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How Much Money Youtube Paying for Per 10000 Views after recent ad boycott?

How Much Money Youtube Paying for Per 10000 Views after recent ad boycott?

hey what is up guys this is roy and welcome to another brand new video on this channel so today in this video I just want to talk with about the current scenario of YouTube so if you don’t know guys so many company and about more than 200 big big company like pepsi coka cola WallMart starbucks johnson & johnson AT&T so many big big company they pull out their ad so either going to loosening about a billion $ per year may be more than that because of this main main thing is that the traditional media losing advertisement because of YouTube and other internet media and they just on their advertisement back and they are doing all of this shit because of this and now I’m going to show you how this thing affect me my youtube channel and I made a eco-park videos as just normal type video and this video I getting only point nine dollars even out of three thousand seven hundred views and I same same type of video i uploaded so this technical guruji video so the technical guru meetup video i uploaded on April second and it has near about 10,000 views right now and go to revenue matrix which views so 8442 views my estimate revenue is 0.79 dollar so near about a dollar 10,000 so this video i get near about a dollar for 4,000 views not bad the show the ad impression so this video is near 4,000 views and 1000 ad impression so every four views youtube display an ad on this video but look at this video look at this video go to my tree more an impression so this video is narrower night counted views at ad impression is 379 if you calculate it so part 22 views on ads shown for 22 views i get an ad shown on this video that is the main reason guys the ad revenue is really really low and this thing going to effect every youtuber in this planet so I’m losing near about thirty to forty percent ad revenue from same amount of views and that that insane guys and so many YouTube always started right now it’s really really hard for them for making money any kind of money from YouTube so guys that’s before today I hope you like this video if you liked it make sure it’s like a big thumbs up on this video meet with you on my next video till then bye-bye data peace

62 thoughts on “How Much Money Youtube Paying for Per 10000 Views after recent ad boycott?

  1. everyone should use YouTube adblocker add on for chome and Firefox if they are going to screw the people who make them money we can do the same

  2. actually i crossed 10k views.. whats the next step to start earning money… please help.. my monitization is enabled

  3. There is one question…I have created my channel JustTakeIt Entertainment in December 2016 and when I got 1000 views I applied for YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and then ads were shown on my videos. Now according to new rule that is after getting 10000 lifetime views the ads will be shown on our video. My overall views right now in 10700 views but still ads are not appearing on my video, is there anything I need to do or YouTube itself verify our account when we get 10000 views. reply as early as possible. Thanks.

  4. Hey someone please clear my doubt pleaseee…do the base 10000 views should be our own video or can be any videos?

  5. I have 120k views and I don't have a credit card to receive money so what should I do how can I receive money without credit card

  6. To all my indian friends im from philippines please support me by subscribing my channel thank you

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