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How Multiple Personalities Communicate | MultiplicityAndMe

How Multiple Personalities Communicate | MultiplicityAndMe

hi this is gesture multiplicity and me and today we're talking about how altars communicate this episode kind of has an educative vibe to it but I know we'll touch on this in the future videos but if you haven't seen our very first educated segment I'd go ahead and check that out because it does kind of give you a background into dissociative disorders for now I thought rather than just telling you guys how it all works I would show you instead with very crude demonstration so in the scenes we've demonstrated three different types of ways that altars may communicate with di D or OS DD systems the first step in recovery is actually to get to know your parts this allows you to kind of integrate the system to lower the dissociative barriers and therefore less an amnesia we are a system of mainly five that know each other very well this will certainly reflect differently for new systems or people who are just coming to terms with communicating with their parts we've used a simple demonstration of picking a drink for this scene and it's something that all of us do but for those of multiple identities sometimes these choices can cause conflict and be really overwhelming it's about overcoming that conflict and making a collaborative choice appeases the parts as best as possible if you're able to achieve this you can help the system cooperate and learn to work together yes please I'm just there see so I'll just have water I guess water please so the first one this is just setting the foundation the great internal monologue there are a lot of assumptions made that altars are just internal monologues that everyone gets but it's quite the contrary it is quite literally like having multiple minds so all those internal monologues are just not your own so this demonstration here is quite simply what it's like for those of us without the ID or os dd or simply there are no other parts present – I guess communicate what they want or don't want and sometimes you don't have to have an internal monologue about the choices you're going to make you just instantly know or feel what you want it works exactly the same way with the ID just potentially multiple times over because of this of course you can feel a lot of conflict um yes please which one and have we got any smoothies no milkshake no do you have any squash yes it'll be that cherry squash you like oh great thanks my communication doesn't have to happen for me to know Jake may feel like having something sweet at that moment in time just having him around me bring on that urge this is called passive influence and it's an intrusion of thoughts feelings perceptions behaviors anything really in the next clip we're going to discuss Co fronting this is when two parts may be taking control of the body at the same time you may not know this is happening or you might feel that you're kind of being puppeted to do or say things that aren't necessarily something that you would do but it all seems that with your control you may feel rican fused about your identity or alternatively you may not know that anyone is having influence on you whatsoever drinking coffee please ah I don't know maybe I am maybe I am I don't know yes I don't know I didn't mean to say coffee never mind I don't know was it coffee I mean anyway the difference between the clip with Jake wanting a drink and the clip with Ed wanting a drink is that I knew Jake fancied something and I made the choice to get it for him that is co consciousness it's that awareness or ability to communicate with another part but in the second with Co fronting it's more like my decisions and thoughts and actions were hijacked and I have no control over them it's not an issue really for small things like this not in front of my husband but it can be really embarrassing to slip up or say and do something out of character when other people around you aren't aware that things like this go on you kind of have to make a life of making up excuses for things that might seem a bit strange to other people oh yes lastly pop can talk between themselves in the inner world this is a visualized space in spite of the mind of people with OS D D or D ID not everyone has one but some people do and it's a visualized space where the alters reside and may have their own lives or goings on and a person fronting with this and in control may or may not know that these conversations have taken place so that's it really there was though all the ways of communicating I hope this has been enlightening and an eye-opener and you know we get that a lot in our videos um oh it's Jake kind of around right now oh is Edie your kind of using your left hand a bit oh you know sometimes you just don't know and like genuinely you don't know who's like right around right now something may be controlling you they may not it may just be you those lines aren't always clear cuts and it can be quite blurred and you don't always kind of feel those parts around or hear them around so if anyone's guess as for me today I think I mean I'm pretty sure I me but again I don't know who's around I don't know how close people are I can't hear anyone or feel anyone but that doesn't necessarily mean to say that a part isn't currently influencing me in any way shape or form how interesting is that SEPA but thank you everyone for watching this has been jazz from multiplicity and me please don't forget to Like comment and subscribe that would make a huge difference and of course a huge overwhelming shout-out to our patrons that have gotten us here ah we are ever so grateful for you guys thank you so much okay thank you everyone for watching and have a lovely day you

47 thoughts on “How Multiple Personalities Communicate | MultiplicityAndMe

  1. Hi Jess, i wanne start by saying that you are a great person and such an inspiration to many!! Really greatful!
    Just have a tiny question that i have been wondering about for a while…. So what i can gather is that all your boys have a life in the inner world, what i was wondering is how is it like for you in the inner world? Assuming you 'go' there when you are not fronting so plz correct me if im wrong. (i mean this in the nicest way 🦊)
    Excited for your reply 😀

  2. This is me all the time!! haha thank you! I can never decide on anything! And people don't get why its such a hard decision for me. If you could do more videos like this?

  3. I’m curious, Jess – do you have a place in the inner world now, or is it like before – that you don’t know where you go? I would also like to know know more about how a dream looks different from the head space, like what you perceive in your dreams, and how the inner world looks compared to a dream? As a singleton the only way I can compare it to is dreaming, because that is the only “inner world” I’ve got, and it would be great to know how it “looks”different 😊

  4. It's nice to hear another system that has trouble sometimes knowing who is in control. For us it happens quite a lot where we all are like "alright i'm up but who am I?" it happens especially with co fronting for us. ~Cecil (jupiter system)

  5. That fourth one always seems to be the main way my alters communicate. I didn't think it was really a thing, making me kind of doubt because I'm not always hearing that innermonolog. Thank you so much for this video

  6. I love how you did this video! I mean, I love ALL of your videos, but, this one was super interesting and informative! Thank you!

