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How I LOST $8,063 On Facebook Ads Trying Shopify Dropshipping – (How To Correct It)

How I LOST $8,063 On Facebook Ads Trying Shopify Dropshipping – (How To Correct It)

no one likes to lose money especially
not me what’s poppin people you should boy the Beast of Ecomm and I am back
with another video dropping nothing but you already know value bombs I hope this
isn’t the first time watching one of my videos but if it is make sure of course
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so in today’s me I want to show you some campaigns that have lost me close to
$8,000 in advertising remember not every single product is going to be a winner
and there will be times when you spend money on products to test that just
don’t bring any sales whatsoever so I wanted to jump inside my ad account and
show you guys some of the stats of you know some of these losing campaigns and
kind of then what I would do now of course to you know kinda try to improve
them or some of the things that would test now these campaigns some of them
are very old campaigns now I want be showing you the actual creatives of
course but it’s the top level of some of the campaigns that have just lost me
money or not brought about any sales whatsoever now you may be in this
position right now whereby you’re spending money and you’ve not made any
sales whatsoever but it’s important to know of course what sort of variables
you should be looking at to test to then either turn those products into winners
or of course cutting your losses and you know moving on to the next product
now what I’ve just looked at this screen I could just realize that I look like
this top makes me look like I’ve just came out of jail so please excuse the
top choice in this video so let’s quit the talking jump into the ad manager and
have a look at these campaigns okay so let’s jump straight into this
video with me looking like I’ve just escaped prison okay so um this is inside
my ID account and you know not many people out there actually show you you
know the campaigns that didn’t do so well now of course I can’t dive in and
show you had careers and stuff close all tied to another bunch of pages that I am
still advertising from but nevertheless you can see you know some of these I’ll
just highlight some of these ones and I spent close to 6000 pound
which is close to $8,000 and you know some of these campaigns have made
absolutely zero and you know it’s important to know that yes there was a
point where I was no good at advertising you know there was a point where I
didn’t know what to do now of course my success rate with
campaigns is a lot better of course because I know now after spending if you
have tunes in terms of money with Facebook you know what works and what
doesn’t work but like I said you know not every single campaign that I
launched now works you know you can see here some of these that I’ve spent money
on testing 100 pounds which is about a hundred and twenty dollars you know no
scales whatsoever some of these are extremely old old ones
so haven’t spent much on them you know some of these ones here two dollars five
dollars I’m just gonna say dollars because it’s
just easier for me and easier for you viewers they said to keep converting it
so you know sixty dollars here no sellers whatsoever that’s another one
here so some of these ones here we started to make sales but even though it
says that we’ve made you know three thousand dollars here while pounds three
thousand dollars with the Advocate with the you know cost of the actual product
as well you know we probably didn’t make any money whatsoever so you know it’s
important to you know know that not every single campaign will be a winner
however with that being said you need to know what you need to be testing in
order to try to you know figure it out into you know how can you turn this into
a camp is it is it what are the variables in the process that are going
wrong now if you look at all of these ones here I’m gonna show you is the link
click-through rate and you can see the link through click-through rate which is
you know how many people watched the percentage of people clicking through on
the advert you can see all of these are not even one percent okay so if I’ve got
if you’ve got a click-through rate which is under one percent okay some of these
ones absolutely awful this one’s you know not that but they’re so not 0.38 on
these ones here let’s see naught point naught 4 wow that’s really crap some of
these ones here at no point 6 you know some of them are not great but
there’s a correlation between of course having a high click-through rate and
having a winning product because of course if your ad Krave on the front end
is you know good and people are clicking through to it then of course you’ve got
more people that are you know engaged to buy their product so you know this is
just stuff that I want to show you guys to say you know your ad account may be
looking like this now you know you may be thinking you know you spending this
money and not making any sales I was in the exact same position as well you know
not making any sales whatsoever but you have to see it as not losing money and
okay the title of the video is you know losing money essentially you have to
think about it as you know buying data I’m buying there and I in all of these
tests here you can see this one here where I’ve spent close to one hundred
and seventy three dollars I made two sales at a whopping cost per purchase of
$86 okay so you know not a winner whatsoever but let’s talk about it so
what I’m showing you these things showing you these losing campaigns but
what can you do to turn them into you know winning campaigns all essentially
