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How Not To Be A D**k On A Bike | Simple Cycling Etiquette

How Not To Be A D**k On A Bike | Simple Cycling Etiquette

– We all aspire to be the
best cyclist we can be, and I’m not just talking about how strong and how fit we can be. – No, there is more to it like being a nice all-around
individual on the bike too. – What, just a nice cyclist? – Everybody loves a nice cyclist. (jingle music) Now despite these super cool uniforms that all of the cyclists tend to wear, it doesn’t actually give
us any special privileges when out on the road. So, we need to make sure
we are obeying by the laws and regulations in the
areas which we’re riding. That might mean doing a little
bit of research to make sure you’re following safe
sighting habits in your area. – Yes and now, it’s probably a good time to mention that we can’t
ride on the sidewalks and pavements as it is
illegal, and let’s be honest, we don’t want to upset
all those pedestrians. – Or any other road users for that matter. But it does make me ask one question. – Go on.
– Does that mean that this footpath’s out of use. – That’s out mate, as
tempting as it may be. – It looks like fun.
– I know. (upbeat music) – Now as a cyclist, we
don’t have indicators or turn signals, but what we do have is a pair of really long
arms, which are perfect for letting other road
users especially motorists know exactly what our actions are and where we’re going to be going. They’re so great for pointing
out hazards on the road to other cyclists in our
group and let them know directions we plan to take. Signals don’t just show
change of direction though, they also help warn others of hazards like potholes or road furniture. One way to lose friends
is not point at potholes. So, my advice to you would be
to try and get in the habit of signaling as much as
you feel is necessary. – Signaling and communication to others whilst out on a group ride is
one of the most effective ways to prevent accidents and
preventable issues occurring. Simply shouting out to other riders is the best way to do this, but use hand signals if you need to do so. (upbeat music) Now, this may be incredibly
obvious but that’s so easy to get carried away chasing PEBs and KOMs. I’m talking about stopping
at traffic lights. This is something you must
do, not only is it illegal but it’s also incredibly dangerous. So be patient, wait for the green light. Something so simple but it
might just save your life. (upbeat music) – One thing you need to do as a cyclist is steer clear of the major roads, the motorways and the highways. And for a start, it’s just
not legal at most places but then who wants to be passed by the sheer volume of fast traffic. The vans, lorries, cars,
screaming past you on a big road. Instead when planning your route, try and find somewhere
a little more tranquil, and paths a little bit
more scenic as well. Not only will you enjoy it more,
they’ll also be much safer. If you are unsure, start at by
having a good study of a map, either with a printed
map or a digital one, even Google could prove useful for this. Route planning apps like Komoot can make planning a route much easier and take a bit of a stress out
of the unknown of your ride. Check the classifications of byways does your chosen route
intersect private land. You may still be able to ride there but you may need to request
permission to do so. (upbeat music) – Now this is my favorite, being friendly and
polite to other cyclists. It’s super easy to do and it really does make a massive impact. Just a simple nudge or a wave does make a world of difference. Hi mate. Be friendly to other
cyclists is really good and it really makes them
feel good about themselves. (upbeat music) Depending on which news
outlets you follow, motorists and cyclists may be made out not to be best friends. Whether or not this is true,
it doesn’t really matter. As there is a lot we
can do to help our cause such as thanking patient motorists when they’ve waited for us. But this is where we could make a change, if motorists have been
patient and give you space when passing, then a gesture of gratitude would go a long way. If there are any characteristics
you find annoying from fellow cyclists out on the road, let us know in the comments box below. Thumbs up if you enjoyed this video, and for more tips, click on screen now.

100 thoughts on “How Not To Be A D**k On A Bike | Simple Cycling Etiquette

  1. Yeeeaah.. I'd be cautious to show appreciation to motorists when they've passed you with plenty of room. Some are looking for a fight and a stretched out arm is interpreted as a "fuck off".

  2. I hate it when cyclists ride 2 abreast in a long group on a windy road. Makes passing very difficult. Break up into smaller groups and ride single file.

  3. The things I hate cyclist doing and yes I ride all the time do not own a car. 1 jumping red lights. I always yell at them that the law of the road applies usually get told to #### off 2 curb jumping from the pavement to the road in traffic, 3 riding without lights in dark clothing. and I am sorry to say number 4 riding more than two abreast on narrow country lanes. just a moan Number 5 why do cyclists not use a perfectly good cycle path, I use one a short one every day it's by a busy main road I always see cyclists on the road with big heavy trucks trying to get pass. they cost money keep us safe so use them you soon moan if they stopped putting them in. I am sure i will think of more lol

  4. Pet hate – cyclists who commute like it's a race and overtake in stupid places, cut queues at lights and run lights and pedestrian crossings. Don't be a d!ck.

