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How to activate your AdSense account

How to activate your AdSense account

Welcome to AdSense. In this video, we’re going to show you how
to activate your AdSense account. To activate your account you’ll need to
(1) Connect your site, (2) Provide your payment address, and depending on your country, (3)
Verify your phone number. First, let’s connect your site. Copy the code from your AdSense homepage and
paste that code into the HTML of your page right after the ‘head’ tag. Add your AdSense code to all pages on which
you want to show ads. It’s important to note that the website
editor you use will affect how you go about this step. When you’re finished, check the box and
click ‘Done’. If you need more assistance, visit our Help
Center or the support forum for the tool you’re using. Next, you’ll need to provide an address
so you can receive your payments. Enter your address and your full name as it
appears on your banking information. This information is crucial to receive your
payments without any problems, so make sure that your name and address are accurate. Third, verify your phone number. Phone number verification is not required
in all countries but if it’s required for you, you’ll see a prompt on your AdSense homepage. Enter the phone number you want to verify
here. If you’ve previously verified a phone number
for Google, you’ll see your number listed in the “Phone number” field. You can choose to use this phone number for
AdSense and skip the rest of the phone verification process. If this isn’t the case for you, choose whether
you’d like to receive your verification code by text or voice call and click ‘Get
verification code’. On the next page, enter the 6-digit verification
code that you received from us and click ‘Submit’ Once these steps are complete, we’ll review
your site. If we don’t spot any policy violations,
we’ll finalize the setup of your account. This usually takes less than a day but may
take longer. We’ll let you know when your account is
fully activated so you can get started monetizing your site! For more information, check the AdSense Help
Center on support.google.com/adsense

100 thoughts on “How to activate your AdSense account

  1. Hi I am sure I know my zip code and I've seen the zip code on the mail I get but it's not working, how do I fix this problem?

  2. Your ad units aren't displaying ads because you've failed identity verification. To verify your identity and resume ad serving, please contact us.

    help to solve this warning?

  3. I have a question. My Adsense account is still saying “we’re working on setting you up” for 6 months now & I linked my blog, but it won’t allow me to use the payment & account link. I’m trying to make money doing what I love but every time I try it feels impossible & day after day I less likely believe people saying they can do what they like and earn a living too. I just feel stuck. Can somebody please help this struggling college graduate out? 😢

  4. In the adsense homepage i can not find the code .. there it show "This usually takes less than a day, but in some cases it can take a bit longer. We'll notify you when everything's ready. Then start earning money by placing ads"

  5. my adsense account failed verification because it reached the maximum limit. I have reported, but told to wait with the adsense team until now there is no news

  6. This usually takes less than a day, but in some cases, it can take a bit longer. We'll notify you when everything's ready. Then start earning money by placing ads.
    We're working on setting you up

    It is showing on my Adsense homepage for a month
    plz help me

  7. These guys must just give us simple and straight rules and requirements even though it can be difficult to meet. Not this kak of talking ambiguous instructions of which they confuse them too.

  8. Hi, I can not find the checkbox (I've pasted the code in my website page) in my adsence account. – ca-pub-7454431903920522

  9. I have an adsence account. But I didn’t get any letter to my home adress. To confirm It, is it necessary?

  10. Uhm Hello.. @Google AdSense …Well the problem is i tried to get activated but it doesn't work …it says "working on settin' you up" and then says that i'm not accepted..saying i might have done something AS "COPYING VIDEOS, Unfair claim etc.." with i did not!!!..Please please i need help cuz i tried so hard but idk (i'm not desperate but it's irritating to get the same message and no other explanation on what you did wrong… )

  11. Anybody help me..my adsense account…say activate your account….if i do activating..copy the code….the issues is how to copy the CODE im using mobile only

  12. I changed my phone and i can't remember the account. Ihave the id number what can i do to login to my account please reply

  13. Its been 2 months im still not getting the confirmation code. EXPLAIN THIS SO MANY PEOPLE ARE STTUGGLING RN

  14. Hello adsense, Im making a website but i did not publish yet, i just want to ask how to test da adsense ads using localhost php

  15. I wonder if they'll ever get around to actually fixing the problem with a real postal code not being recognized

  16. hello when l go to Google Adsense there's a message" No active Adsense account found". Can anyone help me what can l do?🙏🙏

  17. Merhabalar 7. Kez pin istedim ve üçüncü haftası bugün hala pinim gelmedi ne yapmalıyım 6 7 ay dur bekliyorum daha nekadar beklerim 🤔

  18. my ad units are not displaying ads because failed identity verification. What should i do, how to contact adsense? isend feedback and waiting for 2 days but nothing changed

  19. So many reasons why Google AdSense does not accept our sites. They are so big now so they don't really need the small guys anymore. They can have millions of reasons as to why our site was rejected? Thank you!

  20. The add site button is grayed out and I cant add my website. Also, where in the heck is the html of my pages? There is nothing there but text section and the only html found is html blocks you insert into the text section. Not a very helpful video at all and on top of that, the add site button is grayed out on your site.

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