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How to Add Negative Keywords in Google Ads Campaign

How to Add Negative Keywords in Google Ads Campaign

Mike Mancini with ppcvideotraining.com. Today is the third video in our series, our
playlist about Google Ads’ negative keywords. This one’s titled How to Add Negative Keywords
in Google Ad Words. If you haven’t yet, make sure you hit the
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each and every week, and let’s get started. All right, so maybe you’ve gone through the
negative keyword list, and you’ve gone through some of these, and then possibly you have
gone through the actual keyword searches inside the campaign and the search terms to see what
your negative keywords could be. And now you’ve made a list of those negative
keywords. Whether this is in NotePad, on a Word document,
on an Excel spreadsheet, it does not really matter. And you don’t need to worry about if there
are duplicates in here, Google will only add them to the campaign once each. Sometimes I go through and I’m like, “Oh,
I’ve got two versions of this, I should check,” you don’t need to worry about that. So the first way that you can add negative
keywords to your campaign is go into your campaign itself that you’re working on, click
on Keywords, click on the Negative Keywords tab, then click on this plus sign. Add negative keywords or create a new list. Now, if they are campaign negative keywords,
these are keywords that you wanna make sure don’t pull up any ads across your entire campaign,
you can add them here, or you can add them into individual ad groups and select them. But the ones we did were campaign keywords,
and what you can do is you can just copy all of these and you can paste them all in here,
and then click on Save. Now, you can make a specific list, if you
want, of these keywords just for future reference, but that’s really up to you. I’m gonna cancel because these are already
in here. Another way to do it is with using Google
Ad Words Editor. Here we are, we have our campaign inside Google
Ad Words Editor. Select the campaign that you’re working on
up here, go down, click on this Keywords arrow, click on Keywords Negative, go up to Make
Multiple Changes, Use selected destinations, and then select campaign or ad group level. I wanna do campaign, so I’m gonna select the
campaign I’m working on. Go over here and select keywords, and then
you can either click Paste From Clipboard or you can select the first cell and paste
in manually. And they are all in there, and then you click
on Process, and it says Added 70, it skipped 12 because those were duplicates. You can click Finish and Review Changes. Once that’s done, click on Keep, and then
you would click on Post. Now, those are already in there, so I’m gonna
undo that. But yeah, that is how you add negative keywords
to your Google Ads Campaign. Hope that helps. Right here next to the arrow is our next video
on negative keywords and how much can negative keywords cost you in Google Ads. Take a look at that. Thanks so much for watching, if you enjoyed
it please like it, subscribe to the channel, or if you know someone who’s in need of PPC
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