  5. Being a d**k, well your advice is not the applicable in all countries. Please reseach the topic better in future.

  6. It is legal to ride on the sidewalk in the city of Los Angeles, although you must yield and give the right of way to pedestrians.

  7. Actually, 2 or 3 riders riding abreast on the open road talking and gesturing does a number on my patience, they hold up faster riders and cars, which is always bound to be counterproductive. if you want to have a chat, go for a cafe pit stop. Always be aware of what's behind you. Goes for distracted drivers too.

  8. Riding over speed limit, zipping by baby strollers, thinking you are stocked on epos and part of tour France. Those are the worst.

  9. ACPO have issued guidelines on pavement cycling.

    How many cyclists have died RLJ? Scaremongering.

    Scenic routes? People can ride where they want.

    Do car/mbike/lorry/bus drivers wave to one another?

  10. I'm one of the cyclists who doesn't aknowledge anyone whilst cycling. This is not out of arrogance or ignorance but usually because I'm that tired I can't even manage it.

  11. Dropping litter…energy gel wrappers in particular!

    Not giving runnners room – ironically enough I get ‘closed passed’ when I’m running on the smaller country roads near where I live, which don’t have paths or pavements…

  12. Just let other cyclist upturn their bike when fixing a puncture.

    Jeez guys, the amount of difficulty on a cold day removing the rear wheel when not upturned and trying not to damage the rear derailleur because the pedals slip 🙄🥶

  13. Letting a whole trail of cars build up behind you or your group. Pull over for 10 seconds and everyone can get on with their life. We have to share the roads.

  14. Morning you two aren't wrong with all the content you have put in here. I'm always signalling, putting my hand up to cyclists, for saying thank you . It does and half make you feel better knowing your doing everything right . One thing that really irritates me though is the cyclists who don't wear a helmet but they have such a nice bike and gear . Keep up the great videos gcn.

  15. Two pet peeves of mine, that many cyclists are guilty of (and make us all look like d***ks) are not stopping at stop signs, and riding up beside a line of stopped traffic. If traffic is stopped, take your place in line, just like if you were in a car…it is safer for everyone, and doesn't piss people off when they have to pass you a second time 200 yards down the road!

  16. everyone loves a cyclist?…..nice general sweeping statement too start….your hand signals in the video are pants and clearly you never learnt properly….pointing with a finger is not the way to do it, never has been….too many cyclist are gits toward other cyclists and don't even signal to other riders let alone say thanks to car drivers who pass wide and are patient and wait, you know the ones, they ride trendy bikes with trendy shades and trendy kit, they see others who don't ride bikes like theirs as insignificant….when these guys do this I hope they have a mechanical…I wont be stopping and helping them……..some good stuff in here but I think you need to maybe make a video with Jeremy Clarkson, I reckon youll be making an entirely different video afterwards about car drivers….in the last week, on one day alone, 6 drivers attempted to kill me because they own the road and they don't think and most are stupid cos they have never got off their fat lazy arse and ridden a bike….its an educational need and should be considered as part of the driving test to learn about cycling/cyclists and how to behave around them….

  17. All of this really needs to be applied to commuting on your bike too. I ride to and from work every day in addition to doing it to keep in shape, and I have to say, I've had to deal with more crap when I'm commuting WITH OTHER PEOPLE ON THEIR BIKES. Running stop signs at four way stops, blazing by other cyclists, being as aggressive as humanly possible, hitting other cyclists as they go by because they are either complete jerks or are unaware of their surroundings, etc. I mean, I honestly dont understand this behavior, especially on a bike boulevard when I'm commuting to work. It's just plain stupid, and is starting to make me hate riding my bike to work (which I really like doing).

  18. Mountain bikers that don't follow the right of way rules are the worst. I do a lot of XC riding and get run off the trail by agro downhill bros once a week and have even been told "this isn't really a climbing trail".

  19. Don't ride on roads where car drivers are. Difficult not being a d++k when they are – as usual – disregarding your right of way and then going at 15mph and blocking you.

  20. I hate when cyclists don't give any interest to nod or something and littering is a pet peeve if a energy gel fits in our Jersey wen it's full the it will be nearly impossible to notice it wen it's empty in our pockets it's not hard and is nicer and if you see a fellow cyclist at the side of the road with a puncture or something then offer to help

  21. I'll say that there is an exception to the red light rule. A cyclist frequently won't trigger a signal to change, so you would have to wait for the next car to come along to trigger that signal change. There's one light on a ride that I just did today like that. It's on a lightly used road (why I go that way), and I came to a stop, checked for cross traffic, and went, rather than waited several minutes for the next car to come along to trigger the signal change.

