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– How long should your video ad be? This is a common question
I get from a lot of people. Should you go for a 20-second video ad or a three-minute video ad
or a five-minute video ad? Here’s the honest truth. It’s as long as it needs to be. If you’re somebody who
can get the basically your message across
quickly and effectively and it works well that way, do that. If you’re somebody who prefers
to go a more Sam Ovens style and give them a lot of
information while having call to actions once in a
while, that’s also great way to basically get qualified
leads because now you’re kind of exposing them to a longer message. But if you bored them, then
you’re not gonna get any leads. So it’s important to
find the balance for you. And one thing I really
do want to emphasize is basically as a baseline,
I think 45 seconds to maybe one minute
and a half, two minutes is a good baseline because
you can script a good video ad that hits all the important elements and still is somewhat short,
and it’s easy to script. And when it’s easy to
script and you can stick to the script because you’re
not doing a very long video, that’s extremely valuable
because you can just get in front of a camera,
and you know what to say. Because a longer video ad,
there’s more margins for errors. There’s more chance that you’re just not
gonna feel comfortable. And somebody like Sam Ovens
can do a longer video ad because he knows how to do that. He has been on camera
so much that he can pull the viewer’s attention
for seven, eight minutes with basically the information he gives. While somebody like
Alex Becker, who I love, I love his ads, he’ll do
these short, quick ads that just are like hey,
grab the viewer’s attention, show them some proof,
show them the benefit, give them a sweet offer, tell
them to go click on the link and what will happen on the link. So I would start out with
a 45 seconds to two minutes as your baseline, and then
experiment with longer. Because perhaps longer may
work really well for you. So the most important thing with video ads is you hit the core
elements of a video ad, which actually I’m
gonna go over right now. The core elements of a
great video ad, number one is you need to have a
strong and interesting hook. You need to basically
grab their attention. One really great example is
Becker’s like basically intros. They’re really great. So that’s really important
because you do wanna grab people’s attention because
they’re distracted. Especially on YouTube, they
wanna just hit the skip button. Number two is you wanna call
out your ideal audience. You want to be like hey, is this somebody who’s gonna actually
be a good lead or not? So for example, let’s say
you’re selling a course on personal finances. Then you need to call out people who’d be interested in that. So it would be something
like hey, are you somebody who wants to improve their
personal finance situation but doesn’t know how? That’s like a decent call
out because you don’t want the person who doesn’t care about finance. You don’t want the person
who’s like basically blows all their money because they’re not gonna be interested in a personal finance course unless they made the decision
to care about their finances. It’s important to call out your audience so that you’re only attracting
the people that you want, and also that drives down ad
costs because if they watch your video for like 30 seconds,
then they’re essentially you’re paying for them to watch it. If they watch 10 seconds and skip it, you’re not paying anything. And another important
element is to really describe what you’re offering
when they click the link and the benefits of it. So teach you how to save basically, save 30% of your income
without sacrificing your quality of life in this free webinar that I’m going to show you. So you wanna have
whatever you’re offering, just like you wanna really
describe that and the benefits. You also want to show them results/proof, whether it be little
screenshots of testimonials or yeah, actually one of my students, she was able to save
$100,000 and get out of debt. In the webinar, we’ll
go over how she did it. So you wanna get some
proof and testimonials, and you also manna make
sure you have multiple call to actions, that you’re
telling people where to go. Hey, click on this link right here. You wanna have the arrows
that point to the link. Yeah, that’s really
really important as well. So yeah, that pretty
much covers how to create a great video ad. I know the video was supposed
to be about video length but remember, it doesn’t matter too much. You wanna make sure the
video is long enough to hit those key elements. And if you want to educate
them, that’s cool too, but just understand that
starting out with a really simple 45 to 1 1/2 minute video
ad is the baseline. It’s like the easy thing to
do that gets you results. And then the longer video
ads, they’re definitely something to play around with
because they can definitely get you really qualified leads. And you can educate
them so they’re already like really like you before they even land on your landing page. So yeah, those are two important things. And this is for in-stream ads. I’m not talking about discovery ads. Discovery ads you usually
can be like do 10-minute, 15-minutes videos where you’re giving them in-depth information on a topic
so then they’re like really basically become fans of
yours, and then they do what you want them to do
in terms of taking action. But in-stream ads, usually
I veer on the shorter side, but I mean somebody
like Sam Ovens might do like a seven-minute or
10-minute in-stream ad, and it works well for him. So yeah guys, that’s pretty much it. Hit the like button,
subscribe, give me a comment because you know as long as
I’m getting good feedback, I’m gonna keep throwing these videos out because I think they’re
offering a lot of value to people who wanna do YouTube ads. Yeah and likewise if
you are already kind of, if you’re serious about
YouTube ads and you’re selling an info product course, you’re a coach, definitely reach out
to me or click the link in the description
because that’s all we do. We work with info products,
sellers, and coaches and just get them stellar results. So that’s pretty much
it, cheers guys, later.


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