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How I Made $5650 From $97 Using Google Ads 2019 | Step-by-Step How To Make The Google Ads Campaign

How I Made $5650 From $97 Using Google Ads 2019 | Step-by-Step How To Make The Google Ads Campaign

Hi everyone in today’s video I’m gonna teach you how you can turn ninety five dollars into over five and a half thousand dollars in less than five minutes Let’s go Step number one go and watch my previous video on Google ads. I’m not gonna do it again Basically, that’s going to help you through getting your Google ads set up Also your Merchant Center and getting you set up as a baseline Okay So that we can focus more on this And as you can see there That is the actual results of what I’ve been able to get from this Campaign that you’re going to learn exactly how to do right now. Let’s move straight on to step Alright step two. You want to make a search campaign? I’m going to show you this in a moment Okay, so it’s otherwise known as a brand search campaign. This is a campaign that helps you rank your business keywords So others cannot steal your keywords and we can remark it to them Okay this is generally one of the most profitable campaigns that you can run and it will provide an extremely cost per Extremely cheap cost per click as well as extremely cheap cost per conversion Okay, and you can leave it on as low as ten dollars a day I’ll recommend ten dollars a day If you’re if you’re getting let’s say a hundred people to your store are through Facebook Ads They met $10 budget on Google is not going to spend it all. Okay, don’t worry. Oh my be lucky to spend a dollar Okay with Google, it doesn’t it’s not like Facebook. I want you to understand It’s not like Facebook where it’s going to consistently spend that amount Okay, if you have an ad set on Facebook that’s going to set five dollars It’ll spend five dollars throughout twenty four hours. Whereas Google may not because it may not have enough traffic because remember Google is pay-per-click It’s not pay per impression, which is Facebook is okay So the keyword examples are you know, let’s say your stories dogs comm dogs dogs. You want to have your unique keywords? Ranked in here. Okay, so that you have a campaign at the top Okay, so I’m going to show you how to do this right now. So to show you what the end result is Okay is see this is organifi here organifi a huge store and they’re an ecommerce store That they get 18,000 clicks a month. See this is a brand search campaign. Okay. So these are two site linking extensions and This is their brand search campaign. They’re protecting their keywords so that other people Can steal their keywords because what will happen is as you grow people will try and steal your keywords Okay So I just wanted to show you what this does now if I look at this as long as I don’t click anything It doesn’t cost them anything kind. It won’t cost you anything So I just wanted to show you what the end result will look like on an already Established brand search campaign. Alright, so how we do this is we go campaigns we go a new campaign We go search sales website visits Wwe.com whatever your website is, of course you put that in there And we continue it’s going to take a moment give it a proper name I just like to call it brand search campaign really doesn’t matter Okay, so we can see here. We can see an overview of that the search and that itself we want to antique display network Okay. Now that’s something to be honest more in my course but We don’t want to use the Display Network. We want this purely to be the search Network. So when someone types in Google search Our brand name or something related to our brand name our ad should appear. Okay, that’s the entire goal with this We’re protecting our IP and so that we can make as much money as possible because I want you to understand that a brand search campaign is the only remarketing campaign of its type, okay Most remarketing campaigns are on the Display Network, which is a different entirely different strategy Where a search network is primarily for cold traffic Okay, so it’s primarily for cold traffic better brand search is a bit different because let’s say okay Let’s let me give an example. So we thought organifi Okay, so if I typed in organifi It shows their brand search campaign if I typed in the what is the best organic food? It may not show their ad because that’s not directly related to them But they might have that search term in the actual Search campaign. Okay, all Google might relate it to that and show their ad it’s very very different Okay where basically what this is is is that we’re ranking for specific key words to Protect our brand and we can remark it to them Okay, so I just want to understand that so you go all countries and territories, especially if you’re going world by all countries and territories The chances of getting traffic outside of that is very low so please do not be worried about that You can have a look at location options. I choose people in your targeted locations Okay, and we don’t want to exclude. Okay, so languages obviously you can choose as many languages as you wish I’m just going to leave it as English. That’s generally all you really need for us Audiences that’s another whole topic together. That’s for Remarketing that’s for um, a low-light. So Google does have look-alikes They call it similar to and it’s actually much easier to use them than it is Facebook look-alikes funnily enough We want the budget ten dollars a day. We don’t want accelerated so you can have a delivery method of standard or accelerated Okay accelerated is Basically again ads will run over 24 hour time frame Accelerated eSchool was going to aggressively try and find people. Okay, whereas standard it’s going to optimize every 24 hours accelerates going to aggressively find people that may spend your budget in four hours may spend it in 12 hours and if it does then The only way to really make it over 24 hours is keep increasing the budget until you actually see that it spends over 24 hours And obviously if you’re profitable, there’s no point in doing if you’re not profitable So you want to choose conversions or sorry maximize conversion? So I just choose maximize conversions because again, it’s a retargeting We just want to maximize the amount of conversions you get bidding strategies is a whole topic Okay, but for this the easiest way is just go maximize conversions We can show more options so we can actually choose the time of day okay, and we want to always leave it to optimize because if we’re doing It’s recommended that you do multiple ads To test which actually which works best so we can add site like extension so I speak about this a