  22. Whatever you do KEEP OF THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. If you see a car move to the side. If not you will be beeped on, and don't get mad if they do.

  23. When you pass a pedestrian on a multi use path, let them know you are passing them. Saying nothing or not using a bell of some sort can be dangerous. Most of the time people are not going to hear you until you are right next to them or just past them.

  24. I hate unsociable riders. Was on a short solo ride, saw a little group of 4, I waved and said hi at the top of a tough hill while getting a breather as they passed. They looked at me and just ignored me(while riding slowly), in an area where there's barely any humans around it doesn't feel nice!

    (I flew past them a few minutes after I got my breath🤣)

  25. Really guys? I'm disappointed that you are unwilling to defend cyclists – even the slightly d**k type. The argument that cyclists should be stuck in traffic the same amount of time as drivers just to obey the law is rubbish. So this video has no useful information, just shows that you want to be on the popular side of the debate. Of course, there are d**ks, but cyclists, in general, cause little to no danger on roads. Luckily more cycling friendly countries than the UK have realised this so cyclists are often legally allowed to pass red lights and ride on one-way streets the "wrong" way.

  26. When signalling a turn use your whole hand, is much clearer especially at night. Hope it out vertically so the palm can be seen by motorists. Don't just point, pointing is rude.

  27. I declare myself guilty: I use to ignore the red light… and you are right, it can save our life. Great video, as always!

  28. I think not obeying the rules of the road is what I find most annoying. Over here a bike is legally the same as a motor vehicle, and has same rights and responsibilities. I'd like to see more riders who flaunt those responsibilities ticketed, as I would also like to see the drivers who infringe on those rights be held responsible.

    Coming from 4×4's two things I was taught I believe apply. One is the concept of "tread lightly". Stay on the path, don't try and cause harm. The other is when on a hill, if there is only room for one , downhill should always yield to uphill. The logic being that it is much harder to start uphill from a stop than it is to resume a downhill ride.

    BTW, GCN, I just grepped your channel for the words "Accessible", "Disabled", "Handicapped" and "Recumbent" The first two produced no results, one video that (partially) covered post injury recovery, and a couple references to the UCI ban on recumbents. I get the feeling that GCN thinks that cycling is only for people with two good legs and two good arms?

    Some suggestions: Operating a "regular" bike one armed, hand-cycles, and options for riders with balance issues.

  29. Cyclists should be aware of their surroundings, often I pass a cyclist and they get a fright when I say Hello, as they are not aware of what is around them.

  30. Motorists who don't follow the rules of the road is a problem as well. I was almost run over by a SUV today in an intersection. The driver had the duty to yield, but completely ignored it, and throttled hard when i was halfway across the intersection…

  31. Motorists who don't follow the rules of the road is a problem as well. I was almost run over by a SUV today in an intersection. The driver had the duty to yield, but completely ignored it, and throttled hard when i was halfway across the intersection…

  32. Motorists who don't follow the rules of the road is a problem as well. I was almost run over by a SUV today in an intersection. The driver had the duty to yield, but completely ignored it, and throttled hard when i was halfway across the intersection…

  33. Motorists who don't follow the rules of the road is a problem as well. I was almost run over by a SUV today in an intersection. The driver had the duty to yield, but completely ignored it, and throttled hard when i was halfway across the intersection…

  34. Motorists who don't follow the rules of the road is a problem as well. I was almost run over by a SUV today in an intersection. The driver had the duty to yield, but completely ignored it, and throttled hard when i was halfway across the intersection…

  35. Motorists who don't follow the rules of the road is a problem as well. I was almost run over by a SUV today in an intersection. The driver had the duty to yield, but completely ignored it, and throttled hard when i was halfway across the intersection…

  36. Motorists who don't follow the rules of the road is a problem as well. I was almost run over by a SUV today in an intersection. The driver had the duty to yield, but completely ignored it, and throttled hard when i was halfway across the intersection…

  37. Motorists who don't follow the rules of the road is a problem as well. I was almost run over by a SUV today in an intersection. The driver had the duty to yield, but completely ignored it, and throttled hard when i was halfway across the intersection…

  38. Motorists who don't follow the rules of the road is a problem as well. I was almost run over by a SUV today in an intersection. The driver had the duty to yield, but completely ignored it, and throttled hard when i was halfway across the intersection…

