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How To Advertise On Facebook- Begin With This UNIQUE Facebook Advertising $5 Plan – BOBFS Ep. 38

How To Advertise On Facebook- Begin With This UNIQUE Facebook Advertising $5 Plan – BOBFS Ep. 38

Whoa!!! That was way more expensive than I thought. What’s up guys? Jason here, aspiring entrepreneur and we’re
on Episode 38 of Building An Online Business From Scratch where I’m showing you A-Z and
everything in between that I’m doing to put together online webinar sales funnel and in
today’s video, we’re going to talk about the $5 a day Facebook plan and so, this plan came
out of frustration and failure and more frustration. Right, so, for those of you just joining me,
I’ve been documenting, the entire process of building an online business and more specifically
over the past eight episodes, everything Facebook Marketing. So, this is going to be a culmination, it’s
still going to stand on its own, you don’t have to go watch those other ones, we’re going
to go through spending $5 a day, and how you can use this system to eventually scale. So, for the next couple of minutes, I’m going
to talk about why I’ve come to this point and then I promise we’re going to dive straight
into the screen and getting a really, really hands on. I just want to emphasize this, this is a big
thing that I love. This is actually the second take of the video,
I talked for like 15 minutes on this, so, I’m going to condense this much as possible,
and here it is, if you want to advertise on Facebook, expect to spend $5,000-$10,000 to
figure it out. There you go. So, that is what I’ve learned over these past
3 months of playing with Facebook advertising, spending close to that amount, aggregated
across my own and some other advertising, you know, channels and clients and really,
it is a very, very, expensive, well, it’s an expensive upfront learning curve, so, if
you’re not sitting on that type of capital, or if you’re like me, and you don’t want to
cash out your investments to do that, then you need to look for another option, which
is going smaller, right just chipping away at it, little by little by little as opposed
to doing a huge chunk of money and expecting it to work.So, this $5 a day plan, is designed
for you guys and myself, you know, who don’t have $5 or $10 grand to just plop on it. And that’s not an exaggeration, I really want
to cut through all the hype here, like Facebook marketing, you need a lot of money to do it,
so, if $5 or $10 grand isn’t a lot of money to you, awesome! But to the rest of us, you know, bootstrapping
our businesses, you’re still working part-time or you know, going full time with a very low
amount of saving,then you too marking, probably or advertising as you probably,isn’t a good
avenue for you and I’d suggest content marketing because I found a lot of a, much better return
on time and resources. Anyway, this $5 a day plan, what it’s designed
to do, is help us do two things: refine our messaging and find where audiences and that’s
really all we’re doing here.So, I don’t want you guys to go into this video, thinking you’re
going to pay $5 a day and you know make 10 grand. I’m not going to lie to you. I’m really not.The whole point of this channel
is to be honest with you, ethical, authentic and just say hey!This is what actually works. I promise I’ll keep it under two minutes;
I’m a little over, so, let’s go ahead, dive in to the strategy,$5 a day Facebook plan. All right, so, we are an ad Manager here and
I went ahead and pulled up one of my campaigns because I just want to dive in and really
focus on the difference in strategy and targeting in your ad creative as opposed to doing a
whole,another, you know, Facebook tutorial. So if you’re looking for that in-depth or
a refresher on kind of all that in-depth stuff, make sure you go back to the previous videos,
because, we’ve gone through everything you need to get up to this point, and so this
is just kind of the cherry-on-top what do we do now that we have our audience or we
have our ads and we just want to start running traffic to our website very inexpensively
and just giving ourselves that really long runway, that really long time, to find out
what it takes to be successful. So the first thing you want to do, is you’re
going to be only testing your targeting, right, so when you come in here, you’re, so I’m
in my ad group here, so I’ll go into the ad in a second but, all your ads will be the
same, so for every single ad group you’re going to be using the exact same ad and I,
highly encourage you to go check out, I don’t have a video on it yet, but go check out videos
on how to use Power Editor because what you can do is, you can create an ad, in Power
Editor and then have all the traffic drive through that one ad which means all those
likes and comments accumulate on one thing, as opposed to you know, you having 6 different
ads and your likes are spread across.That’s a little advanced, and we’re not going to
get into Power Editor and all that fun stuff, so what you’re going to do is, obviously,
