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How to Advertise on Facebook (2019) – Facebook Ads Tutorial For Beginners

How to Advertise on Facebook (2019) – Facebook Ads Tutorial For Beginners

What’s up guys Jason Wardrop here and in this video we’re gonna break down how to advertise on Facebook in 2019 so I’m gonna give you guys a complete Facebook Ads tutorial and I’ve done some of these videos before in the past but the last time I did a complete overview was about six months ago and Facebook is always changing their advertising platform their Algorithm their ads targeting they just made some new updates just a few days ago So I figured I’d shoot this video for you guys to help you out with getting your first facebook advertising campaign completely set up Now with that said if you guys like to also kind of read Content and that like you you learn really well by reading as well I’ve got this free facebook as cheat sheet All you got to do is just give this video a thumbs up and I will share this with you guys 100% for free There’s nothing to sell or anything like that, but you can see I cover all things Facebook ads so I’m just give this video a thumbs up and then I’ll add a link to this down in the description as well as in the top comment, okay, so let’s just jump into Setting up your Facebook ad campaign now guys, even if you have no experience if you’re a complete beginner I’m gonna show you guys step-by-step how to get this all set up Alright now the first thing that we need in order to run a Facebook ad is a facebook business page, okay So most people already have a facebook business page if they’re in business But if you don’t all you got to do is come up here. I’m not gonna actually create one right now because I’ve got several other videos showing you how to create a facebook business page and it takes about two seconds to get all set up We just click create page page right here And then you’re able to run your Facebook ads your sponsored posts all that from this business page Okay, so now that we’ve got our business page Let’s say we’ve got one set up and if you guys don’t have one set up I’ll add a link to go through and show you guys how but honestly you guys you don’t even really need to watch this video It’s pretty straight forward if you just click on page right here, okay? So once you have that facebook business page set up What we’re gonna do is we’re just going to click on add and this is gonna take us into the Facebook Ads manager Where you can create your first Facebook advertising campaign. Alright, so right out the gate you can see right here It says what is your marketing objective? Facebook wants to help you out With your ads and because obviously the or success you have the more money you’ll pay to Facebook and the more money they’ll make and so like Like they’re on your side and I think a lot of people think that like they’re just money hungry They just want to take all your money, which obviously that’s true to some degree but they’re only gonna take your money if if you’re going to be giving it to them and you’re only going to give it to Them if you’re actually successful So that’s why they give you so many different marketing objectives to choose from and that’s what I want to quickly cover with you What each one of these objectives means and so you know which one to choose when you’re setting up your first advertising campaign? Okay. Now before we dive into the campaign objective right here and I want to show you there’s kind of like the hierarchy of Facebook Ads so you got first the campaign. Okay. So that’s your objective. Are you wanting to get people to watch your video? Are you wanting to start Facebook like a Facebook message conversation or you want to generate leads or just get people to your website? like that’s where you’re gonna choose this we’re gonna cover that here in just a second and then kind of moving down like it’s like Kind of like a pyramid like this. You have your ad set case right over here And this is where you’re gonna choose your audience So who you want to actually target is you’re gonna do you’re gonna choose your daily budget or your lifetime budget? How much money you actually want to spend on this advertising campaign? And then you’re also gonna choose what the placements are Do you want this ad to show up on? Facebook or do you wanted this to be an Instagram ad or do you want to be on Facebook? and Instagram or everywhere that Facebook can possibly show your ad and so we’re gonna get into all that here in just a second and Then last but not least this is setting up the actual ad so this is the creative This is what people are actually going to see of the image or the video the text the headline all that stuff So you actually do this very last. All right now jumping back over here to your marketing objective So Facebook, they have so much data on every single person on Facebook They know the ones more likely to buy products online The people more likely to watch a video like or comment on post or anything like that. And so Based on your marketing objective that you choose Facebook will know which people in your specific audience that you’re targeting to show your ad – okay So what’s your market objective brand awareness and reach these are more about like just getting masks maximum