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How I Made $120K from $1,200 with PV CONVERSIONS | Facebook Ads $0-10K+ 1 Month Challenge: WEEK 2

How I Made $120K from $1,200 with PV CONVERSIONS | Facebook Ads $0-10K+ 1 Month Challenge: WEEK 2

Yep, Imade 120,000 dollars in sales
with just $1,200 in ad spend on Facebook. You know what, I’m just gonna
let Facebook Ads manager do the talking so check out this Instagram story that I
posted a while ago guys I don’t usually show off my Facebook statistics but I’m
currently reviewing my Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads and they are looking
very schmick so check this out guys let me zoom in here for you guys if i zoom
in these are the ad sets that I’m running however if we click into
campaigns that a load these are two main ads I’m running for Black Friday purely
I was running so looking at the results then if I scroll to the right 250 for
purchases off about 1500 AD ad spend and guys raw ass 72 so many to times return
of course the moneymaker is the main a conversion of value website pressure
conversions guys that is the money bomb right there off 1.5 @k in ad spend right
there so it is now week two of the series $10,000 challenge on Facebook ads
and if you’re just tuning in then this challenge is all about taking
a brand new in home store and also a brand new Facebook Ads account scaled to
five digits and sales within hopefully a single month now what is the reason for
showing you that Instagram story of the insane results that achieved last year
well that that exact results that 72 times in return on adspend
is a result of the strategy that I came up with that I’m about to show you in
this video so I’m about to reveal that strategy in that exact strategy that
achieved 72 times in return on adspend is going to hopefully achieve and help
me achieve that five digit sell mark within a month so guys without further
ado let’s get into my facebook ads account so like I said we – all about
setup and strategies on how I will be able to achieve that zero to
ten thousand dollar mark in facebook ads so the easiest way I find that I’m going
to be able to explain all of this to you guys is through a whiteboard right here
so I will quite literally draw everything out for you guys and guide
you step by step as to what I’m thinking or what strategies I’ll be using to
achieve and hopefully achieve that ten thousand dollar mark within a month so
let’s get straight into it and I’ll teach you the strategy that I’ll be
working towards and I’ll keep it as simple as possible because we can spend
days and days here talking about strategy but I’ll keep it simple with my
whiteboard here so first and foremost this will be a video first strategy and
I’ll bear with me here by the way might my handwriting is gonna be so bad so
it’s going to be a video first strategy like I said and we creating a PV
optimized conversion campaign to drive users to the site and prospect
okay now this might all sound confusing but like I said I’ll break this all down
for you in the backend of my ads manager in a moment so bear with me so like I
said PV optimized campaign leading out to conversions and this will ultimately
gather data to drive to the websites where we’ll be selling our product so
there we go so PV campaigns first and foremost will be extremely
important and on that note just quickly on videos I’m sure I’m going to get
questions on how I’ll be able to make these videos and you know what sort of
budget do I need to create videos and this is a tool that I always preach
which is extremely easy to use it’s the Play Set video maker guys if you haven’t
had to place it then links down below and either way if you have heard of it
then hopefully you’re using it because it is extremely extremely important and
useful tool when it comes to Facebook ads and snapchat ads and just making
creative in general but if you haven’t heard of it it is basically a mock-up
generator where you get to insert your products and your designs and a custom
text into an already made piece of creative and piece of video as you can
see here and push it into Facebook so that’s how
I create my videos and assets really really quickly and highly recommended so
if you don’t check it out links down below but getting back into it firstly
RPV conversions like I said so what we’re gonna do is prospect and gain that
data from this specific ad set here and then you want to create a custom
audience okay custom audience and this will be based on the percentage watched
of that video so the ultimate goal here is to create this custom audience and
leverage that percentage watched via that video and again push it back to web
the website and the product okay so from here based off of that based of that
percentage watch do you want to market to these guys and then beyond that you
want to create a look-alike or run out of space look-alike okay which will also
be pushed back to the website as well now this is the simple addition to the
strategy but obviously there’s a bit bit more of a deeper sides of this all and
there’s intricacies that I haven’t touched on but just to quickly
I guess talk to it we want to also create that add creative that I was
talking about that video and a be split test first and foremost so all of this
will be a be split tested and also multivariate tested okay so multivariate
tested and a be split tested this just makes sure that we’re getting the lowest
cost per click possible and when increasing conversions so this will all
be impacted based on a be split test and multivariate tests now now that I’ve got
that all out of the way and I probably explain to you the strategy that I’m
thinking of you do have to be flexible when you get results back and all this
might change okay this might work for me but it might not work for you so I
highly urge you to continue watching this series and see how this
works out because I’m not even sure how this is gonna work out at all at the
moment and but let’s get into the Facebook Ads manager because I want to
quickly show you now you know how to create this step-by-step wearing