kind of cook them and you know move on to our next product because not every
single product is going to be a winner okay so let me just pull up this here
some of the things that you should be testing so things to test okay now the
first thing you need to be testing of course is your ad copy and ad creative
to improve your click-through rate and you know as I said as we go back before
if I just show you some of these click-through rates you can see like
I’ll show you not 0.3% that pretty much all of them that are highlighted you
know are underneath 1% now if you go and if you underneath 1% you know and you’re
targeting worldwide you know if you’re not targeting worldwide and it’s under
1% then he’s probably you credit creative he’s probably crap okay you
need to work on that you need to work on finding something that is what makes
people want to click through whether you get a better picture whether you’re not
calling them out you know whether you’re need a new picture whatever it may be
test your ad copy and creative so number 2 what you need to be testing out
let me just unhighlight this there we go none is your audiences so how many
audiences did you test because you might have done a test of you know all
different sorts of angles and stuff like that and you might find dis certain
angle make sales so you know you might be finding out if you’re selling a you
know let’s just say then we’re trying to think of a witty example here if you’re
selling a baby products ok and not babies are you know not mothers are
buying it but kind of you know grandparents are buying it are there are
certain angles certain types of people who are more interested in a product
than others if there is then you know test those sorts or this is niche down
and try and you know even though you’ve got like a broad audience you know such
as Beauty which sector in the beauty industry are making you more sales
another example is if your son in a beauty product are say let’s say for
example you tested you know one of your interest was Kim Kardashian you know
there’s tons of different Beauty people that are out there you know you might
have been trying all sorts of different things like you know lipstick mascara
and all these broad audiences but Kim Kardashian was bringing you the sales if
Kim Kardashian is bringing you sales what sort of butter celebrities that fit
her such as Kylie Jenner and those sorts of things you know those sorts of people
sorry were they bringing in the sales if they are go down that route with the
product so I send them at the soul of an example that you need to be testing now
the final thing is your your price and this is one thing that a lot of people
do not actually test and it surprises me because I was kind of in that ballpark
as well whereby you know you put a product up and you always wanted to get
the maximum profit out of the products which is of course what you want to do
but sometimes you might have a product which is you know getting a great
click-through rate your click-through rate is good but people are landing on a
product page and not buying it now it could be for a multiple different
reasons you know your audience might be correct your mod units might not be good
you know they might be interested in the creative but not interested in actual
product products but your price just might be too high and there’s been times
where you know of literally lowered the price by literally five dollars okay
just added in shipping to make up that cost because again you know people will
always react to different offers and you know the saying is having the right
products with the right offer put an in front of the right people that is when
you bank so you might have had the first two things correct but your offer may be
wrong and now if your offer is wrong then you just need to figure out what
sort of offer is working because like I said you know adding on shipping may be
better you know people may prefer to add shipping on and don’t mind the shipping
cost rather than seeing a price for $30 up front and then having free shipping
rather than have rather than seeing a lower price $25 and then adding on the
shipping so these things to test okay and if there’s margin in there to have
just you know $25 and then you know once you start making sales but the price of
their name is again another strategy so these are the three things that of
course you know you need to be testing out when you know when you’re when
you’re testing these things you know when you’re testing products and Locke
said you know not every single one of the campaign’s that I launched you know
are winners okay but of course I’m better at doing it now
okay my success rate is way higher than it was before you know I’m a much better
at finding winning products are much better at you know basically I’ve got a
system in place now okay to test all of these sorts of things but you know at
one stage I you know I weren’t this good so you know I hope this has provided you
with a little bit of value and yes at some point you know I was spending at
some point you know I was spending ninety seven pounds and you know made no
sales so don’t feel too bad if you’re in the same book it right now because you
will get there just keep on improving and learning from your mistakes and most
importantly reading and analyzing your data that’s the most important thing so
as usual I hope you got some value from this video if you did make sure of
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you’ve got some value and I’ll be back with another one drop in the sim but you
already know I won’t say it because you already know take care and I’ll see you

25 thoughts on “How I LOST $8,063 On Facebook Ads Trying Shopify Dropshipping – (How To Correct It)

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