exposure for your ad Consideration right here traffic this is to get people to click from your ad To your website or to your blog or anything like that. So just get more people to your your website Engagement. This one is to get more likes and comments and shares on a Facebook post so if you made a Facebook post about your business or whatever and you want a ton of people to see it and you want To get all the engagement stuff like that That’s the one I would use right there app installs If you have a mobile app video views if you wanted to get more people more eyeballs on a specific video Maybe it’s a trailer or like a little commercial about your your product or your business lead generation is pretty cool This is using Facebook’s lead forms okay, so when somebody clicks on the actual Facebook ad it’s gonna pop up what it’s called a lead form and from that lead form You can say hey I want to grab that person’s name phone number an email address and instead of that person needing to tot type in that information Facebook will actually pre fill that info with whatever information they have on that person’s Facebook profile So it’s kind of cool very helpful when you’re generating leads Messages this is going to go through and start Conversations inside a facebook Messenger and then convergence when you get a little bit more advanced This is actually my favorite type of Facebook ad campaign to set up But there’s a there’s a few other things you have to do. You got to set the Facebook pixel Facebook custom conversion which if you guys are interested in any of that I have other videos Showing you guys exactly step by step how to set all that stuff up And so once you go and you like start to really scale your facebook advertising campaigns your budget all that You really want to nail down the conversions then catalog sales and store traffic. This is more for like the e-commerce Well catalog sales for e-commerce and store traffic for you know If you got a local shop at a mall or something like that now for this example guys let’s just say that we’re running a traffic campaign cuz I think this is going to be the best place to start out if you Are a beginner and you’re kind of like just trying to figure this out for the first time? So let’s give it a campaign name now Let’s say like guys Facebook Ads work for pretty much every business so if you’re a small business a local business and international business Whatever it is that they work amazingly well, so for this example since we can’t cover all types of businesses Let’s say that you are a real estate agent Okay, so we’ll cover how to cover, you know, create Facebook Ads for realtors in this one So we’ll just say this is gonna go through and we’re gonna market a listing. So this is one two three main street listing and Create split test and campaign budget optimization. These are kind of some newer features that they’ve added towards the end of 2018 So a split test is basically like let’s say we’re going to go through and we’re creating this Facebook Ads campaign to target people in the dallas-fort Worth area, right well if we want to go through and We want to show one ad to to those people and then another ads this is the same audience well that’s a split test because they’re gonna have half the traffic go to the one and half the other and so we can see which Ad actually performs better and then the campaign budget optimization basically simplify this as much as possible is you usually choose your advertising budget at the ad set level but you do it just from the Campaign level. Okay, so we’re not gonna worry about this right now just a little bit more advanced strategy techniques but we’ll just hit continue on this and remember at this point what we’re gonna do is We’re gonna choose the audience that we’re gonna target our budget and where we want this ad to be displayed Okay. So right up here. We’ll give this a name. We’ll say Dallas Fort Worth area Something like that now obviously like the name doesn’t matter It’s just like whatever helps you out the best and you can see over here. So we’ve got the audience size So you have the potential reach and then based off your budget? we’ll give you kind of an estimate of daily results of how many people you’ll reach and Based off of the traffic campaign that we chose how many people will click to our website? Okay, which these will all adjust you’ll see here in just a second as we’re going through and creating all this these different things Right here So if we’re gonna refer a realtor and we want to go through and target people in the dallas-fort Worth area Okay, we’re gonna go over here and so on locations we are gonna change this up We don’t want to target everyone in the United States because if we have a listing in Dallas We just want to go through and say Dallas. Okay, so we’ll just say Dallas, Texas and You can go through and nail this down to like a the current city only or like you say I wanted to do a 10-mile radius right here and Facebook like you used to be able to go through and add zip codes and kind of target by zip codes Which they’re actually taking that away here in the near future The reason being is because they’re really trying to stay away from any discrimination So what some people would do is they would go through and they show their Facebook ad to