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How to Ad a User to Your Google Ads Account

How to Ad a User to Your Google Ads Account

Hi, this is Ross with horizon web marketing and the horizon web marketing Academy. As an agency we often will start serving clients who have a Google Ads account One of the things that we’ll do is manage their account or do an assessment of their Google Ads account If you’re watching this video It might be that you’ve been asked by your agency to grant them access to your account. Now often what merchants will be tempted to do is pass around their own login information. Often people who are becoming clients of Horizon will offer to give us their account information. Typically, we encourage clients not to pass around their own gmail login information, So I’m going to show you the better way to be able to allow someone into your Google ads campaign so that they can help manage that campaign. There’s two basic levels of use or access to your campaign. We’re going to run through them now real quickly. I’m at the introductory screen of a Google ads campaign. This is a demo account. I’m going to go up here to tools and settings. Notice that under tools and settings. I have a choice that’s called account access. So I’ll go ahead and click on that. Once it comes up, we’ve got a number of choices. Up here we have users managers and security settings. Now the type of access that you would initiate from your ads account is to grant another user, for example an employee, maybe a freelancer who’s working with you, or another manager, to grant them access to your ads account. So we’ll start with that tab it’s the default users. And you can add a user by clicking on the plus button up here at the top and then it will give you a choice as to what level of access you’re going to be granting this user It’s also going to ask you for an email address Now in this case, I’ve got another demo account I’m going to add access to using a gmail address it’s hwm ads [email protected] Now typically this has to be an email address that is able to log in to Google It doesn’t have to be a gmail address but it has to be an email address that’s tied to a gmail address with Google and then we’ve got email only which is basically – – that’s for often for someone who just needs to see reports Read only is for someone who needs to see everything that’s going on, but you don’t want them to change anything Standard allows the user to be able to make changes. And the only difference between standard and admin is an administrative user then has the rights to be able to add or delete users, managers and so forth We’ll go ahead and select standard access for this and then down at the lower left We’ll click send invitation. Now at this point the person that you’ve invited does not have access to your account until they accept the invitation. At any time you can go up here to this actions button if you feel like it’s been a mistake or you’ve changed your mind go ahead and click on revoke and then they won’t be able to get into your account Let’s switch over to another screen here and I am in the inbox for that email address So this if you look up here at the top right I’m logged in to [email protected] and here is the email we’ve received. So the user you’re inviting will get one that looks like this and you click on it and then it will give them a more complete message. They can go ahead and click accept invitation And notice how they do want to confirm the email with one more step so we’ll go ahead and click continue and Then it takes them over and logs them into the Google Ads account with those rights that you’ve defined for them. On your side of things, going back here to this screen we were at before This is the account that has granted the access. Now let’s go ahead and do a refresh on the screen and notice, now we have hwm ads demo at gmail.com or ads demo – at gmail.com, has been added. There’s the access level, you can change that from within this interface You can also remove access to the account The one other category of user is managers. Now managers is a different animal. You’ll notice when we click on managers, there is no blue + button there’s no way to simply add a manager. The way this is going to work is a manager needs to request access to your account and in order to do that, they will need to have you provide them with this account number that I’m pointing to in the upper right hand corner this number here 786-806-4225 … Just like a U.S. Phone number and that number you provide to the agency, and now an agency has a special … what’s called a manager account …. for example at horizon web marketing we have a manager account that we use to manage different accounts for our clients And then the agency who has requested access will use this number and will submit it through their manager account and then you will show in here You will show that a specific manager account has requested access to your account and you’ll be able to approve it from this screen those are basically the two levels of access that you need to know about if you’re collaborating with others in your Google Ads account. I hope this has been useful for you If you’ve got other questions about things I haven’t covered in this particular account Please do leave them in the comments below. We try to respond to all comments Maybe not within a day, but we get around to it. So leave us a comment tell us what you’d like to learn and Give us a subscribe and a thumbs up if this was useful Again, my name is Ross Barefoot and I’m with Horizon Web Marketing and the Horizon Web Marketing Academy and we’ll see you next time!

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