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[How To] Advanced Facebook Ads Strategy for 2019!! Target Worldwide Traffic Advanced Strategy

[How To] Advanced Facebook Ads Strategy for 2019!! Target Worldwide Traffic Advanced Strategy

Everyone and welcome to another daily video from Shopify dropshipping lifestyle. My name is Ricky Hays Today’s video is all about targeting worldwide traffic. Okay, and how you do it and why and when all right, let’s get straight into it So with worldwide traffic I’ve already gone And sort of set it up. Basically you just want to make your existing ad is what I’d be doing and then you want to Set worldwide it’ll then set every country in the world very easy, but you want to exclude some countries Africa being one India Thailand Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Pakistan are the first you want to remove now Mainly your reason why you want to move those is those are countries that are going to get you traffic but not sales Okay, firstly it’s just wasted traffic wasted money. They’re not really going to get you sales You might get a fluke sale here and there but very unlikely and it’s likely that the sales you do get are actually fraudulent Okay, so just you just want to avoid those because you know what when it’s annoying, you know one of the parts that’s annoying with the refund or return is Basically that you have paid your merchant transaction fee of 2% plus $0.30 usually or around that figure And if you get these then you’ve paid that and then you have you’ve just lost money even more money on nothing Okay, a sale means nothing if you’re not getting the money. Alright, so take those countries out Indonesia and Thailand I especially countries that Have a high chance of a fraud actually Additionally and the reason you don’t really want to target them is that they’re likely to be countries of people that are going to go There try and find your website steal your information as much as they can Okay, it’s happened to me many times and it’ll happen to you You can’t control it all but where you can try and control some aspects to it Okay, you keep everything else the same the same age demographics everything else that’s working. Well because If it’s likely to work where you’re a United States all of them. It’s likely to be very similar demographics in other countries Okay, believe it or not we are very similar in our different age percentiles at different ages points in our life of Maturity as well as financial and stability. All right, so further to this You want to take out the big five now. The reason I say that it’s because you’re already targeting them Okay, if you are targeting the United States Which is likely to be are doing so you want to take them out. You want to take Canada Australia UK New Zealand and The United States sorry, because you’re already targeting them you’ve got the same audience and What’s going to happen is the Facebook could be like well, these are the biggest countries. They’re they’ll most likely to convert It’ll target them anyway, so basically you’re just making the same type of ad as your previous ads And you don’t want that so you just take them out and you know If you’re talking Europe take them out if you if you’re talking any countries already that are doing well And then you want to go worldwide just make sure it’s just taken out. That’s all you need to do That’s all you need to do to start. Okay, nothing major. Nothing amazing. There’s no secret to this Once then you you run it on the same budget You can run it on five dollar budget. If you want to run it on the exact same budget as what you’re running your other Possibly winning and on do that. It’s up to you. It’s up to your budget Keep that in mind And then let it run now a worldwide. One two, things are going to know is you conversion rate? He’s going to take a bit of a hit. You’re gonna get more traffic you’re gonna get ad to cats, but you’re gonna get more conversion rate Your retargeting will help and it will get through some sales. But remember it is gonna cost you a bit extra You gotta be mindful of that at the end of the day traffic doesn’t mean anything if you’re not getting sales Okay, so do not do this Propst tip until You have confirmed that you know in the United States and all that you doing well and you have the money for it Okay, don’t just be like oh, yeah, I’ve gotten a couple of sales. I’m gonna start talking the whole work now It doesn’t work that way Just stick to what works for now this is probably, you know a couple of weeks down the line again Because my method is a slow scale It takes me a while before I start talking worldwide and I am starting a target now I’ve only pretty much started myself from honest because the other countries are doing so well And I’ve gotten a number of sounds from and if you’re in my group Shopify dropship The lifestyle you would have seen post about that already. It’s finding some of the places you get orders from. Thank you get an actual order like I’ve gotten an order where because I knew my one of my previous suppliers address was five minutes down the road from the actual supplies that Jess so Hilarious, okay You’re gonna get that stuff. Okay, that’s pretty much it from today’s video. I hope you have liked today’s video My name is again, Ricky Hayes shot for dropshipping live. So if you have liked it, please hit the like button Don’t forget to comment hit the subscribe button and the notification bow, so you get updated on every video I make ok Don’t forget to join my group shop for dropshipping lifestyle on facebook Just shout to k members as of recording this video at 9:30 in the morning Absolutely amazing But a bit of housekeeping rules, this is just very short and sweet I’ve been alerted to a couple of my posts one of them Sorry I should say has been utilized by someone out there to try and sell course in their own material or whether it’s actually their material not is unknown and Irrelevant as far as I’m concerned Please please report these people Not just to me but just report them don’t hesitate to put that in the group. I really like that because again, There is a lot of this that goes on and it’s it’s new that I’m worried about Okay, the the community and and people you don’t know that These people will be taking advantage of it may not work much but it works enough for them to keep doing it Okay, and and that’s that’s the thing in order. We’re never going to be able to fully stop it I acknowledge that and I’m sure you all are well aware of that However, in order to try and stop this we do have to take preventive action so, please report these people, please post in the group, please don’t hesitate to Post in the group about that. I am very passionate about that because I don’t like people that work hard for their money to then Essentially get their money wasted Because they’re being scammed and it happens and it’s it’s sad and I’m not having it go the people have been scammed I’m having they got the people doing the scamming because Unfortunately where there’s light there’s darkness that’s inevitable, okay? Aside from that everything is going well. I’m back in action back from Canberra So I’m trying to catch up on things. I didn’t make a video yesterday. So I am sorry about that. I did feel guilty I just did not get the time But I hope you have liked today’s video, thank you very much for your time you’ll have a lovely day take care and goodbye

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