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How the Google Ad Grant Works and How to Get Started

How the Google Ad Grant Works and How to Get Started

– Welcome back. I’m really excited for today’s video because we’re gonna cover
one of my favorite topics, the Google Ad Grant. I’ve helped nonprofits
spend over $2.5 million, and today I’m gonna share
how the Google Ad Grant works and how you can get started. So let’s jump in. Let’s start by talking
about why Google Ad Grants, the Ad Grant is so important. So Google is the number one
search engine in the world. Hundreds of millions
of people are using it every single day to find services,
products, and nonprofits. So the importance of Google
is that when you’re searching for something, you are
actively looking for a solution or for a nonprofit. And this is very different
than if you see a Facebook Ad, which is passive, because you’re not
necessarily looking for it. You might be interested in it, but at the end of the day
when you’re actually searching for something, that means
that you are in the market to take an action. Maybe you’re looking for a
nonprofit to volunteer with. That’s why Google search
ads are so important. And Google gives nonprofits
up to $10,000 a month in search advertising so
that nonprofits can have the visibility that
businesses and other brands are paying to have. So if you understand how you can leverage this amazing digital marketing tool, you can get more donors, more supporters, more volunteers, and more
awareness for your nonprofit. Businesses spend top dollar
to get on the first page of Google search results. They do this by creating ads where they select keywords and phrases that they want to show up for. So these brands are paying a lot of money so that they can immediately get connected with the people who are
searching for what they offer. Similarly for nonprofits,
Google understands that nonprofits don’t have these kind of advertising budgets. So they want to make sure
that nonprofits can still get the visibility that they
need so that they can grow, and that’s why Google
offers the $10,000 monthly search advertisement grant. Now you might be wondering, “How does this grant work?” It’s not that Google sends you $10,000. That would be nice. But, what happens is you create
a Google Ad Grant Account, and once you’re approved,
you have up to $10,000 that you can spend every month. So it doesn’t roll over
if you don’t spend it. If you do spend it all,
then there’s no penalties or loops you have to jump through. It’s just automatically set
to once you hit $10,000, it stops it. And if you don’t hit the $10,000, it resets $10,000 every month. So if you say, “Hey
Jeanette, I want $10,000 “in free search ads every month,” here’s how you can get started. Step one is to look at the
eligibility to make sure that your nonprofit is
eligible to receive the grant. And if you’re in the U.S.
and you’re a 501(c)(3), the chances of you being
approved are really high. There’s not a limit of
grants that they give out at this time of filming, and
so it’s really just a matter of the nonprofits that apply and meet all of the requirements. So you’ll also need a Google
for Nonprofit Account. You’ll need TechSoup Validation Token. TechSoup is an organization that verifies your nonprofit status. And then once you have those things, you’ll need to actually enroll in the Google Ad Grant Program. And once you’re approved,
you then need to set up your Google Ad Grant Account. So those are the steps
of how to get started. And we actually offer a free
step-by-step online training. It’s free at this time, so
depending on when you watch the video, it might not be. But right now, if you’re
watching this when it’s published on sometime in, what are we, July of 2019, you can access this for free. We’re gonna put the
link in our description or in the bio if you’re
watching this on Instagram. We also help nonprofits
apply for the Google Ad Grant and manage the account on a monthly basis if you don’t have the internal capacity, but you know that you can
leverage this opportunity to get great results. So if you’re interested in getting one-on-one services from us, we’ve also included a
description in the link, or a link in our description, so that you can check that out more. And make sure that you
subscribe to our channel because every Tuesday,
we release a new video to help nonprofits with their marketing. And finally, if you
learned something today, if you found this video helpful, please give us a thumbs up. It helps other nonprofits
see our videos in YouTube. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Comment below with any questions. Check out our step-by-step training on how to get a Google ad Grant: https://www.nonprofitmarketing.academy/google-ad-grant-intro-offer

  2. very helpful information, especially for nonprofits starting up and trying to get their name out there. Thank you!

  3. I had no idea nonprofits could get $10,000 a month in search 'm on the board of a nonprofit and will share this.

  4. Just learned about TechSoup and have used some of their 't realize they are connected to the Google Ad Grant.

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