bit further Later on, but for now, you don’t need it. Okay, so save and continue Okay, so I just like it really doesn’t matter, but I just go one for a group one And so if I was ranking dogs calm, right? So you want to use this legend down here? Keyword broad match keyword phrase match keyword exact match So I do A combination I do for everyone that I’m ranking I do it three times To show you what I mean, I’ll do dogs. I’ll do dogs again and I’ll do dogs Again, so one is going to be a broad match one is going to be a phrase match Okay, and one is going to be in exact match Okay, so it’s really important because you want to give group the most amount of options over time You’ll optimize this and kill the underperforming keywords. Okay, and so then another one is WWF calm so you add that in three times Dogs calm if you have something unique, like if you’re our brand it has multiple words Let’s say dog lovers Okay, and then I’ll go dog lovers calm as many type of variations as you can think I actually recommend adding it. Okay, because you’re only gonna kill the ones that you don’t need quickly down the line And that’s it. Okay, that’s all you do So because we’re ranking now for these keywords So it doesn’t matter and it’ll show you at the end that there will be low search volume. Well, probably not for these keywords, but Most of all, you’re gonna see that that’s fine. Okay It’s a whole nother discussion You only have to worry about stuff like that when you are getting good figures pretty high figures through google Okay, but right now I well for most of us we won’t be getting that to justify. So we go save and continue Okay, now we create the ads okay, so we put in our final URL Dogs calm and the headline is going to be so the headline is always a actual brand name. So is what I’ve generally don’t dogs for all Things dog For all things dog. Okay, that’ll do and so you always want to try and use the maximum amount of characters It doesn’t have to be all of them, but you want to try and keep it close because remember we’re paying for space Okay. Google is all about space Facebook but even more so because the more text and more stuff we can use Then the further we can push down our competitors the less likely that we’re you’re not going to get that click Ok, we’re going to miss that. We’re not going to miss that click. Sorry, so then headline 2 will be get 10% off today only Ok use discount code dogs 10 Okay, now ignore the display path that’s irrelevant. In this case. We don’t need that and then I’ll just add in something so like dogs Calm and I’ll put in Over 10,000 happy customers worldwide already if you’re offering free shipping free shipping worldwide Today, ok, and so now I’ve used that more of that space and then we can add in more so things like 24/7 support whoops support secure payments and Check it out or just secure payments doesn’t really matter you again you the whole goal of this is to use as much as possible up to 50% off clearance sale Fast shipping Available. Ok, so I would actually be tempted to take out that Ok, and there we go. Alright. So now I have a brand search campaign and I go save and continue It’s going to then lastly. It’s going to just give me a brief overview of the entire thing I can see it continue to campaign and you dump. All right, that is how you make a brand search campaign That is probably going to be one of your most profitable Campaigns but you’ll ever make that you don’t have to work much on So let’s move on to the next step step number three leave it for five days. I Want you to understand again that Google is a very different nature beast Google campaigns take time to spend if you’re a small store. I’ll be lucky to spend your budget Ok, you want to optimize it after five days because if you’re getting like a dollar or two in traffic a day How can you optimize that? Okay, so you need to give it five days even $5 is hard to optimize on it Right, but you get my point and so you wanna this might be another video But you want to look at adding sitelink extensions call-out extensions phone extensions and structured snippets There’s also location extensions. There’s Message extensions there’s heaps and what these do is it adds more space? But at the base for a brand search campaign what I’ve just shown you will do if you are spending your daily budget Let’s say you’re most likely if you’re spending your daily budget. Let’s say it’s $10 You would be a store that will be getting probably about five to ten K a day in South Okay so if you’re getting a couple hundred dollars a day, or $50 and you said it $10 budget you don’t have to worry about this But if you are on a 5 to 10k a day, then you might want to make it 20 30 $40. Ok It’s going to be highly profitable very easy to manage campaign. Alright, those are just my little tips to you there for today’s video I hope you did enjoy it and that concludes today’s video on how I turn $95 in over into over five and a half thousand dollars in sales in less than five minutes Quickly and easily using Google to help me promote the business even further. Okay. I hope you did enjoy today’s video Don’t forget to Like share subscribe And hit that notification Bell comment down below crush it to go on the chance to win one of two 15-minute coaching calls with myself Rickey Hayes, don’t forget to check out my resources down below There’s heaps of resources like free SMS bump sign up vitals forty Various other links, you know for email marketing everything that you need is down there Okay are also really exciting that you know, me course is released as well so for those that our beginners wanting to go to intermediates like advanced then that course is a very cheap very Great way to get in there or being a very fortunate to work with a man called Adam Reid. Who’s an amazing Marketer as well. We’ve made that course we have more on the way I’ve been adding more to my current course plus I have Working on a mentoring program just being very busy with Scaling up store getting things in place, but that is all coming as well and hope you have been honestly enjoying The videos that I’ve been presenting, okay. I’ve been trying to keep it very structured for it. I would love to know What your thoughts are on what videos you would like to see? Okay I I don’t want to just make a random video that one person says I want to see a lot of people telling me the types of videos I’m gonna be adding more Facebook videos, of course as well But I’m trying to diversify and give you guys as much value to give you the best chance of success as possible So, thank you so much for watching today. Have a lovely day. Take care and good. Bye

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