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How Long Until I Get Results From My Facebook Ads?

How Long Until I Get Results From My Facebook Ads?

Episode 27 Well, how long until I get a customer from my Facebook ads campaign? Now if you’re running Facebook ads or Facebook ads campaign for your business 60% of you will say Facebook doesn’t work for my business. So how long does it actually take to get a customer? Let’s explore this and I’ll give you the surprising answer very shortly. Now a recent study by wicked reports and this is based on 40 million dollars in ad spend and 1.6 billion dollars in SMB or SME focus sales according to Wicked Reports it takes 43 days, that’s the average from a prospect seeing your ad to them turning into a paying customer Now, I’m sure many of you got to have got to day 14 of a campaign and a few hundred or a few thousand dollars On spend and ditched it because you feel it’s not working and you’re wasting your money well The reason is you need to expect results or set your expectations for up to 43 days And this is the average for some businesses. It can be even longer Others obviously, it can be a little bit sooner. So how do we maximize? ROI for starters You need to have different messaging depending on where your customer is on their journey. You need to move people along a path Now if you’re a small business and I mean less than 30 billion dollar 30 30 million dollars in sales You’re not a brand and you need to build trust and authority through consistent messaging on multiple touches You’ve only got to look at your website conversion rate Most of you will be experiencing 1 to 2 percent and if you’re getting more than 5 percent Then you’re winning big time. And now it’s just a matter of how to scale now on average It takes about 5 clicks or more or a little bit more Before someone will interact with you if you’re running your first campaigns If you’re running first Facebook campaigns are nothing’s worker working. Well, welcome to the club. You need to work out what’s your hook using video copy creative and the right audience compel a video is so crucial for branding Now we suggest we place 30 percent of your budget in what we call goodwill campaigns and then the balance around your sort of lead generation campaigns and in any given Audience of say a hundred thousand people in your Facebook Audiences there is only ever going to be about ten percent Of the audience that’s aware of the problem that you’re solving and only a few percent of those Are going to be fast decision makers. So your Hundred thousand audience very quickly becomes less than a few hundred that are actually in market right now So you need to be running an always-on campaign across multiple touchpoints to stay front of mind Alongside your competitors or to stay ahead of your competitors and win the wallets of your newest customers and turn them into advocates Now another thing to keep in mind is that old leads act differently to new leads So your languaging and your copy targeting someone who’s seen your ads before? Should be different to what we call your top of funnel Or ads targeting fresh audiences. It’s like the old dating game. I Communicate with my wife differently now than when we first started dating. I’m sure a lot of us can relate to that Whereas now our text to say what we do for dinner Previously, I probably would have consider a little bit more than just that So remember you’ll be lucky to get a one in a hundred buying from you immediately So what can you do to cultivate interest with the 99 others who have shown interest and it’s a lot of touch points So you might be giving up on those people after the first second or even the third touch and ask yourself How do people feel after they see your ads? Now the Facebook Ads platform allows you to build campaigns according to your objective The advertising objectives that you can find when you’re first starting your campaign Will go into those in a little bit of detail now, they offer many advertising objectives to help you reach your business goals Your advertising objective is what you want people to do when they see your ads For example, if you want to if you want to show you a website to people interested in your business You can create ads that encourage people to visit your website When you create an ad you first choose your objective the objective and choose aligns with your overall business goals The second part of it is the awareness objective Awareness is the objective that generates interest in your product or service. The next part is consideration Getting people to start thinking about your business and looking for more information about it Further down the funnel. We talked about conversions and setting up objectives that encourage people Interested in your business – obviously purchases a product or service or to make an inquiry a brand awareness Is going to the brand awareness objective is going to reach people more likely to recall your ads and increase awareness for your brands Now what platforms support the brand awareness objective will pretty much all three of the Facebook platforms Which is obviously Facebook itself Instagram and messenger When it comes to reach the reach objective This will allow you to show your ad to the maximum number of people in your audience And what platforms support the reach objective again, Facebook Instagram and messenger Consideration conversion the same goes so clearly there are so many options and there is no reason why Using these objectives. You can’t build a successful campaign for your business today or Get in touch with an agency like Sydney digital marketing to help you get the most out of your budgets with a smart Well thought out strategy So remember to wrap up start with your objective then map out the process and the communication touch points That will help follow our page on Facebook or LinkedIn Hit the follow button. Now followers of our pages get access to offers and deals that we actually don’t advertise anywhere else next week We’re going to explore how to find the hidden opportunities in your AdWords campaigns we have recently improved the results of one of our largest clients where we reduce their cost of Registration by over sixty percent in just two weeks How do we do it? Find out next week? I’m signing the goals. I’m the managing director here at Sydney digital marketing This is the hustle and I look forward to seeing you next time in the meantime. Stay amazing. Thanks for watching

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