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How to Accelerate Your Instagram Growth in 30 Days with Jasmine Star

How to Accelerate Your Instagram Growth in 30 Days with Jasmine Star

welcome to your 30-day accelerated
Instagram growth plan so I’m just gonna be honest I’m gonna let you know that I
know who you are and before you start thinking like who is this girl she don’t
know me I actually have a very good guess I am
going to say that you are a self-identified hustler dreamer
visionary creator I got you I’ve got your number now here’s the
thing we have all started in that position and some of us if not all of us
are transitioning to a place of higher identity and calling in our lives and
that could be perhaps as an entrepreneur perhaps as influencer maybe you’re an
industry authority or very well on your way and maybe you’re here because you
say Jasmine I don’t have something to sell but I really have a message to
share and I believe Instagram is going to be
the catalyst to get me to where I want to go friends I told you I know who you
are now all of these things creators visionaries influencers industry
authorities we all believe we can use Instagram to help us get to where we
want to go but I get it the struggle is real and you might be here being like I
am one of those things I am all of those things or hey jasmine I just aspire to
be all of those titles and things because I understand the struggle and
Instagram and I am NOT here to tell you anything other or something different we
struggle with saying we’re not growing fast enough perhaps some of us struggle
with being like jasmine I am NOT getting the engagement that I want perhaps that
I deserve I’m putting out great content and yet nobody’s talking back to me I
also know the struggle of that dreaded follow and unfollow tactic right so it’s
like if you wonder Hoppy’s I gained four followers yesterday and how did I lose
five followers today that my friends is a tactic that it’s so old and causes us
to be frustrated or feel like we’re walking the Instagram path alone or perhaps like many people have told me
Jasmine it feels like nobody’s paying attention I have been put on this earth
to do something big and while I wasn’t amazing but it’s really hard to get seen
or noticed on Instagram that struggle can sometimes feel isolating and I am
here to tell you I know exactly how you feel
for years I struggled with every single one of these pressure points but then
one day something happened I decided to change everything when I made the
decision to have a plan and strategy on Instagram it was no longer enough for me
just to be on Instagram I actually had to use Instagram but he was one thing
that’s a little difficult you are feeling frustrated using Instagram
without a plan a new strategy but today my friends that is going to change
because why I’m gonna be walking you through how to have an accelerated
Instagram growth plan in just 30 days friends you commit a month to yourself
and you will see the changes that you want to get because I’m a straight
shooter and I tell you exactly how it is so here it is if you’re taking notes
bring out a fresh piece of paper bring out that pen because I am going to
tell you you don’t need secrets you need a strategy and you don’t need to posture
on Instagram you need a plan so it is at that point that we are going to begin
because I’m gonna give you my exact blueprint and we’re gonna get started
today so that when you finish this session you’re like I got this I’m ready
to test I’m ready to show up every day for 30 days and I’m going to see if this
Jasmine girl and this later organization really has my back so as you’re sitting
here and you’re thinking I’m not sure how valid this Jasmine girl is I have to
tell you what you’re looking at right about now is an exact look at my
Instagram account in 2014 that was just when I was on Instagram
I wasn’t using Instagram by the time 2014 kind of rolled around I got sick
and tired of being sick and tired of seeing other people use Instagram to
grow their business to get sales to get more influenced to
become an industry authority and I thought what am I doing wrong well
before I get to what I was doing wrong to figure out I’m doing right you might
be wondering who I am my name is Jazmin Starr and I am a photographer and
business strategist from Newport Beach California and myself and my husband are
the cofounders of a social curator a monthly social media membership that
empowers entrepreneurs to show up on social media every single day to build
their brands so in order for you to understand why I’m such an ardent
Evangelist of Instagram and social media the story starts for me in 2005 now in
2005 I was tired and I was stressed and I was wildly overwhelmed I was sitting
at UCLA Law School on a full-ride scholarship no I should probably let you
know a little bit of backstory my dad is an immigrant I am a first-generation
latina I’m a first-generation college student I’m a first generation student
to be an upper education I felt like I got Willy Wonka’s golden ticket how
silly of me to look round and think why am I here and what am i doing but I
looked around and everybody else at UCLA law school and everybody was tired
stressed and overwhelmed songs like I just this is life like this is where I
have to be it wasn’t until I got a call from my dad second semester of my first
year of law school and he said jasmine the doctor said your mom’s time had come
it was time for us to plan her funeral my mom had battled brain cancer for
