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How Much Does Google AdWords Cost?

How Much Does Google AdWords Cost?

AdWords costs can vary greatly depending on your business model, industry, and goals. The average cost-per-click is between one
and two dollars on the Search Network and just under one dollar on the Display Network but the most expensive keywords in AdWords
cost around fifty dollars or more per click. These highly competitive keywords are form
industries that have high customer liftime values. Giant retailers can spend up to 50 million
dollars per year on Paid Search in AdWords. By comparison, the average small business
using AdWords spends between 9000 and 10000 dollars per
month under Google Paid Search campaigns. That’s 100000 to 120000 dollars per year. Want to see if you’re getting out of your
AdWords spend? Check out our AdWords Performance Grader,
a free tool that can help you find and fix costly mistakes
in your AdWords account.

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