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How I Gained 50K SUBSCRIBERS IN 1 MONTH! 5 Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel 2018

How I Gained 50K SUBSCRIBERS IN 1 MONTH! 5 Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel 2018

– Raven TV. Hey guys, what’s up, it’s Raven. Today I’m here with what is hopefully going to be a very helpful video. This is part two to my YouTube success series that I started a couple weeks ago. I posted a video, basically
a story time video, explaining my whole
entire YouTube journey, how I became a full-time YouTuber, how I got my first sponsorship deal, how this whole thing came about for me. So, if you guys have not
seen that first video, I highly recommend you check that out before watching this one. I will link that down below for you guys and up in the cards. But this video is going to be more focused in on five top tips that are proven to help grow your YouTube channel. So, like I said, these
are just going to be five simple tips on how
to grow your channel, meaning how to get more subscribers, how to get more views,
and how to just become more successful on YouTube overall. These will work whether you
have a small channel that you just started or whether you’ve
had a channel for awhile, you felt like you hit a
plateau, you need a boost. These will work for any YouTuber, any type of YouTuber in any community. So, a quick little blurb about
me in case you guys don’t know just so you know where I’m
coming from with these tips. I actually have, like I said, been on YouTube for like 10 years. I’m like kind of an OG
when it comes to this. I have built up a pretty good following, but last year in like
2017 I really felt like I hit a plateau with my channel. My channel had always been
consistently, steadily growing. I was really happy with my growth. But then, last year it seemed
like it slowed down a lot. I was not getting the views that I wanted on most of my videos, and I was not gaining
subscribers like I used to. So, this year in 2018 I hired
my mom as my official mom-ager and she actually has
some background in this. Before she started helping
me with my YouTube channel, she actually had her own business helping other business owners
with their social media presence and their search
engine optimization and different things like that online. So, she did actually have some background. So, this year with the help of my mom and the research that she did and the work that I put in and these five tips that we discovered that I’m about
to share with you guys, this year has been going
really well for my channel. I was kind of stuck at
about 500,000 subscribers. I finally hit 600,000. And in the month of March alone
I gained 50,000 subscribers, which is over five times the amount of subscribers I would usually gain a month. Also, on top of that, my watch
time on my videos went up, my views went up, and of course, with all of that means that
my income also went up. So, the past few months
for me this year have been going really, really
well and I wanted to share with you guys what I’ve been doing. Okay, so now, jumping right in, I’m gonna start off with tip number five. Make sure you watch until
the end of the video to reach tip number one,
which is our top tip. But tip number five is to be consistent. And I know that you guys
have probably heard this time and time again in different videos and people trying to give you advice, but consistency really is key. It also helps to put
yourself on a schedule and let your followers know what
that uploading schedule is. So, if you’re going to
post three times a week, pick those three days of the
week and be consistent with it. Always post on the same
day and even at the same time of day if you
can be that organized, sometimes it’s hard. But if you have like Wednesday at 2 pm and you can let
your followers know that you’re always gonna be
posting Wednesday at 2 pm, that helps them remember to come back to your channel and continue
watching your videos, and that is a major key. So, make sure you include that schedule on your channel header on your page. Make sure you put it in
your description box. Make sure you’re sharing
that on your social media. Let people know when they can
expect new videos from you. Stay on that schedule and
be consistent with it. Going along with that is tip number four, which is to post frequently. Along with consistency,
frequency is a major key. This is something that my mom and I have learned through research. There are channels on YouTube that have grown to over 500,000
subscribers in just one year because they posted every single day. So, I would suggest at least posting three times a week if you can, and if you can, post more than that. Posting everyday would be great, but most people don’t
have the time for that. If you can, that’s great, I know I don’t. I currently post four times a week, which is definitely a change
from what I used to do. I was never really on a consistent posting schedule and I
wasn’t really posting as frequently as I should in the past, but now I am consistently
posting four times a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays and
on Saturdays and Sundays. Posting frequently and
having a schedule for it is going to help people remember you and continuously come back to your channel and get excited about your videos. If you’re too spread out
and too all over the place, you become forgettable. The main thing with this
is to keep doing it. You can’t just be consistent for one month and then fall off. You have to be very consistent and really, really stick to it. So, that brings me to tip number three, which is to plan your content in advance. This might shock you, but
it’s recommended to have 50 or up to 100 or more video ideas written down at any given time. You need to have a holster, a
list, some ammo to work with so that you don’t run out of ideas. How do you expect to post
consistently and post frequently if you don’t have any
video ideas to work with? Trying to come up with ideas last minute and just trying to pull things
out of your head that day is really not going to
help you stay consistent. This is something that I really
struggled with in the past. I would only have a few
video ideas at a time or maybe not even have
any video ideas that week, so I just wouldn’t post. And then, I thought I
was doing good when I was planning my next week of
videos out in advance, but really, it’s helpful
to have at least a month, two months, three months worth of videos already planned out. So, my mom and I use this
website called Trello, which is a content planning website that kind of links with Google Calendar. On the website you can kind of type in all of your video ideas, put in the description for each video, put in some talking points, you can put stuff in