Facebook Ads manager now and I’ve got to obviously blank out the details here so
you can see one ad set is currently running but this is simply just a test
ad set the date today as you can see here if we zoom in is the 26th of June
2019 so this is the first day and I’ve been running at this ad from not that
long now but this is simply just a test ad I’m gonna show you exactly how I’ll
be getting that Peavey conversions ad and creating a custom audience based on
that video so obviously I’m not going to go into full detail here but I’ll be
putting up that video ad later down the track and this is that initial test ad
but once you do have that video ad up and running you want to go into you know
all tools and go into audiences and here we want to create all our assets okay so
from here we want to create a custom audience again based on video so you
want to select video and now you’re gonna select that specific video that
you have up and running okay and browse through that once you’ve got that you
want to insert in 365 days in the past in the past because the reason being is
because you want to capture as many people as possible obviously if this is
a completely new campaign then I’ll only have a few days of data worth but I
always leave it as 365 days and I’ll create an audience type for that but as
you can see the drop down menu here we want to select people who have watched
at least 25% of your video now when you think about it logically if we select 95
percent of your video you’re going to get less of an audience to remarket to
or to market to in general and but that’s that’s a high quality audience
because if you imagine yourself sitting through 95 percent of a video
you can almost guarantee that you’re engaged with either the product or the
brand but we want a larger audience initially so we want to create people
who have watched at least 25% of your video and then obviously you’re going to
go ahead and choose that video so that’s how you create that custom audience in
the assets library you want to go ahead now and also create a look like audience
and obviously I’m gonna have to blur some of these audiences out but from
here select your look-alike sauce you’re gonna select that specific custom
audience that you’ve just created based on the percentage of people but our
viewing that video select the audience location now this is dependent on who
and where you’re trying to market to but for this case it’ll be the US and
Australia and then select audience size now
selecting audience size depends on how much data you already have and
accumulated on that pixel but I like to stick to one percent mm absolute maximum
two percent again this is the percentage size that you want the the algorithm and
you want Facebook to open up to now the further you go up obviously the more I
guess you could say the lower quality of the audience and it’s all about making
sure that you’ve got a balance between quality and quantity so in this case I’m
gonna stick with just a 1% look like audience and yeah from there guys like I
said this all looks a bit crazy crazy but you know give me a week and
hopefully by then we’ll see what happens with this set up now like I said you
know times strategy will change with time I’ve got to react to what I see in
terms of metrics and conversions but this is essentially it this is what I’m
going to start off with anyway so it’s a video first campaign PV conversions
optimized and that’s an important point then based off that once I’ve you know
insert it in you know let’s say a hundred two hundred dollars and I’ve got
a significant amount of traffic coming through
not just at the website here but also to this ad group in itself well then that’s
when we’ll create that custom audience based on the percentage viewed and then
also create that look like audience based off one percent and that’s
extremely important to so with that being said guys I’m very excited to get
this all on the way and next week we’ll talk about how exactly I went and what
I’ve shifted around to gain those results and hopefully those results will
be decent and that I’ll be up about at that second or third week so there’ll be
some decent results and you obviously see if I’ll be able to reach that ten
thousand dollar mark or not so it’s gonna be really interesting and guys
before I leave I wanted to give a mastery program shout out here because
look guys I know this is all kind of confusing but there’s so much you can
talk about in a YouTube video so if you want to learn more about the strategies
used in this challenge in detail and become a digital marketing demigod check
out the link below of this video in the description box in the comments are we
putting out the first few invitations to pre enroll as you can see here will be
prin rolling and very soon into a six week intensive program cord social
marketing mastery taught by none other than myself the ultimate goal here this
program is together like-minded students to learn how to turn a single
advertising dollar which is what I’m trying to do in this program and what
I’m trying to do in this challenge you return that single dollar in to two
dollars in profit and more by scale so if you’re interested be sure to pre
enroll with the link below I’m currently in the process of building out this
program and pouring all my effort and knowledge into it so I don’t have a
release date just yet for those who are asking already but I’m aiming for the
next two to three months but like I said this is all based on you know previously
experienced students I currently mentor and also my digital marketing experience
as a digital marketing manager but it’s all based on tried-and-true system
so guys if you’re interested make sure that you do pre enroll before it’s too
late in the meantime guys I’ll see you next week thanks for watching and keep
on hustling

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  4. PV is basically custom audience of a previous ad he has been running, u need to clarify this for the noobs or u will confuse a lot of people

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