just the high-income Zip zip codes or the low-income zip codes and it would kind of discriminate, you know, the ads showing the only specific people okay, so they’re really doing away with that and when we’re going through if we are a Like a local business and we’re only going to work with people that live in our town locally So if like we’re a real estate agent a dentist a chiropractor a personal trainer or anything like that We want to come over here and we want to choose people who live in this location okay, because obviously like if you don’t live in the location You’re not going to go through and find a personal trainer or a dentist or a realtor or whatever it is Whereas like if you’re a local restaurant, then you’d want everyone in this location right here, okay Or if you want to go through and hit people traveling or you know, you got all these different options But since we’re doing this for real estate, we’re gonna say people who live in this location You can see this drop down to 1.8 million people Now another update here currently They still have the age demographic right here where you can go through and change that however in a few months They’re also taking this away, which honestly like if you’re getting pretty specific with a local business I found that this hasn’t really played too much of a difference in my targeting Okay, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that And also once again just to stay away from the Facebook ads Discrimination and to stay away from like getting your book ads account shut down, which can happen I would just leave the gender at all obviously Like if you’re trying to target specifically like if you got a fitness business you’re trying to target just men or just women or whatever you can do that, but Just know they’re pulling back on a lot of the discrimination factors. And so just keep that in mind moving forward Okay So we’re just gonna leave that that language is I just like to kind of leave it because if they’re in that area Usually, you know, they’re probably gonna speak a little bit of English. They might speak another language as well But a little bit of English and then down here on your detail targeting this is another thing where a lot of people have had questions because they are taking away a lot of the demographics like they’ve taken away a lot already like their income like if some of the first-time homebuyer and all these things but you can still target based off of Interests, okay so like let’s say if somebody does want to go through and target someone that’s interested in Trulia, or Zillow or something like that if they are real estate agent you can go and add those in What I found for real estate like a lot of times is best just to leave that completely wide open However, a cool thing about Facebook Ads is you can go through and say let’s say we want a target. Let’s just for the example We’ll say we’ll target people from Trulia or that are interested in Trulia Zillow You know just a few of these different big, you know realtor com. Maybe we’ll just leave at that But then we can exclude people. Okay, so we can say hey, but we don’t want to show it to any real estate Agents, okay So real estate broker right there so we can actually like say hey only people that like this but exclude these people Okay so that’s kind of cool when you’re going through and showing these because if you don’t want like your competitors to go and see your Ads or anything like that, you can exclude those types of people And you can see how this brought down the the potential reach right here quite a bit. All right, so now coming down You can even say hey I want to target people that are connected to my Facebook page like my Facebook page or anything like that I usually honestly I don’t really mess around with that too much and If you did like if this was an audience, you were gonna use time and time again What you can do is come over here and save this audience. So let’s say this is going to be the Dallas area Trulia and zillow – Realtors, okay so you can come in here and then the nice thing is is like Once you come back in here and you’re creating another ad campaign Instead of going like you can just go through and use a saved audience instead of going and like making all the connections there Okay, so coming down here Remember we talked about placements now Placements is basically where you want your Facebook ad to show up you want to show in the Facebook newsfeed on? Desktop on mobile on that right-hand column on desktop in the Instagram newsfeed and the stories whatever it is and so you’ve got automatic placements, which is recommended and Six months six to twelve months ago. I would have told you not to do recommended I would have told you to come down here to edit placements and Just go through and choose where you want to actually show your Facebook ad but since then Facebook has actually really Improved their targeting their placements everything and so I actually like to go through and use automatic placements However, I just want to show you guys this because it’s really helpful to kind of like see all the different options that you have So first of all, you can say hey I only want to show it to people on their mo phone or only people on desktop so you can choose between those and Then you’ve got