you set the budget to $5 a day. Now, normally, you see here, I have a potential
rate of 950,000, we’re going to change things up, so when we are, you know running very,
very, limited you know, traffic because we’re only doing $5 a day, what we’re going to do
is, we’re only going to have one interest.So,I’m actually going to go and X-out all of these
and we’ll leave, let’s see, Mike Dillard has a really large list, so we’re going to X-out
everybody else and just have one interest. Ok, and we’ll see,click, going to click save
as a new- copy-the DR since we’re just doing.All right, so, now we’re only reaching 230,000,
so what this is going to allow me to do is,No.1, it’s going to help us understand how our ad
performs, but No.2, and more importantly, it’s going to tell us exactly hey does this
interest, you know, Mike Dillard?Does that interest resonate? Does that interest connect with our message,
right?So, we’re not quite sure, we’re pretty firm on our message like, you know, what you’re
selling, you know, your product, you know, your service, you know, who you want to target,
now, you just have to go find them and so the $5 a day budget is all about finding your
target audience.So, if you remember you can always be testing two different things you
can be testing your messaging or you can be testing your targeting. In this instance, it’s a lot easier when you’re
on a small budget to test your targeting. So, you know what your message is and now
you’re going to go out and find the people that resonate with that message, and the best
way to do that, is by targeting one interest per ad group.So, I’m going to go ahead and
hit cancel because, this is a different one, but you go ahead and hit save and close, right? And then, all you have to do is, you come
in here, you duplicate and then what you would do in that next ad group is you choose a different
interest, so, all of these would represent different interests, however, when you go
into them, they’re all going to have the same ad, so all of the ads, let’s just add it,
so we can see what the ad looks like.So, all of your ads are going to be the same, every
single ad group, is going to have this ad right?This is a video ad.So, all my ad groups,
have this video ad right?This is my message.This is the best, you know, copywriting I got. I have had at that point and so I want to
see who connects with it, and by setting things up, so you,we only target one interest we
know, which audiences best connect with our ad and then once we have those a couple audiences
down, then we can go back to this and start playing with OK what if we change the headline
or what if we change the video or maybe the video stinks and we should just do a picture,
whatever, it may be that’s when you start playing with the copy but for $5 a day, you’re
just going to be testing and playing with the different audiences, and having one audience
per ad group, just super dialing and super focused figuring out where are your customers? So, thank you for watching,hope you found
the video informative and actionable you know, I know that it took you a long time to really
go down and get down to that.This is how to do it.This is how to test.This is how to go
baby step, baby step, baby step and that’s really what the theme of this episode or the
next episode is going to be, just baby steps and looking at it, it’s really a marathon,
it’s a long-term approach, and as soon as you take that, and you remove that anxiety
and emotional attachment to, I need to make money today, and now, it becomes a lot much
easier to objectively work on your ads and fine tune your business’new strategy and
all that other Digital Marketing stuff.So, if you got some value out of this video, go
and hit that like but you know what to do subscribe for more business building and marketing
tactics and strategies, just like the ones I covered in this video, you know, over on
my YouTube channel, I’m documenting the entire process of putting together an online webinar
sales online, you know, we are building a business from scratch, there’s episodes like
this, where I start off with say hey! I spent a bunch of money and lost it, so here’s
what to do instead, and then there’s other episodes that say hey!This really worked really
well and I want to share this with you guys, so it’s always up and downs, that’s the journey
of Entrepreneurship, I encourage you to join myself and fellow aspiring Entrepreneurs on
this crazy journey. So, until the next episode, keep building the business you love. Take care.

3 thoughts on “How To Advertise On Facebook- Begin With This UNIQUE Facebook Advertising $5 Plan – BOBFS Ep. 38

  1. Hi Jason…again love your delivery & content….When you say $5 / $10K for sucess with FB ads…is it for a " Pro add" – Finding the customers or both…or is it facebook's "sign on fee" before giving result's…. A friend of mine was spending £100 per day & said Google gave nothing untill he spend £150 per day …..Thanks ….Sean from UK

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