sitting on okay, so the ad group name will just give it a demo again and Then for this one lots of times like you can if you’re trying to go through and you’re trying to get people that are already familiar with you just to continually see you and Get that exposure Then you want to go and just do the audiences the remark now This is just like I showed you now if you’re trying to use this to Expand your audience trying to get more people to know who you are. I locked lots of times like to use key words So like for example if I’m gonna go through and say hey I want people to be able to opt into my facebook ads cheat sheet right here that I’ve got up right here But I want more people to see my my videos before they come in and opt-in Then I might just type in a keyword of Facebook ads now if I go over to YouTube and I do a quick little search for Facebook ad I’ve got this little plugin. It’s called keywords everywhere And it says there’s a hundred and sixty-five thousand people per month searching for the term Facebook Ads So that’s a pretty good audience. And if they’re typing in Facebook ads, they’re probably wanting to learn about Facebook ads And so if I type that in right there then that is I want to target just these people who are typing in Facebook ads Okay And then coming down here my cost per view I would usually start out at about ten cents But once again if you’re not getting views on your video Then you might want to jump up to 20 cents and then you can lower it down from there. And then let’s say Let’s just choose one of these Facebook ads videos We’ll pull out here. Here’s one of mine right here 15,000 views pretty good So we’ll grab this Unless say I want to promote this video And I will come back over here. Just paste this in and Instead of an in-stream ad like I did before so that’s like before video plays on YouTube. It’ll show that before I’ll do a video Discovery ad. Okay now that those are the ones where it’s like if we type in Facebook ads like we did this last time So search query Facebook ads up pull this up It’s right up here. This is gonna show up. This is what a video discovery at is, right? There is you see like Fred lamb right here how I made 7.1 million with my ecommerce store This is basically kind of like an ad showing up on a Google search or anything like that, but it’s in YouTube’s search So you’ve got that right there? Okay, so then we come down here. Give it a headline really whatever, you know like how Do you get started with? Facebook Ads Watch now or something like that. Obviously, you would put a little more thought into actually what you’re saying right there Give it a name and hit save and continue’ you see right here The average cost per view 6 cents to 14 cents Which I think right now I’m getting on this one about 6 cents So on the lower end So that’s kind of nice and then how many views? potentially per day with the budget that we’re willing to spend how many impressions all that stuff and so it’s how much of your budget you’re gonna actually be spending based off of your Maximum cost per view bid right here. All right so anyway guys Hopefully that was helpful as far as kind of walk through to these different campaigns that I’ve been running that have been working extremely well As you guys can see here by these numbers. This is just my AdWords tracking And so I’m saying to the Facebook Ads mini-course and then I’ve got some products I sell on the back end of that So that’s where these sales are coming up from from strike from PayPal all that stuff So hopefully this made sense and then also if you guys want my free Facebook Ads training I’ve got that down in a link below And also if you guys comment down below I box also got a Google AdWords cheat sheet that I’ll be able to share with you so comment down below Let me know that you guys want it and I will message you and I’ll send that over to you guys as well and once again, if you guys found this video helpful, it’ll greatly appreciate it – give it a thumbs up and with that said Thanks so much for watching and I’ll talk to you all later


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