the Facebook news feeds in started calls right-hand column so you can see you’ve got all of these different options of where you want to target now a key thing to know is That certain placements only allow certain types of ads right like a Facebook or on Instagram Newsfeed video can’t be as long as a Facebook newsfeed video Okay, so if you want to do on Instagram, it’s got to be a shorter video So you just got to keep that in mind as you’re creating your ads that you know It might not fit the exact placement with every ad type. All right Especially like with stories those were more vertical whereas some other ones you might want more horizontal or boxy like the square Okay, so just keep that in mind and then coming down here Your budget? Okay, so you could do a daily budget or a lifetime budget. So daily is basically like once the ad campaign starts It’s gonna be spending $20.00 per day or you know Ten dollars or whatever the budget you have or you could do a lifetime budget of saying hey Like maybe let’s say I’m a realtor and I’ve got an open house Next weekend. Okay, so I’ll say hey It’s gonna be on Saturday. So maybe I’ll start ramping up my ads on that Thursday and then I’ll run it till or Wednesday and I’ll run it till Saturday. So it’s gonna start at Maybe we’ll have the the open house is gonna end at 5 p.m Okay, so I’ll stop the ads then because or maybe like even a little bit before coming Here put like that, but I want to start it on April 3rd, and I’ll start at 8:00 a.m So people can kind of start seeing my ads and the cool thing about this is like you could say Hey, I only got a lifetime budget. I’m only gonna spend hundred bucks on this open house but my ad is gonna go through and show from that Wednesday morning at 8:00 and then it’s gonna automatically shut off at 4:45 just before the open house closes down. Okay, so that’s kind of cool little feature right there, but typically What I like to do is I like just do a daily budget and I don’t like to have a start and end date I like to run my ad set continuously now The reason why I say this is because if you have an ace book advertising campaign, that’s working extremely well It’s getting you some great results on lead generation on sales or whatever your metrics that you’re trying to measure You don’t want that to all of a sudden end Okay, you want it to be able to continue to run and you want to be able to dictate whether you’re gonna shut that facebook? ad campaign off manually or not so That’s why I don’t like to go through and do like the start and end date because it comes to the end date then all Of a sudden like all these awesome results you were getting well now they’re gone. Okay So obviously like your daily budget This is really in accordance to like how much you have set aside for your budget Which I usually recommend starting out at at least ten dollars per day If fifteen to twenty dollars per day would probably be even better as you’re going through and just optimizing that campaign okay, and then for this all like the Optimization for a delivery link clicks usually all this stuff no matter what campaign objective you choose I just leave alone because the Facebook’s kind of got it dialed in of what they need to go through and do If you want to do like this bid cap, this bid strategy what it basically means is saying hey I am willing to spend a maximum of two dollars every single time somebody clicks it Okay, or maybe it’s five dollars because what Facebook Ads is is just a bidding system so if somebody’s willing to spend $3 per click, but you’re willing to spend $4 per click then your ad is gonna show Before that person’s ad Okay but like if you don’t have that budget to go spend like five dollars per click and you’ve got maybe you know one dollar per Click right here, then you can go through and set that however the thing you got to know is if you’ve set a to Like too low of a click like too low of a big cap right there Facebook won’t even show your ad because there’s probably a lot of other people willing to spend a lot more money than that and so a lot of times people will go through and they’ll set this like really low bid cap and they’re like Why is my ID not running? Well, it’s because you’re not willing to spend enough So with that the simplify it I just take this off and let Facebook automatically determine what I should be spending on my ad Okay, so let’s just move on So we’ve covered the campaign the objective what you want to do what you want like what your goals are the ad set your audience your daily budget your placements and now we’re gonna actually get into Creating this Facebook ad Okay now right here. This is where you can go through you can give it a name Let’s just give it a name one, two three Main street listing looks like I’d hit caps lock And then you choose this is where you’re gonna choose your Facebook page So remember how I said the very beginning you need a Facebook page This is where like if you haven’t created one you’re gonna need have one created so let’s use like this John the realtor one this example and then your Instagram account if you’re gonna run your Facebook ad on Instagram as well. You can connect or Instagram account or you could just say hey I’m just gonna use the selected Facebook pay. So if you don’t have an Instagram account, that’s