eight years and when she had this relapse the doctors had said we have
tried everything we’ve done every form of chemotherapy we’ve done every form of
radiation your time has come in two in addition to be tired stressed and
overwhelmed I fell into a really dark depression because my mom was my best
friend and it couldn’t picture my life without her so on a whim I woke up and
fully intending to go to law school I walked onto the campus and instead of
going to class I walked into the dean’s office
said I need a break I’m gonna go home and I’m gonna be with my mom and he was
at that time that I realized the most life-changing lesson life is short
my mom was 50 years old and I was 25 and I thought to myself if I have 25 years
left of my life do I want to die over here and the answer was no well when I
look back at the situation I want to go back and I want to shape myself silly
because I didn’t have I wasn’t guaranteed 25 years
I wasn’t guaranteed 25 minutes none of us are I decided that I didn’t want to
look at my life if I was 50 years old and reconcile me not doing the thing
that I wanted to do what was I going to do with my one wild and crazy beautiful
precious life I was going to answer the question that my husband asked me now I
skipped over that part because it’s a big pretty significant chunk
I quit law school and my high school boyfriend and I had been dating nine
years at this time and I said I really want my mom to see us get married we
planned a wedding in about three months and on the sandy shore of a Hawaiian
beach my husband and I my boyfriend fiance husband got married and the
doctor said your mom won’t be able to walk and the doctor said your mom will
be able to talk and the doctor said your mom won’t be able to travel and she did
all of those things everything I know about showing up for life and being a
fighter and being undaunted by circumstance I learned from her so we
get married there’s the happiest day of my life we
come back home and I get a letter from UCLA and they say it’s time for you to
go back to school get those scholarships and the only thing I thought to myself
is I am miserable there so my husband my poor sweet brand-new husband of three
weeks and let this across the dinner table and he asked me the most profound
question that anybody could ask me if you can do one thing for the rest of
your life and be happy what would it be I want to be a photographer he’s like
okay you don’t own a camera I was like I know but if I had a camera I’m like I
really think I can make a thing of this now other people would hear that and be
like oh girl like tapped me on the back of my head like bless your heart
go back to law school that’s where your life is but instead this brand new
husband beautiful soul coalition Aryan dreamer said I believe in you
On January 1st 2006 I opened my very first digital camera and I gave myself
one year to see if I can actually do this thing this crazy idea could I give
myself 12 months to say will I and can I pursue the life that I want 2006 I had
no idea what I was doing I wasn’t bad I was like really really
bad but what was my decision my decision was to go to law school where I was sad
and miserable or give myself 12 months to do everything I needed to do to teach
myself how to be a better photographer and lo and behold I went to the
University of Google I learned everything I possibly could I brought up
my user manual I studied it light day and night I had a part-time job and
anytime I had any available moment I was me and my camera and we would walk the
streets and we would she’d could you believe that by 2009 I was voted with
the top photographers in the world by 2010 I was voted one of the most
influential photographers and by 2012 I was voted one of the top ten most
socially influential photographers now people hear this story and they’re like
what like how in a matter of three years did you not have a camera you didn’t
know what you were doing nobody in the right mind would pay you any money to
shoot them and all of a sudden you’ve transitioned your business this is the
part of the story I love talking about because the thing I learned was I didn’t
have money I didn’t have education I didn’t have connections I didn’t have
somebody that can call up and be okay have you ever started a business before
I am come from a blue-collar neighborhood
that didn’t exist but one thing that I realized that I could do is I could
start leveraging free resources online to build a brand and market my business
it’s around this time you know like 2014’s give a little bit of a flashback
of what my Instagram account looked like and let me just tell you by the time
2014 rolled around I was already an internationally recognized award-winning
photographer and if you looked at my Instagram account all you think you
would see about me or know about me is that I like to hang out with friends I
like to drink wine um I like my dog there is no representation at all of
what my brand is my vision or even really who I am it was in 2016 that I
decided to put a stake in the ground and say I am tired of just being on
Instagram and not using Instagram so can I build a plan and a strategy to get me
to where I want to go and friends that is what I’m going to be sharing with you
today because it was around this time that I started testing these theories
and building up these systems and people photographers small business owners
medium-sized business owners are like hey can you teach us what you’re doing
