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How Normani Created ‘Waves’ With 6LACK | Billboard | How It Went Down

How Normani Created ‘Waves’ With 6LACK | Billboard | How It Went Down

– Hey, I’m Normani, and this
is how my song Waves went down. It actually took some time
in order to get to the point where I thought that the song was done. They actually probably
happened maybe a month ago, and I’ve been sitting with the record for probably like four months. It was one of the first
records that I recorded, but it’s just beautiful to see, especially in the recording process. My favorite part as an
artist is just seeing how many different phases
a record can go through before actually being done. Before it had 6lack on
it, it was just myself. The pre-chorus was actually
a lot different too. I ended up changing that and
a few lyrics on the record, but I had the opportunity to work with some amazing, incredible,
incredible people, and 6lack, he added so much to the record. Any time me and my mom listen to it, I actually fast forward my
part, and I listen to his verse. (laughter) I mean, I feel like we’re
taking a different direction, especially musically and in the R&B space, and I feel like Waves definitely does set the tone for the
direction that we are taking. You know, I really do try my best in terms of being in the studio to be as honest as I can be as an artist. That’s my only job at the end of the day, and I feel like that’s
what I did with this record because it doesn’t get old. I play it over and over again which sometimes I get annoyed with, hearing my own voice that many times, but this record, it doesn’t get old. My favorite lyric is 6lack’s whole verse. I come with ups and downs, yeah. I know if you tryin’ to ride, ride slow. Deep breath for the tide. Hold tight for the stride. I can see it in your eyes. Make love on a full moon, yeah. Wave like water, not a trend. If we start it up, (mumbles) be the end. First I love you, then I hate you. I won’t dare try to replace you. I ain’t crazy, no. (humming) I’m ecstatic, then I’m sad. On a high, then I crashed ’cause you made me so. Oh it’s so bad that you
come, and that’s my part. The first person I played Waves for… It had to have been my parents. My dad, he is on my butt when it comes to me recording new records. I call him my biggest fan. He’s like my cheerleader. He’s like, don’t be holdin’ out on me. I know you have new records. Every time I go home, the first thing I do when I get in the car is play him new records, and actually, funny story, all of his text messages got erased, and the first person that
he contacted, it was me because what did he want? He wanted the records.

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  3. these videos are so insightful! billboard in general is so insightful but videos like this really inspire other upcoming artists and share things we really should know! thank you billboard for being so mindful of the times were in.

  4. Umm Billboard… the animation KILLED the seriousness this girl is trying to evoke. Lose dem animations! Issa NO!

  5. I can't wait for her to blow up as she should !!! 😫😪
    I'm making music on my channel, let me know what you think guys 🙂

  6. Okay but where is the video.. ima need you to get these videos out when you release songs. Your loosing momentum 😭😭

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