there if it’s sponsored, stuff that you need to remember. And then, you can kind
of click and drag from that list of video ideas
onto your Google Calendar and put them on what day
you want to post them. That way you can step
back from your calendar and at a glance look at everything that you’re gonna post and you don’t have to stress about it at the last minute. So, that’s what I currently do. I went from kind of barely
planning out the next week of my videos to now
having almost two to three months worth of videos already
locked into my calendar. Again, these tips may seem
very self-explanatory, very obvious, but the
hardest thing about it is actually doing it and
consistently doing it. But yeah, I definitely recommend Trello. That way you can get on there and brainstorm your video ideas, and then, click and drag onto your calendar. It helps me out a lot,
so I will put that link down below if you guys
want to check it out. Not sponsored, just a
little tool that we use. Hey guys, sorry to interrupt, but if you like what you see so far, why don’t you consider
subscribing to my channel? It’s free and it’s fun. You can join the squad and you won’t miss out on any of my future uploads. All right, so moving on to tip number two. This is something that we are calling TTD. TTD stands for title,
thumbnail, and description box. Now, these topics can
get pretty complicated once you really start
digging into the YouTube algorithm, the analytics, all the numbers, all the artificial
intelligence that YouTube uses to decide what videos get popular and suggested and which ones don’t. It can get really complicated if you really do your research, but I’m gonna try and break it down for you guys in the easiest way possible. So, starting off with title. Obviously, your title is important. If you don’t know, now you know. Title is very, very important. This is like one of the
first and only things that people see when your videos pop up. Are they gonna click on it? Are they not gonna click on it? The title is going to
really help with that. But you need to keep in mind,
too, things about your title. Yes, it needs to be eye-catching. It needs to be something interesting, exciting, maybe posing a question, having a mystery in there. Something just, you know,
maybe a little drama, maybe a little, I don’t know, a little razzle dazzle
to catch people’s eye. But number two is that it
also needs to be searchable. So, what I have kind of started doing with my titles recently is
kind of almost breaking it up into two sections of the title. The first section, the
first few words that people are gonna see is gonna
be the exciting words, the eye-catching words, kind
of the click bait words. Taking something from
the video that is the most exciting and the most interesting and putting that in
the front of the title. For example, finding my dream
house, or something like that. But for that house hunting video, when people are looking
for house hunting videos because they are literally on their own house hunting journey and they’re trying to get on YouTube and search for stuff, they’re not gonna type in
finding my dream house. They’re not gonna type in
some sensationalized title. They’re gonna type in keywords
that actually make sense. So, they might type in house hunting, new house shopping, something like that. So, for that video I titled it Found my dream home, house hunting, hunting for a new home,
or something like that. That way in the front,
the part that people are really gonna see is
going to be really exciting, but in the back of the title it’s still gonna come up in the search results. So, hopefully that makes sense. Just remember that your title needs to be eye-catching but also searchable. Try to think about
keywords that people might actually be typing into the search engine. For the thumbnail, this
is probably one of the most important things in terms of getting people interested in your channel and getting them to click on your videos and getting more views on your videos. The thumbnail is the first
thing that pops out at you. So, obviously, you want
it to be eye-catching, but you also want it to be very clear and easy to understand
what is in the photo. Try to avoid using low quality screenshots as your thumbnail. Like, sometimes when I forget
to take a thumbnail picture I have to just go in
the video and pause it and take a screenshot of a video still, which usually comes out
a little bit blurry, a little bit low quality, hard to really see what’s going on, so always try to remember to stop and take an actual HD
photo for your thumbnail. Now, what’s gonna be in
the thumbnail is obviously going to depend on what
that video is about, but try to take the
most interesting moment of that video and use
that as your thumbnail. It’s really helpful to have a clear view of your face in the thumbnail. It’s also helpful if the
background is kind of blurred out. That way you’re not distracted by any extra stuff in the background. And if you’re going to
add text or extra graphics or extra things on top of your thumbnail, make sure it is easy
to see on mobile view. You would be surprised that actually the majority of people who
are watching YouTube are watching from their phone, meaning that when they’re
scrolling through videos, the thumbnail pictures are
literally like this big, like one inch big. So, if you have too much stuff
going on with your thumbnail, you’re using small cursive
writing, small, thin font, they literally can’t
see it from their phone. So, something that I did
is that I used to use like this really cute cursive font, but I noticed that on mobile you really couldn’t even read it, so I switched to a different font that is like bigger block lettering. It’s way more important
for people to be able to understand your thumbnail than for your thumbnail to be cute and aesthetic. That’s personal choice, but
if you’re trying to get views, this is the truth. So yeah, just make sure
your images are clear, you know, make sure
they’re bright and vibrant, make sure that there’s not
too much stuff going on, and if you’re going to use extra graphics, make sure that you can see it on mobile. So, always make your thumbnail, post it, have it on unlisted, have it on private, that way you can go on
your phone, on mobile, and see what it looks like first. I always do the mobile
test on my videos now. Another tip for a thumbnail that I just barely started implementing on my channel is branding with your thumbnail. You guys notice when you
watch a YouTube video there are suggested videos on the side, and a lot of times, hopefully, if you’re doing things
