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How should I organize my AdWords account?

How should I organize my AdWords account?

[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER: Meet Maria. She’s the owner of
Maria’s Boutique, and a firm believer
that everything should be organized just so,
especially her AdWords account. In fact, l-she’ll tell you
that keeping her account well-organized is one of the
secrets to her AdWords success because it means her ads
are more likely to be seen by the customers
she wants to reach, and she spends less time
managing her account day-to-day. To see how Maria got her
account organized just so, let’s go back to the beginning. Step one was
creating her account, beginning with selecting the
email and password she’ll use to sign in, and
providing information like her contact information
and billing details. Strictly speaking, an
active AdWords account must contain at least one
campaign and, in that campaign, one ad group. But like most
successful advertisers, Maria’s account is made
up of several campaigns and multiple ad groups. Campaigns where you make
big picture choices. Like when and where
ads can appear and the campaign’s
overall budget. Maria got started by creating
one campaign for each section of her website– jackets, shoes, and so on. And as her business
grew, she stuck with this winning formula,
keeping campaigns broad as she moved into new
markets and promoted unique events in her store. Setting up her
campaigns this way also gave her a lot of
flexibility, like being able to adjust the budget
on her jackets campaign when sales started to slow,
and promote the store’s winter sale with a special
campaign she set up to show video ads to
readers of fashion blogs, rather than alongside
search results. Maria’s organizational
talent really came into play when
she started adding ad groups to her campaigns. Ad groups are collections
of related keywords, ads, and bids, and work best
when they’re focused on one particular theme. This makes it easy for Maria
to select the right keywords to reach customers searching
for the things in her store, and link her ads to
highly relevant pages on her website, a good habit for
showing website visitors just what they’re looking
for and converting more of those visitors
into new customers. So whether you’re just
getting started with AdWords or a longtime user,
think about the best ways to organize your account and
boost your AdWords success. For more information about
how to organize your account, visit the AdWords help center. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Genius. Thnx Google team for making it simple to understand and also gorgeous to look ☺️ The new AdWords Experience is a dream to work on, like gaming on a Console, it's that cool 😁🙏🏾♥️.

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