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How much you should spend for online advertising?

How much you should spend for online advertising?

ok, one last question, I think this question a lot of friends a lot of people of businesses out of there would ask how do they actually determine what is the unwanted audience and also how much the budget they should plan in for their budget, as in monthly budget Monthly budget? Ok, from monthly budget, I think I shift down to daily budget, so it’ll give a better understanding on that For the unwanted visitors part, I will solve that first. a lot of people thought that it’s Facebook fault that William:bringing in some fake statistics
Jaff: Fake Likes you know Jaff: It’s like who is this?
William: Fake Likes and so on William: who is this, I’ve never seen his name before but to be frank, those are real people working in Malaysia so, come back to behaviour, we as a Chinese, Malays and Indians is hardly press a like on a post, unless we really like it and for other races that we’re not so understand their behaviour as what I can see from one survey that that time when I was having my breakfast at a mamak there, I saw a foreign worker’s playing Facebook with his new phone. Because I quite buddy with him already Because I always been to the shop So, I saw him playing Facebook is like every post each and every single post, he liked it every one Jaff: Oh! Really? That’s the behaviour
William: Yea! And then I saw the friend’s recommendation he scrolled and add every friend, so, I was like WOW!!! That’s cultural shock for me I was like wow, you play Facebook like this from that time, I understand that that’s not a fake like It’s true people; so, about unwanted visitors it’s not about unwanted or wanted something like this If you know your customer audience behaviour when you target the right audience, for instance, my.. I got one student that selling diploma course Uhm… actually she gets business, she gets sales from Indonesian William: where we Malaysian always says that
Jaff: Cross Nations, right? we always says that, well some other races, “we don’t want this, don’t want that”, but do not wish to exclude the potential customers. but you got a way to do it. I can say you got the ways to do it. but we didn’t find it though Yea, that’s why we need to learn it from William and in his courses and then in much more details So William, what do you think about budget? Ok! About the budget you want to spend on the Facebook ads I strongly recommend you to not one shot put in a lot money you need to depend on the audience size, like for instance In Malaysia, if you narrow down the niche that you are selling It will become not much like for instance, that 100K or 70K of audiences that you have. So, per day, I’d suggest about RM10 for one ad, and then if you want to spend higher budget like you can create multiple ads like, you can create 10 ads (with) different angle, so you can have RM100 spend on ads per day. So, why idea is like this? Because most people will have those kind of rush, like, once you saw your ads then you straight away buy, but, more towards long-term like they saw it everyday, everyday, everyday, like, brainwashing and they only decide to click in and see what happens some of them, their behaviour is like this.
Jaff: Oh! Wow So, I think (from my experience) you don’t need to put in high budget on single ad, you just need to, don’t put everything into one budget instead, distribute out to 10 or 20 different ad sets, if you want to so for this 10 ads, how long we should actually test it? Uhh! It depends on the reach because Facebook nowadays, they will learn the behaviour of the audience that you set So, usually if you not talking about technical jargon 3-5 days, but if you want to talk about marketing jargon you’ll need to see the reach, the impression Do you have any example?
Will: the reach is about for fitness is about 1.5k; for beauty or money making opportunity thing which is about business proposal, it’s about 3k-5k reach which means the ad delivered to 3k-5k people so after you determine your reach then you can know if this ad is actually successful or not
Wiliaml: Yes, you’re right Right! Thank you, thank you William for sharing with us so many great information and useful information William: Thank you
Jaff: I think we really really enjoy this session and learn a lot from you. If you guys want to learn more from William Please check out our website or William’s website Symmetry Marketing Acedemy So guys, that’s all for today, thank you! Thanks WIlliam William: Thank you

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