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How LinkedIn can improve their ad platform

How LinkedIn can improve their ad platform

Facebook is by far the leader in social media advertising, but LinkedIn can certainly carve out a very profitable niche for itself if it gets its ad platform right. Here’s what I suggest they do… In August 2016 I outlined 3 things that LinkedIn could do to get more advertisers to invest in its platform. They’ve only done one of those things since then – launch custom and retargeting audiences. They’ve also just started allowing LinkedIn users to upload videos natively to the platform. And if they follow suit with what Facebook is doing, we’ll soon be able to run video ads and retarget people who watch those videos. But it’s still not enough. LinkedIn needs to do a lot more to open up its ad platform so that advertisers can start spending real coin with them. Start by removing the minimum cost-per-clicks. Let the market decide how much an ad is worth based on the value that it delivers its advertisers. Create a Power Editor for power users. Google has the AdWords editor, Facebook has the Power Editor, and Bing has the Bing Ads Editor. Launching and managing LinkedIn Ads is still a clunky process for anyone wanting to scale up their advertising fast. Remove the minimum audience size so we can start to test granular ad strategies. For example, let’s say that I wanted to target CMOs who lived in Sydney. Sorry, but the audience is too small. What about if I expanded that out to the whole country? Again sorry, but the audience is too small. There are some super powerful ad strategies that could work really well on LinkedIn if they just gave advertisers the flexibility. And finally, it would be awesome to create ads to get people to ‘Like’ your Company Page, like what Facebook does. That way, you could focus on expanding the audience of people who are interested in your company. LinkedIn, if you’re watching this, and I hope you are, please help us spend more money with your ad platform.

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