do you think that would work for us and I’m like yes we’re gonna try and lo and
behold I put in enough work that around this time I was interviewed by USA Today
on a national television segment about Instagram I became a huge proponent of
the algorithm when everybody else was saying this is crazy why are we doing
this this is insane and I was like the algorithm can work in our favor if we
know what we’re doing which later opened the doors for me to be featured on
Forbes and MSNBC and I only say this stuff not because I think I’m cute or
I’m popular or I’m an influencer it’s no I know how to show up and I know how to
teach people how to take what they have and make it into more so as I started
understanding what was changing for me in 2016 I asked myself with one question
what makes people who use Instagram successful now before you think I was
just like pontificating it was legitimately I sat down with an Excel
spreadsheet and I listed all of my favorite instagramers and I started
keeping track of how often they post what were they posting the
types of posts their levels of engagement how quickly they were
responding i totally geeked out remember I’m a proud law school dropout I gave
myself homework on how to study the Instagram algorithm and the platform
because I want to know who is successful and what makes them successful and you
want to know what I learned month after month after month setting them the most
successful instagramers show up that’s it they show up they have a plan they
have a purpose they’re there consistently this just goes to show that
the algorithm and Instagram favors those who favors those who are undaunted
favors those who say I am okay not being okay I am here to share a message and
whoever is here to learn to develop to buy to invest to get to know to hang out
to co-sign on this message this is going to be the platform for me they post
regularly they post consistently and they post with a purpose that is why
they were there and they knew specifically why they were there because
what I started understanding at that time is that they as a result of posting
consistently with a plan and with a purpose were developing people to engage
and when people engage you get momentum in the algorithm so it was as if success
led to more success simply by showing up having a purpose knowing who they were
speaking to and again saying listen I am here to show up and serve a small group
of people and when this small group of people engages with my account it shows
it to more people and when more people see my account they engage and I get
more followers y’all should I move I could basically if I was holding a mic I
would drop the mic because there’s no secret to Instagram other than showing
up consistently speaking to your people and serving them well so then once I
noticed all of this stuff I began to wonder what is the fastest way to create
Instagram consistency if I knew that consistency is Queen
and serving a small group of people who will engage in my account so he can
cheat and more people what’s the quickest way for me to become consistent
well I discovered that whenever I felt really frustrated I don’t have something
to post I really don’t have anything to say I said how can I beat these two
common factors that frustrate me not having anything to post and not having
anything to say well I created these things called Instagram categories so
what are categories well categories are the types of photos that you can share
on behalf of your business or on behalf of your account or on behalf of your
message these are photos that you can share without having to sell people on
the thing that you’re trying to get them to do to say or to read now categories
empower you to talk about your business your message your ideology without
having to sell them or force them into something they don’t really care about
so let’s break this down into a few examples I am the founder of social
curator and we have a lot of just people who are using Instagram to really grow
their lives and their businesses and one of my favorite people in the group is a
motivational speaker now she said jasmine one of my categories is shoes no
I was like okay you’re a motivational speaker
what does shoes have to do with the thing that you’re selling well she says
whenever I’m about to step on a very large stage I will buy myself a very
fabulous pair of shoes so we’re talking about Louboutins Jimmy Choos and she
created these categories in that she’s taking a picture of these shoes and on
histogram she’ll write a caption tomorrow as I step on blank stage I am
going to be talking about and I am whatever she’s gonna talk about and I’m
gonna be feeling fabulous wearing these red-soled Louboutins she did it again
and again and again she was able to talk about shoes in relations to her business
does she sell shoes no does she make shoes no is she a purveyor shoes no but
the shoes empowered her to talk about a message to talk about what she does
professionally without having to sell the fact that she’s a mood
speaker so I also know very well a photographer in the group and she posts
pictures of her kids now one of her categories are her children and she says
by me posting photos of my children as they grow up I don’t have to sell this
idea that I’m a photographer I get to show my followers that I’m a
photographer without having to say hey book me I am showing I don’t have to
tell that is the power of Instagram so if you’re sitting here in you’re like