totally fine It’s just gonna show up as John the realtor on your Instagram account Okay, and if you want to add on use out right there now coming down we’ve got this carousel we have this the format’s right and Carousel is basically like you can go and you’ve probably seen them they’re not as common But you’ve got like four or five images that you can kind of scroll to the side and see all the different products and different things that are going on the most common and the one I’ll use and show you guys today is This single image or video ad okay, and that’s obviously why it’s it’s chosen by default here And so we come down here and we just upload an image or a video Up into the system now Here’s some cool things like if you use a face or if you use a video and upload that into Facebook Facebook after you run your ad can actually track every single person who watched that video You can see how many people watched it for three seconds Ten seconds twenty five percent the video fifty percent and so you can get some really cool data on People that have actually interacted with your ad and watched the video, okay Now with that said like obviously like video can sometimes be expensive or it’s not really realistic to get you know Create that so Facebook image ads work amazingly. Well as well, so for this one I’m just gonna upload an image We’ve got I’ve got one right here at this image right here So this is the listing let’s say that we’ve got and the cool thing is – Facebook has these free stock images So like if you want to go through and use one of these images So let’s say we want to search a house or whatever. You can use one of their images as well But obviously if you’re like gonna go with her and market a listing you probably want to get an actual photo of that listing So let’s just we’ll just choose this one since this is a demo anyway so we’ve got this image right there and then as we’re going through and creating this ad It shows up right here so we can see as we’re making changes What’s happening with the ad what it’s actually look like now, you can see how it says like shutterstock on all over the image Right here this watermark Once you actually go live it’s not going to show that so you don’t have to worry about that and another thing that this is kind of like a newer update with like 2019 Facebook Ads is you see how this is a square image? Well back in the day a lot of them were more like the horizontal Well, the square image is I found to work amazingly Well, they work way better than the horizontal because it takes up more real estate when someone’s scrolling through their Facebook newsfeed So if you can make your image a complete square, so 1080 by 1080 That’s the best way to do it. And if you’re like, I don’t know how to do that. There’s this free tools called canva Canv a.com and you just come over here. You can say hey, I want to create a custom dimension 1080 by 1080 Crate new design and you just drag the image into this little design template right here Download it and upload it into the Facebook Ads manager Okay. So now this text this is where you’re gonna like this is what’s gonna be said in the actual Facebook post up here Okay. So for this example, like you know, I’m just gonna kind of run with this on the fly here, but let’s say beautiful home in the Dallas area we’ll say like a Beautiful home. We’ll say beautiful 4 bedroom 3 Bathroom home in the Dallas area and Then we want to give that it’s like we want to like kind of like this is like the offer that we’re making right So we want to have some type of hook to get people to click to our website or click to our landing page actually generate the lead and so one thing like with listings specifically I like to say like hey if you want more like Pictures of this property if you want to get the price of this property and the address and all that stuff click to my website So I might save for more pictures Price and location Click below or something like that. And obviously, like I said guys just kind of go on the fly But whatever business you’re in doesn’t matter what business you’re in think about what your ideal target audience would want like a checklist a cheat sheet, maybe a free video or something like that and That’s what you want to write your ad about Okay, so we can kind of go on but I’m just going to like for sake of time I’m just gonna move on to the next one So the website URL this is where you’re gonna put your obviously your website URL Now some things to note here if you’re sending people to your main website Based on like what you want to get out of the Facebook advertising campaign Like if you want to generate leads with your Facebook ads Is probably not the best thing to do to send people to your main website or even your blog The reason being is because your main website isn’t really set up to convert people into lead. So I’ve got Godzilla right here. This is an example website if somebody lands on this site right here, obviously They’ve got this big search bar right here, but because there’s a lot of other Links and there’s a lot of other things they can like kind of scroll around There’s all these different things that are going on Like this is actually a pretty good landing page overall like some websites are a lot worse than this But there’s just a lot of distraction