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How Long Should Your Marketing Videos Be? | Perfect Video Length For Advertising

How Long Should Your Marketing Videos Be? | Perfect Video Length For Advertising

– So what is the perfect video length when it comes to posting videos online for your business? Whether it’s advertising or
social media, or whatever. (logo landing) (upbeat music) This is a topic that I’m
really passionate about and there’s no shortage
of online blog posts, ,articles and courses
around video marketing, that push these broad
blanket statements saying, well it should be short short short, or no longer than 30 seconds, or no longer than a minute. And this can create a
lot of misconceptions and confusion around the length of videos. So this brings me to my first point. Which is that when
you’re producing a video for your brand, or hiring a team to do so, the length of the video
is not the place to start when you’re setting out
to create the concepts for your video content. There are multiple factors
that are really important to define first, before you
even think about how long the video should be. For example, what is the
target outcome of this video? How will we know it’s successful? Who’s the audience? What part of the buying
process are they in? These things are going to affect how long you’re video can be because
it’s going to affect how long they’re willing to
spend watching your content. But perhaps one of the most important things to consider is the platform and the distribution of your video. Where is it going to live? Yes, as a general rule on social media, shorter is better. That’s because if you just watch the behavior of people on social media, they’re scrolling, they’re quickly looking to consume a lot of content. Versus if you look at
something like YouTube, which is very video-centric. Generally people go to youtube.com to watch videos. So you have a little bit more play in terms of being able
to hold their attention a little bit longer. But there are exceptions to this rule. There are videos on
Facebook that are 10, 15, maybe even 20 minutes long, that are working wonders for brands. So this brings us back to
the original question of, well then how long is
the perfect video length? And the true honest answer, is that there is no perfect video length. There’s no hard rules or magic formulas that you can use here. Our philosophy, is that videos should be as long as they need to be to achieve the outcome,
but absolutely no longer. So this does mean, going in and asking, well okay, how can we cut this down? That’s something we ask a lot when we’re producing videos for clients. Okay how can we cut this down, how can we cut this down? But there comes a point
where cutting it down means sacrificing valuable,
either story development, or information that’s going
connect with your audience, and ultimately drive that outcome. Again you really wanna stay focused on the ultimate purpose of the
video and that key message. So this is where if you have
a bunch of different messages that you’re trying to get across it’s going to be hard to do
that in a short period of time. And that’s where you might wanna look at having separate videos. And really focusing in on one key message. So to really boil this all down. The quality of the
video, and how effective the messaging is to the audience, is far more important, than the actual length
of the video itself. One of the key metrics to watch when you’re posting videos,
is the retention rate. Which really simply is just, how long are people watching your video? How much are people sticking through? If you have a 15 second
video that’s not that great, it’s kinda lousy, you might get some people completing the video because it’s only 15 seconds. But if you were to stretch
that out to two minutes, you’re going to see lousy retention rates. But when you have a quality story, something that people actually want to watch and engage with, you can get away with a little bit longer. Think about it. Why is it that most of us can’t stand sitting through even just
a 15 second advertisement that’s pushing product, product, product, or come corporate hype explainer video? But we will sit and pay to
watch a hour and a half, two hour, even three hour movie. Again it all comes down to the quality of the content, how engaging it is, and ultimately, the quality
of the storytelling. So I hope you found this helpful. I hope this informs how you look at your video marketing, and
how long your videos are. If you need any help,
feel free to reach out and let me know what you
think in the comments. And I will catch you on
the next video, thanks.

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  1. Love these tips. I couldn’t agree more that you have to consider your audience and platform before deciding length.

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