okay Jasmine I gotta get this well Jasmine what are some of your categories
let’s break down a couple of my categories to get the wheels going so
you are empowered to list your categories so you number one never run
out of something a post number two never run out of something to say one of my
categories is my husband and my business partner now I talk about him often on
Instagram not because I think he’s like cute or funny or brilliant or witty like
I personally think he’s all of those things but I’m biased but I’ll be real
with you you don’t really care he’s my husband I get it but here’s the thing
every time I talk about my husband I don’t talk about how we met when we were
17 or the fact that he really makes amazing tacos I am talking about him in
relation to my business as a business partner the business we build and the
people we serve I can talk about my business without having to sell my
business by way of my husband so now when people get a response from him via
DM or that he responds via email or he responds to a support ticket he responds
to a contract negotiation people now know he’s a part of my business as a
result of me talking about him publicly on Instagram another one of my
categories are quotes quotes do really well because I’ve read a lot about
Instagram and one of the things that scientists have discovered is that
people engage with content that self identifies who they are so I started
testing this idea if I want people to self-identify to be one attracted to my
account and ultimately attracted to my business what type of quotes would I
have to put out to attract the kind of people that I want let’s take a look at
what are these goats everything you want is waiting for you on the other
of consistency yo are we not talking about consistency I am putting out the
type of quotes for people I ultimately want to attract last category I post the
books that I read now you might be wondering Jasmine you don’t sell books
and you don’t write books and you are not a book publisher and you’re right
but why is books one of my categories I want to put out ultimately what I want
to attract I want to attract business owners who care about education who care
about self-betterment who care about self-empowerment who care about self
education y’all the question now comes to you what are you putting on on
Instagram that’s going to attract your dream follower so now that we’re kind of
got the wheels going in regard to the categories I want you to pick nine to 12
categories now these categories can be anything you want wanna pause because
are you wondering why I specifically chose $90.00 categories well if you go
to Instagram what do you see the first nine photos scroll a little bit you see
the first 12 photos what I want you to do is every nine to twelve photos if you
decide to go to my Instagram account you could see every nine to twelve photos
have a picture of my husband every nine to twelve photos I have a picture of the
books I’m reading every nine to twelve photos you will find a quote every nine
to twelve categories you will find one of my nine to twelve categories this
empowers me to not feel like my grid is all over the place it empowers my
followers to know what to specifically expect and it keeps my grid continuous
all the things that we really want now you might be saying hearing like Jasmine
I like this idea I’m not really sure how I’m feeling about it if you feel stuck
about finding your categories I’m going to invite you to ask yourself one
question the question becomes what am i selling
now when I when you ask yourself what are you selling I really want you to be
literal and I want you to be emotional so let’s just say I sell running shoes
what am i literally selling shoes athletic apparel but from an emotional
perspective what am i selling lifestyle aspiration an image health if I was a
wedding cake baker what am i literally selling wedding cakes what am i
emotionally selling memories celebration a family heirloom when you have the
ability to show up on Instagram and talk about your message your business your
product your service from a literal perspective and emotional perspective
that becomes a total game changer so let’s get into a little bit of an
example when we talk about this from me an example of a baker let’s say I’m a
baker and what I’m selling is brownies or cupcakes let’s just use brownies as
an example I am literally selling brownies and the things that I get to be
talking about on Instagram would be brownies like my grandmother’s recipe me
showing up to the bakery at 4 a.m. in the morning to get my work done how I
decorate my brownies for Halloween those are all literal things that I’m gonna be
talking about on Instagram so now let’s take this into a perspective of me
selling an emotion as a baker I’m going to choose the emotion of joy so let’s
talk about how this works a little bit so imagine little Johnny walks into my
bakery and there he is with his mom and he comes up to the counter he starts
pointing to the brownie of his choice so I bring out a piece of wax paper and he
put the brownie and I hand it over to Johnny and he waddles on over to it
table and he asked his mom can I take a picture of him too what she replies yes
so I come up from behind the counter I bring out my iPhone and they take a
picture of Johnny just as he’s about to put this big brown
in his mouth there my phone may bring up Instagram I post a picture and maybe
something that I write would be like nothing makes waking up at 4 a.m.