Okay, so I liked whenever I’m running a Facebook ad and I’m gonna spend money and send people to a specific website I like to send them to a landing page which you can see right here It’s like there’s nothing else going on The only thing for them to do here is come in here and say get me the list putting their name email and phone hit submit and Become a lead. Okay, so like that’s one big thing I would I would Highly recommend keep in mind and then at this point after you get them to put in their name email and phone hit submit Then you can send them to your main website or your blog or your Shopify store, whatever it might be Okay, so let’s for this example. We’ll just throw in this URL and Then for the headline like this is something that you like want want to you want people to like catch their attention, right? so we’ll say beautiful home in Dallas Something like that something very simple. And then I like to learn more – call-to-action button. You can see right here There’s a lot of different options. You can go through and choose from pretty much no matter what campaign. I’m running I always like to use learn more and then down here the newsfeed link description This one will only show up if you’re on your desktop newsfeed so it’s not like it’s not completely critical that you throw this in here, but you can say Come check out this Beautiful if I could spell Four-bed three-bath home Okay. So now what we can see here this is what its gonna look like on your mobile device right and then you can kind Of see what it looks like So this is where like I just was saying the news feed link descriptions down here You can see what it’s looking like on all these different placements that we’ve chosen Okay, so that was like Instagram right here or mobile marketplace. And so you’ve got okay Here’s Instagram So you can just go through and see what its gonna look like on the stories on all these different platforms and then from here guys, all you have to do is just hit confirm and The campaigns gonna go live. Okay now It’s probably gonna take a couple of hours. It’s gonna go under review and just probably take a few hours before it’s completely live But that’s normal. Don’t worry about it. If it takes 24 to 48 hours still it’s like fine Just give just be patient Especially if it’s your first one and then what I would highly recommend doing and this is the biggest mistake that most beginner face book Advertisers make is they’ll run their campaign. And if it doesn’t get good results in the first 24 hours, they’ll shut it off Oh my god, Facebook guys doesn’t work. I’m just I’m quitting. I’m gonna be done well The thing is what you want to do is you want to let it run for a few days so you can actually get enough data so that Facebook ads for so Facebook’s algorithm can update and Like it can go and adjust and see like who’s interacting with your ads and adjust for you, which is super nice super beneficial so With that said it’s all based off of your ad spend So if you’re only spending like five to ten dollars a day I’d probably give it four to five days before I ever even like check or freak out It’s like if things are working or not, but if you’re spending like 50 to $100 a day, I you know you could probably give it just 24 to 48 hours to see if it’s actually converting and working and the reason why is is because The more money you spend the more data you have and the more data you have the better decisions you’re able to make so anyway, guys, I hope this was helpful when it comes to creating your Facebook ads campaigns in 2019 as you can see if you’ve watched my previous videos There’s a lot of new updates with the Facebook ads targeting the demographic changes all this stuff And so this is some of the latest and greatest and I like to share with you guys Like what I’m learning I go through and just you know for fun not for fun, but also for business reasons but I hire different Facebook ads coaches and I’ll have like one hour trains with them and then I’ll implement what they go through and they teach me as well just because it’s good to have different angles from every Person and see what’s working in their industry. So I like to try to get people in a lot of different industries See what’s working? And then I’ll try to implement it myself and then once I implement it myself and I see good results then I like to share with you guys because obviously, you know The more success everyone’s having then you know the better we’re all off So with that said guys if you guys do want that Facebook guys cheat sheet once again Just give this video a thumbs up And if you guys found this video helpful, give it a thumbs up. And if you have any questions on Facebook ads Drop a comment down below and I guys I answer every single one of the comments down in the comment section So if you have a question, I’m here to help. I want to help you guys out So just drop a comment down below and if you’re brand new here, make sure you subscribe the channel hit that notification bell So you guys can be notified every single time. I launched any new video I launched new videos every single week on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business. So Hope to see you guys here on the channel in the future. And with that said guys Thanks so much for watching and I’ll talk to you all