right and if YouTube is doing things right they will be suggesting other videos of yours
for that person to watch so that they keep watching your videos. But there’s also
different videos mixed in. So, if you want that person to easily know which one of your videos are still yours and keep watching your videos
from the suggested bar, it helps if your thumbnails are branded in some type of way to where it’s easily recognizable at first glance. This also just helps
your channel look more professional and look nicer overall, but it’s really more about
that viewer being able to recognize that that’s
a RavenElyseTV video right from the thumbnail, I can tell, I don’t even have to read the description, I know that’s her, I like her, I want to watch it, I wanna click on it. So, what I kind of
originally started doing was just making sure that I always used the same font on my thumbnails and kind of the same editing style on my thumbnails so that hopefully you could tell, like, it’s the same style of thumbnail, so you could tell that it’s me. But what I recently started
doing to really brand it is I started using a branded logo that I created to put on all of my thumbnails. So now, if you look on my channel, all of my videos are gonna
have a pink border around it and it says RavenElyseTV in the corner. So, anytime you’re looking
at suggested videos or scrolling through, if
you see that pink border, you’re gonna know it’s me, you’re gonna start recognizing that, it’s gonna be really easy for you to just keep watching my videos back to back. A huge thing on YouTube is
keeping people on your videos. Keep them watching one
video after another. Help them to follow a storyline, recognize your branding,
recognize your channel, that way it’s not just a one
and done type of situation. So, your initial title and your thumbnail will get them excited to click on it, but your branding is going to
make them familiar with you. So, those are the two Ts, now for the D, which is description,
it’s just very helpful to also use those same
keywords from your title, so house hunting, new home, dream house, all of those keywords that people might be searching for or clicking
on your video for, make sure to also use those in your description box, as well. That just also helps with
the search results and, obviously, your description box tells people what your video is about. So, don’t skip out on
your description box. Take some time to really fill it out and really describe your video and really put some keywords in there. And if nothing else, just
always remember to repeat the same keywords from your
title in your description box. Again, this is just
something that has been proven through the YouTube
analytic search results that this just works to
help your video pop up more. And finally, that brings
us to tip number one, the number one tip that I can give you that my mom recommends
from everything that she learned about the YouTube business from her past experience,
from her being my mom-ager, from me being on YouTube for
10 years, from all of this, the number one tip that I can give you is do your research and never stop learning. You need to study YouTube. You need to be up to date
with the new algorithm and the new analytics
and everything that is constantly changing on YouTube because YouTube is constantly changing. It’s way different from when
I first started my channel. So, there’s always gonna
be new tips and tricks and techniques and little
hacks that you can use and just different things
that you need to be aware of, that way you can be
successful on your channel. There are YouTubers on YouTube who make YouTube videos about
YouTube and the business side of YouTube and the algorithm and different things like that. There are people who are
professionals at this, who specialize in this,
who have all of the insider information and
the tips and the tricks, and you can research
this, you can study it, you can watch videos on it. To me, I feel like that’s
the worst thing you can do is to not study, not do your research, and not stay up to date with it. ‘Cause like I said, I’ve
been on YouTube for 10 years, but I still study, I still
do research like everyday. My mom is following these professionals and watching their videos
and their tutorials and their behind the scenes information. We still stay up to date with it because it’s always something more to learn. You have to really put in that extra time to learn and study your craft. It’s like any other
skill or any other job. You have to devote that time to it. You’re not gonna get that
information by just simply asking your favorite YouTuber how
they became successful because everyone’s come up story
is a little bit different. But it’s more about those tips and tricks that you can utilize right
now and new tips and tricks that your favorite YouTuber
may not even know about that you can go out there and research and find for yourself. I gave you guys the top five
most important tips that I’m currently using that I can
share with you right now, but there’s always more to learn. So, if you guys are
interested in some of the specific people that me and my mom look to for that research and some
of the channels that we watch on the whole YouTube
business side of things, I will link some of those
people and those channels down below for you guys to check out. I would highly recommend
subscribing to some of these people because they have a lot of insider information, like I said. So hopefully, if you
guys start implementing these five tips and stick with it, you guys should definitely see
some growth in your channel. You should see your subscribers go up, your views go up, everything goin’ up. And of course, I wish you guys the best. There is room on YouTube for all of us. It doesn’t always have
to be a competition or, you know, secret success. I want to share my success with you guys. I want to share my
knowledge with you guys. So, don’t be scared to ask me questions, and I do wish you guys the best, whether you’re just starting your channel or you’ve had your channel for awhile, just stick to it, that
is the number one thing, stick to it, it takes time. You cannot be impatient
and you cannot give up. So yeah, that’s it for this video, guys. Make sure to give it a thumbs
up if you found it helpful. Make sure to subscribe to my
channel if you haven’t already, and I will see you guys in my next one. Bye. Oh, just casually wearing
my own merch in my video. You guys should check it out. On sale now, Shambles, #Shambles. It’s gold lettering, it’s really cute. We got hoodies, we got short sleeve, we got long sleeve, we
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