better than watching somebody enjoy the brownies I understand they’re not eating
a sweet confection of sugar they’re actually tasting a piece of joy what I
just did is I didn’t say come by my brownie I didn’t say the brownies are in
sale I didn’t say the brownies are get one or you buy one get one for free I
said I’m selling joy now here’s the beauty about this is I can talk about
what I’m selling from an emotional perspective and a little perspective
without having to sell so on the inside of social curator I asked some of the
members to be really aware of what we are putting out on Instagram so here’s
an example from page a bottom power she writes as a PR pro I help
entrepreneurs receive the recognition their brands and dreams deserve I am
selling confidence connections and an easy to follow path to becoming a
household name what does cage a sell from a literal perspective PR what does
she sell from an emotional perspective confidence connections and an
easy-to-follow path to becoming a household name friends
there are thousands hundreds of thousands of people in America and
around the world who do public relations if KJ wanted to compete on public
relations alone she might not stick out but she knows she’s not selling public
relations she knows she’s selling confidence and
friends when you could talk about confidence and when you could talk about
a clear plan to becoming a household name oh you become that much more
competitive and you stick out on Instagram let’s give one more example
from Galicia she writes I’m a high school senior
photographer and I sell more confidence I sell self-worth and I sell empowerment
to become a better version of who you already are there are thousands of
you’re photographers in Arizona or Galicia is and she doesn’t think it’s in
any competition to have her account me seeing on Instagram why because she
knows she’s not selling senior photography what is she selling
self-worth she sells empowerment and that’s why
she’s over 200 girls on a waiting list to be part of her marketing team on
Instagram y’all she’s not selling senior photography she’s selling something from
an emotional perspective so that then becomes my question to you what are you
selling literally and what are you selling
emotionally and when they use the word sell like you might be sitting here but
they don’t have a business listen all of us on Instagram are selling something as
an influencer you have an affiliate link that you want people to use as a public
speaker you’re selling the idea of you being the professional as a thought
leader as an author what are you selling this idea that you want people to cosign
and get behind the things that you’re doing so I don’t have a lot of time to
get into a step-by-step tutorial on how to create categories I did the best I
could given this short amount of time but if you want to take an extra six
minutes to walk a video tutorial on how you can create your own categories you
can visit Jasmine Starcom forward slash categories because the thing that I’m
gonna really lean in hard is the minute you know what you sell you can then
create posts with intention and with purpose consistently remember that is
where we started the conversation we started this conversation by
understanding what makes people who use Instagram successful do you remember
what it was they show they have posts with plans a strategy purpose
intentionality they know who they’re talking to they know why they’re there
they’re using categories to reiterate the same thing to build trust to get
engagement to respond to comments to respond to DMS simply because they know
they’re why when you know why you’re on Instagram and you know what you’re
trying to sell from a literal and emotional perspective it empowers you to
show up on Instagram every single day now here’s the thing that we have come
to know is consistency gets you more followers influence and growth later was
built on the belief that consistency is king they have developed as an app to
give you no reason not to be showing up on Instagram every single day regardless
of how busy you are social curator was created to provide Instagram resources
for you to become consistent between these two amazing opportunities you have
no excuse not to show up now remember I started this class with a very big
promise you’re gonna see results in 30 days and you might be saying Jasmine
I’ve tried everything before and listen I am NOT gonna have you fight for your
limitations I’m just gonna say will you give yourself the permission to apply
consistency and categories for the next 30 days to see how much you grow if you
have any questions I am here to help you along your journey you can find me at
Jasmine star on Instagram and at my website
Jasmine Starcom I am dedicated to providing value and be of service as you
show up on Instagram every single day I’ll chat soon!

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  2. More about her life than tangible tactics. Additionally using the photographer that posts pictures of her kids is just odd – I doubt those kids consented to have their lives all over social.

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