  39. Motorists who don't follow the rules of the road is a problem as well. I was almost run over by a SUV today in an intersection. The driver had the duty to yield, but completely ignored it, and throttled hard when i was halfway across the intersection…

  40. Point 5+6.. To darn right!!
    I always raise my hand / thumb / nod my head / say 'alreet' to every rider I see on the roads.
    In my experience 9/10 road riders never do the same in return..
    It's the same while driving, I regularly use a thin single track road with many roadies coming the other way, I pull over and give them a nod as they scream past. 9/10 don't even acknowledge that you've stopped and pulled over for them. Gets my goat.
    BUT, nearly every muddy MTB or gravel rider I see, does….!!?!!
    Roadies; stop being a d**k to each other.
    MTB'ers; cheers for the happy hellos. much appreciated! 🙂

  41. One of the things I hate seeing when I'm driving is when you get 5 or six riders who think it's OK to ride 2×2. For goodness sake, one of you just slow a little get in single file while the car passes then ride next to your friend again. Rule 66 of the highway code states. "never ride more than two abreast, and ride in single file on narrow or busy roads and when riding round bends"
    I'm a cyclist too, so I'm not just being picky.

  42. Lately I'm seeing to many cyclists with all the gear and no idea and no road etiquette whatsoever and some of these are club lads

  43. When I a bike crosses the road on a cross walk at the bottom of a short hill at a slow speed and you are more then half way to the bottom where the cross walk is.

  44. People who race from stop light to stop light on a commute… arrrhhh. Certainly, get up to speed quickly, but fighting for first wheel – come on we are all in this together

  45. Being the best and nice cyclist?, well read this one. For a few years I've ridden past a meeting spot for the local club's. The other day I cycled past them on my Brompton and guess what they ignored me, no "hello's", no "Where you going?" , nothing!. I can only guess that a small wheeled cycle do's not fit into the image of a cyclist, that image being lycra, expensive carbon bike and looking "pro". Get a grip you [email protected]@ts a cyclist is a bloody cyclist what ever they are riding. AND I'm going to piss you off even more I'm buying the e-bike version of the Brompton!!!!!!!! PS love the site and your reports pity some cyclists see their selves as above others.

  46. I do understand the cyclists who won't acknowledge me when I say good afternoon or hullo. They probably would do the exact same if they were walking. Some people just don't want interaction, and I suppose that's up to them. Weirdos!

  47. My biggest pet peeve on group rides would be cross-wheeling. It's dangerous and gives the riders around you a lot of anxiety.

  48. Was walking down the Thames path near Richmond when an arrogant twat on a bike signalled to me to get out of his way. First-class dickery.

  49. In general most drivers in my area are very polite toward me as a cyclist. However, I find it very annoying when drivers stop at a crossing as a gesture to let me pass when I have already stopped knowing full well that I have to yield. Often I wave back at them signalling them to get their butt going since I am already at full stop and I am the one who is supposed to yield. When on your road bike and going at a fast pace it would be nice if the car you see approaching did not stop and kept his pace. This makes it alot easier as you slow a bit down in order to slip behind when the crossing is clear of the car passing by.. sigh*

  50. Silent drafters who dont want to take their turn at the front are annoying. A guy did it for miles once and I signalled for him to go up front and he wouldnt so I pulled over.

  51. My daily commute has a lot of bike traffic and it makes me mental when people pull out to pass without looking over their shoulder to check for other cyclists. Also, really aggressive headlights when you’re on darker bike paths away from the road. I get that it’s important to make sure you’re seen by cars but on the darker path the really bright flashing blinds oncoming cyclists.

  52. I try to build up good karma while out on my rides : 1) On Mallorca a rider was stopped and waved me down. He didn't have a spare inner tube, so I gave him one and refused any payment for it (it's peanuts). 2) On Gran Canaria in January this year I drove past a guy walking his bike down a hill. I parked as soon as I could and when he came past I called to ask if he needed any help. His front tyre had exploded and his 3 spare inner tubes had all burst. We put his bike in the back of the car and I gave him a lift of about 25miles to where he could get transport back to his hotel (out of my route).(He was from Iceland!!).2a) Stopped on my ride up Serenity for a rider with problems with a pedal, but I couldn't help. In March, on Gran Canaria, riding up to Fataga I looked for my wallet in a restaurant, but it was gone. It must have fallen out of my little rucksack on the way up while checking the map. I searched on the way down but didn't find it. A real bummer to lose your wallet. I cancelled my cards and replaced everything. At home a couple of weeks later I got a call from my library, someone had phoned them and wanted my email address. A few days later I got an email from Sweden; someone had spotted my wallet in the road and picked it up and back home searched to try to find me and contact me. I gave him the cash in my wallet and he returned the wallet to me in England. He even had pictures of where he had found it. So it really is worth it to be helpful out there, you'll probably need it yourself one day.

