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How I Made $916,592 Online In 30 Days | My 4 Income Sources

How I Made $916,592 Online In 30 Days | My 4 Income Sources

Hey, John Crestani here. Now, I don’t
usually do posts like this but this is actually an income report that I’m doing
and I’m going to be outlining exactly how I made $916,000 in just 30 days. And I’ll be going over the four income sources that
I used to earn this sort of money with my online business with absolutely zero
employees. I’ll be going over that in this video. Stay tuned. Hey, so for those
of you who don’t know about me, I’m an internet entrepreneur. I run an online
business. I do a lot of affiliate marketing and I also teach people about
affiliate marketing and have digital courses doing that. Now, I’ve been doing
this for 10 years. And just a quick disclaimer is that the numbers I’m about
to go over and my results are not typical at all, okay? I’ve been doing this
business for literally 10 years. And I was doing this on the side you know just
basically failing and being a you know an embarrassment to my friends and my
family for four years. I worked as a medical guinea pig to pay the bills
which meant I was a human test subject in order to make
money. So, I’ve been through a lot of struggles and I don’t encourage anyone
unless you can handle it to go through these struggles. With that
being said, I’ll be going over how I made $916,591 in a single month. Another disclaimer is this
is my revenue. This is not all profit. Now, I’m not going to go into my exact profit
numbers but they’re fine, okay? So, I’m in the top 1% of the population. But I will
go over what amounts you know I made for each of these categories. So, the first
category that I made money in was events, okay? Promoting I’m an affiliate for a
number of events related companies and seminar related companies. And I’m just
gonna mark what is affiliate income and what is not. And this is actually
affiliate marketing income. So, I’m just circling that right
there and with events, I made a cool $362,000. Okay, so I’ll be rounding each income up to the nearest thing. Now, what
I do is I market events. And I’m not going into exactly go into how exactly I
market events because then you could steal all my ads from me. Then and the
space is only so big. And this is a space that I’ve been in for years. And I teach
people all my marketing methods but you know, I keep certain campaigns to myself
as many affiliate marketers do. So, that being said, that’s where I make my
affiliate income right now. So, the next category where I make money is digital
products. And this is not affiliate income. This is actually my income from
you know, I have a course. I have a 6-week course on affiliate marketing
called the super affiliate system. And you can find a link below this video, I
have a lot of students, a lot of people. I mean, shout out to all my students. What
up? And this is my digital program. And last month I did about half a million
dollars about $500,000 in sales of my training course.
And it’s actually pretty exciting because a lot of people have been coming
to me as a teacher recently and finding out about me from this channel or our
ads or whatnot. And it’s actually really interesting. I really enjoy being a
teacher. This is an affiliate marketing income and it involves a lot
more work I actually really enjoy it and I like seeing all the lives that I’m
changing. If you go to my channel homepage, make sure you hit the subscribe
button and hit the notification bell. But if go to my channel homepage, you’ll see
a bunch of testimonials I’ve gotten from people who are in there you know 60s all
the way to you know kids that are 18 years old. There’s this one
african-american guy called Drell from some poor town. He’s like 18 years old
and he’s earning $10,000 a month now. And his life has completely changed. He went
through one of my programs like a year or 2 ago. So that sort of stuff is just
you know, really crazy that I’m having such an impact on people’s like lives.
You know, he doesn’t have to go to college anymore. He’s making more money
that any of his friends. They don’t even believe it. And it’s just really exciting
having such a big impact on people teaching them this business model. So,
that’s been something, that’s been a big income source. But it’s not affiliate
marketing. Now, the next income source for me is
affiliate marketing and I’m just going to put a big circle around the income
sources that are affiliate marketing related. Now, hosting is web hosting and
everybody needs a website no matter where you are in business. If you’re
going to start an online business, you need to have a website. I want to repeat. You
need to have a website. Websites are the basic fundamental element of where
you’re going to host your landing pages. What you’re gonna use to apply to
affiliate programs with? It’s the foundation of your business.
So, last month I made $37,000 from referring people
to hosting. You know, hosting affiliate program so that people could set up
their website. I mean you just need it. So, it’s a very basic thing and a lot
of those people, they come from YouTube and they come from my other social media.
Now, the last affiliate program that I’m a affiliate for is in the software
category. It’s actually called click funnels. Who are my click funnels users
in the audience? Guys, type in hashtag funnel hacker in the comments below if
you’re using click funnels. It’s a great software. I use it every day to build all
of my affiliate sites. Absolutely love that. So funnel hackers, type in hashtag
funnel hacker in the comments below if you know what I’m talking about
and how great the software is. So, last month I made a cool $17,000 as an
affiliate for click funnels. Absolutely love the software it’s recurring, really
passive income, I’m a dream car winner. And just a big fan of their software. I
use it myself as I do with all of these products and really excited about what’s
going on there. And just I’m using the software myself. And I’m actually
developing my own software which is I call it clickfunnels
for ads. I’ll reveal more about that as you know more developments happen. So,
it’s pretty mind-blowing to be in this position and the support I’ve gotten
just as a marketer and all of the people that I do business with to reach this
level. Frankly, you know… This is nuts and it’s really cool to be able to
post up numbers like this in my business. But again, I want to put out that
disclaimer that this does not happen overnight. It took me 10 years of
non-stop pain and non-stop grinding, 16-hour days to reach this point where I
can make $916,000 in a single month, right?
That’s nutty. So, you can do it too and I believe anybody can do it but it takes a
lot of work, it takes a lot of sacrifice. I know other marketers that are making
more than me. But what I enjoy about my income is that I don’t have any
employees. I literally have nobody working for me. I have a lot of
contractors. I have a lot of agencies that I work with. But I don’t actually
have any employees on full-time payroll if that makes sense. The way I run my
business, I probably have between the agencies and all that stuff you know
affiliates that work full-time promoting my program, I probably have about 25
people that you know their entire business is based off of supporting my
business now frankly. Which is kind of weird. But there’s a lot of people in my
ecosystem that I work with on a daily basis and I’m very grateful to you know,
the people who handle my support and development for my digital program and
all of the other marketers etc that are in my ecosystem. Thank you for everything
you’ve done. So, if you’d like to learn more about affiliate marketing and
follow my journey, make sure you hit that subscribe button. Hit the notification
bell. I sometimes do live streams and I’ll answer questions live and ask me
anything. First of all, if this blows your mind that you can do these sorts of
numbers without any employees, just go go in the comments and type in “mind-blown.”
Because it’s possible and it’s really cool. Really. I believe you just have to
work hard. I don’t programming. I got started in this
industry just like you and everybody else. I didn’t know anything when I
started. So, type in mind blown if that’s cool. And if you are interested in
following my journey and watching more videos to learn about how you can do
affiliate marketing like you see me doing or even about digital courses or
whatever all the other stuff I do, make sure to subscribe. Hit the notification
bell and comment with whatever questions you have or any video requests that you
would like me to do next. So talk to you soon and thanks for following.

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