  7. Thank you so much for answering this! I am always so curious about those internal communications. I don’t have DID but I think your videos are incredible and so educational. Thank you for being so honest and open!!!

  8. This was so well thought out, Jess! I think you did a lovely job making this much more understood for those of us who do not have DID. I just find the brain fascinating and having cPTSD, how the brain learns to cope with trauma is a very interesting topic. Having found you nearly a year ago, I have since started working on a young adult fantasy novel to hopefully help with stigmas surrounding mental illness and have been doing research and developing a character who has DID! Having sources like yourself, Entropy and many of the other DID youtubers has been a wonderful play to get more first hand experience to make sure I do justice to this character I am writing. <3

    Thanks for all that you and the boys do (Gaz as well!) to help educate the public!

  9. Thanks for making this Jess. Co-fonting has always been something the DID community says happens "rarely" or is really just the flux of a switch taking place etc…But for us, what you've described is our constant. "I" although the host, am never ever alone or the only one 'out'. There's always someone out with me or literally mm away from me and who speaks or acts through/with me at any given second even without me knowing they're there sometimes.

  10. But wait… DId the boys record their own voice bits here for this vid? If not you did a great job impersonating hahahahaa

  11. Jess, I would love to be a Patron but I'm not sure about how to do that. I love watching your videos and would love to help out.

  12. Awesome video guys. I love the fact that you're raising awareness of your disorder. I had always been intrested in dissociated identity disorder and learning from somebody who has it is so amazing. You have so much information and I just love watching you guys. Every single one of you have such a great personality and us are just so much fun to watch. I'm learning but it's exciting. It was great to hear from Jake. I love him. He is so funny. He melts my heart. Are there going to be anymore cooking with Ed videos? I love that. It's great seeing Ed getting more comfortable on camera. Sorry I dont normally comment so I have a lot to say. I'm done now sorry.

  13. Thank you this helps us a lot Jess, it helped with our confusion even though we sorta knew it was going on. Thank you so much for this video !☺💚 – Willow

  14. I loved that you drew, however it was a bit hard to read bacause the line a pen makes is really thin, maybe a marker and whiteboard would be better? Either way I loved it!!!! 💕 💕 💕

  15. Jess!! You were specially cute in this video!! You were smiling a lot and I was unconsciously smiling back 😊

  16. Ahhhh thank you for this it’s forever confusing questioning who you are, why you choose what you choose and feeling like you have no control! Validating to hear your experiences ~ Sophie, Peach System

  17. Wow this was such a creative and effective way of explaining this! I've heard systems say "I can hear _ saying __" Or "I can feel __ is in the mood for __" but I could never understand how hearing an alter is different from just having a normal though so this really clears it up!

  18. This was a great demonstration, particularly the co-fronting one. This system is a bunch of angels!

  19. I can’t wait to share this with my friends so they can understand me more. I have only told a few friends now and your videos have helped us.

  20. sounded like Jamie was cofronting in this video, i kept hearing little things that sounded like his accent

  21. I find this a really accurate and simple way of describing alters communicating in daily life. Thanks for the video!!! We love being able to show these videos to loved ones when our own words aren't enough.

  22. This is an awesome video! Sending to our therapist to help explain co-fronting and inner world communication. – Stiles of the Guardian System

  23. your guys' cat is really cute like what the fuck

    also these like 'scenes'/'skits' were fuckin awesome and were a great way to yknow show people 🙂 – mondo

  24. I know you've said that usually around strangers the boys always act as "Jess" but did you in some case (besides videos) act like one of the boys? Maybe just cuz a friend was expecting to hang out with Jake but he wasn't in control

  25. Gaz's acting! 👌🏼👌🏼😝
    Great video. Love the way you presented it.. As always, educational as well as entertaining. 😊
    Love you guys! ❤️❤️

  26. This is so interesting! And explains quite a bit, because sometimes I wonder if some videos are you or someone else’s pretending to be you. (Even before the video on it!) I try not to comment about it, because I feel like it’s rude to be like I KNOW WHATS HAPPENING IN YOUR HEAD. I definitely don’t. But this helped me understand!!

  27. Jess, a korean music video just drop with the theme of DID! Is Sulli's Goblin. Looks like koreans like the subject because there is some dramas like Kill Me Heal Me with the same thematic. Would be cool watch you react to those representations and talk about it as a person who has DID! I would be really interested in watch ^^

  28. Hi Jess 🙂 Thank you for the video. I have been watching you guys from the start, I don't have DID but I do have PTSD and mental health awareness and breaking stigma is extremely important to me. Thank you to you and the boys for sharing this channel with us, and though I don't have DID, connecting with you all makes me feel less alone, so thank you so much <3 xox

  29. So does it happen that when asked a question it may take a moment for you to answer because you‘re listening to your alters opinions first? Or are those conversations just as fast as the thoughts that go through my mind when I‘m being asked something?

  30. I really appreciate all the detailed information you gave…yet I cannot help but say Iris stole the show! What a cutie!!! ^_^

  31. Thank you so much, this video parallels my experience. I’m a polymultiple (over 100) so my alters pass through constantly however the mechanisms are exactly the same. I have come to call myself ( the me out front) the collective ego. I’m getting pretty good at staying on top of all the constant activity on a daily basis. This video is fantastic!!!

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