  53. and when stopping at a red light, don't be a dick by stopping out on the corner preventing cars from doing a right on a red (canada)

  54. Just because the law may allow you to take up an entire lane of traffic does not mean you should take up the entire lane. If you are the kind of rider hat takes up the entire lane when it is just you or you and a friend, then you are a raging d**k! On the other hand, if you are in a large group ride and you are 2 a breast for several riders deep, then it’s ok and understandable.

    Try to take routes that are less traveled by cars, or less congested and have a shoulder. Make sure these roads have lower speed limits. If you are on a route with high velocity traffic and no shoulder, you are asking for a quick death. I’ve been riding for 30 years and these are the rules I live by. Even though you may be legally in the right, you will lose every time, by dying, or by severe injury. Don’t put yourself in that situation.

  55. The comment regarding riding on sidewalks being "illegal" does not apply in Washington State, USA. Check out our RCW's https://app.leg.wa.gov/RCW/default.aspx?cite=46.61.755 Here's a list of them too http://wabikes.org/growing-bicycling/washington-bike-laws/bicycle-laws-safety-revised-code-of-washington-state-bicycle-related/

  56. Switching from a runner to a cyclist (because of injury) was definitely a rude awakening. For some reason you have these old jackasses that think their cool for cutting people off on their 10 thousand dollar bike and not waving or following the road rules… if this is you leave your bike in the garage and learn how not to be a dick. Then go get your bike and practice it.

  57. ninja electric bikes – they come behind you 20+km faster, almost rub shoulders as they get past and slide immediately ahead of you. I don't mind them going faster, but give us some space dudes!

  58. I don't understand riders that have a helmet with them, but they hang it on the handles. Or they have it on their head, but don't fasten it.

  59. I hate when I am out and I see another cyclist not doing the right thing by running a red light or riding in the middle of the road. It makes all of us look bad to other road users

  60. I just have one thing to point out. Respect the people that LIVE in an area. I live in the United States (WNC) and biking season is a NIGHTMARE for locals. We all know that the road is shared and I would never deny someone the right to ride. HOWEVER "some" cyclists tend to forget that these roads wouldn't even exist if it weren't for the fact people LIVE there. I.E. People that need to get to work. Or people that need to get elderly parents (or themselves) to doctors appointments. If the people don't live there and conduct everyday LIVING on said roads, then those roads wouldn't exist to begin with. The US/US states governments aren't going to pave a road up a mountainside and pay millions in upkeep every couple of years just so someone can ride a bicycle. There has to be money flowing along said route, and that equals workers and commerce.

    I had a bicyclist tell me once that he didn't force me to live where I did. Well my entire family history is from this area (220 years worth). Hell my mom grew up in a orphanage during the 1930's here… No, he didn't FORCE me to live here, but I'm here, and I don't recall INVITING him to ride here either. Please just respect the locals. We are just trying to get back and forth to work, do other things we need to, and live a life as best we can. Unfortunately in the US that means "car is king". In my area there is ZERO public transportation. It's to big, it's to rural. These little back roads are the only way we have to get around. If someone comes up behind you, make some room, or even pull over. If I had my way every road in the US would have a generous dedicated bike lane. However I'm not that damn rich.

  61. I'm just a commuter, but every time I set off I see other cyclists ignoring red lights, riding in the dark like ninjas (no lights, no hi-vis, dark clothes), swerving without shoulder checking… If I try to point that out I get abuse, or course. How very annoying!

  62. Please don't raise your left hand to signal a right turn. Most drivers have no idea what that means and it just comes off as pretentious . Signal right turns with your right hand.

  63. I hate kids who ride electric MTBs and don't realise effort. Stop at Reds, a highlight is waving to other cyclists!, bemoan drivers who don't know others exists outside their little world – wish everyone a safe rides 👌

  64. As an American cyclist. I see the 'Red Light' and Signaling issue all the time. I get so scared when I see another cyclist 'shoot a red light' or all of the sudden swerve into a turn lane with no signal or warning. When I can, I try and explain why that is so 'nuts'… unfortunately, I usually get the ol..'mind your business' reply. Drivers and cyclists are not mind readers, make your intent known. It will save your life.

  65. When riding at night, I like to double press my torch to flash other road users or pedestrians just like a car would.

  66. I occasionally see bicyclists riding in the street when there is a bike lane immediately adjacent to the road. And it's always some dips**t kitted out in a skintight outfit.

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