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  14. "Campaigns turned off because the rule conditions of CC – Issue 4.8.2019 were met." Hi Jason, have you ever had this message? For the life of me I cannot figure out how to fix this. It keep deactivating my ad campaigns. Very frustrating.

  15. Great video dude.. I would like to run a ad campaign for a canada realtor.. I try to create a ad accont and need to connect with the realtors account. Its send a error message as 'Making a payment for business account' Can you advice me on who need to make that payment me or that realtor ??

  16. I have follow few of highly respected successful entrepreneurs that you might know from their YouTube channel, however, they don't even show how they advertise on Facebook Ads, like you do. All they say in their video content is, I start my online business few years ago with struggles from the beginning, now am making money as passive income. When someone in the comments asks for guidance, some don't reply and others do reply by saying stay tune for more videos.

    Nonetheless, you truly help people like me as guidance, therefore, I'll continue to watch more videos from you.

  17. Hey Jason! Love your videos, but could you talk about the following: I created my Facebook ad and defined my budget etc. And then left it alone to go to the movies. After the movies, I discovered Facebook had started running my ad with a previous credit card (one OTHER than the card I INTENDED to use; I had no idea this would happen because there was no “run ad” or “deploy” button). I hadn’t even provided them with a card for the purpose of my ad so it was a tad absurd that it had started running. AFTER THE FACT, once the ad had already started running, there was an active/inactive ad switch. Where was this switch when I initially made the ad? Anyway if you could talk about that, I’d really appreciate it. It’s not particularly intuitive. Thanks!

    P.S. – any chance you could talk about Facebook ads for lawyers?

  18. Thanks for the video. I followed your link for the free mini course and although I've clicked the download button a few times over the past few weeks, it has never been emailed to me.

  19. Hey Jason, how can you create different ads accounts for different clients that you currently handle. Thanks for the video & hope to hear from you asap !!!

  20. Hey Jason, have you found a campaign objective for lead ads cheaper as opposed to driving people to a landing page and getting their info there before a webinar ?

  21. Great video. What do you suggest for offers from a brand new agent looking to generate leads (both buyer and mostly seller)?

  22. Jason, what do you think of services like bold leads? Do you think it’s worth it to pay to have them do your Facebook ads or should we learn to do it ourselves?

  23. Don't you think criminal defense law is more difficult to market than Google Ads? I'm a former US Navy JAG attorney. Even if I hit all the right demographics, people aren't going to call me unless they're facing criminal charges. With Google Ads, people charged with crimes are specifically looking for a lawyer to defend them.

  24. What is a realistic amount of leads that can be generated for running a one week, $100 ad? Specifically with a real estate agent looking to generate brand new clients.

  25. I have a website. I want to advertise it on social media to attract more members: https://worldtaker.com/

  26. thanks a lot that was really helpful 100% i will ask you some question in the future you look like an expert. thanks <3

  27. As you stated, this is an update to your "Master Facebook Ads In Under 1 Hour!" video back in Nov. last year. In the Nov. video, you suggested that, if you're starting from scratch with no lead list and no information about who's been to your website (a warm audience), the best way to create a custom audience is to choose an "objective" of "watch a video". The people who watch the video now become a warm custom audience that I can use to create a LLA. You didn't mention that in this video, IS that still a valid strategy?? I hope this question catches your attention because I need an answer before I start my first campaign.

  28. Hi Jason. I've just bumped into ur site n I'm so happy I did. I'm so eager to begin my journey with u because I know that with u I will succeed however I need to save some money now as I'm in a tight tight tight place in my life but oh so glad I found u so for now I will b looking at ur videos n maybe look at ur webinar a few times until I can be a member n part of ur group. I just can't wait to talk about this time in my life later on n pay it forward letting ppl know that its possible to go from zero to hero…..I'm so so ready. I just need to wait a few weeks.

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