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How I Did $34,131 With Shopify Facebook Ads Using An UNCOMMON Strategy – (Dropshipping)

How I Did $34,131 With Shopify Facebook Ads Using An UNCOMMON Strategy – (Dropshipping)

no one really talks about them yet that’s so effective what’s popping people it’s you boy the beast of ECOM and I am back with another video drop nothing but you already know value bombs if this is the first time ever watching one of our videos then hello and welcome it’s nice to see you make sure if you get some value from this one like comment and of course smash that subscribe button hit the notification about as well say stay up to date with all of my latest content why because you do not want to miss out on any of my upcoming videos now of course if this isn’t one of the first time watching our videos then it’s nice to see you again okay so in this video I wants to talk about lifetime budgets and how I was able to use lifetime budgets to help me scare the campaign over thirty thousand dollars now everything seems to be daily budgets you know and most of the time I do use daily budgets but everything just seems to be setting daily budget to X you know what should my daily budget be yeah lot of time budgets are very effective so I thought why not show you guys a campaign that utilized lifetime budgets and explain a little bit more on how you can use lifetime budgets to help you scale your campaigns further you can get some fantastic results when you use lifetime budgets the correct way so hopefully this video provides you with some value so make sure you of course stay to the end watch all of the video but most importantly go away and implement what you learn today so let’s quit the talking jump into the computer and get on with some learning ok so let’s talk about these lifetime budgets and how they can be so effective and bringing stability to a campaign when scaling now like I mentioned a lot of people always talk about daily budgets you know using daily budgets for this daily budgets for that which are great and you know most of the time I am pretty much using daily budgets but lifetime budgets can’t be fantastic is something that you should definitely try out on a campaign if you’ve got something that is working so what I’m going to do really quickly this is the campaign in itself which we used I’m just gonna really quickly refresh the campaign refresh the page sorry just so you can see that the numbers are still exactly the same just to prove that of course there’s no III trickery or you know whatever you want to call it so here the numbers this is what was generated we generated we spent seven thousand two hundred and fifty five pounds and generated twenty six thousand two hundred and fifty five pounds now doing the calculations on that is two six two five five times by I think he’s one point three the conversion rate is thirty four thousand dollars so again for us three point six very good okay so let’s actually talk about lifetime budgets now a lot of time budgets are fantastic to use why because when you set daily budgets okay what happens is Facebook will spend display on Facebook will attempt to spend that amount you know whether you’re having a good day or whether you’re having a bad day regardless okay they will try and spend that fifty dollars let’s say you set it up fifty dollars Facebook will try and spend that fifty dollars every single day okay now whereas if you use lifetime budgets what you doing is you give them a facebook a little bit more freedom to play with things basically you know if you set a lot of time but you specifying how much you want to pay over a duration of time over a certain period of time and what happens is you know if Facebook sees more opportunities on one day to spend a little bit more than they will spend a little bit more if they see for example you know that or there’s not that many auctions to win or they don’t think that you’re gonna you know do well on one day or whatever it may be then they’ll spend a little less and that gives Facebook you know like I mentioned a lot more freedom and can bring about some stability into a campaign especially if you’ve got stuff that is winning so looking at this campaign here we’ve got somebody whose lifetime budgets here one are three hundred three hundred four hundred five hundred seven hundred two thousand three hundred and forty two pounds and this one’s at two thousand five hundred pounds so this is how I like to use them and like I say I’m only doing these on winning access so this campaign itself was a break out campaign so all of the winning ad sets that will show me fantastic results previously I just duplicate them into this campaign run some lifetime budgets on those audiences now typically myself I only really like to do you know spend so if I’m specifying a lifetime but you only really like to spend you know a hundred dollars to start with anyway before raising the budget a hundred dollars per day okay so you know if you were doing if you’re specifying over seven days I used to do seven days and I would do 30 days you know of course if you’re doing well it’s common sense if you do in you know one hundred dollars a day times by seven you’re gonna get seven hundred so you’d set your weekly debt Leo set your lifetime budget at seven hundred dollars and what happened is Facebook will try and spend a hundred dollars per day but as mentioned they may go up to a hundred and thirty per day if there’s a you know a lot of opportunities and auctions to win or they may only spend say eighty per day but on average they’ll try and spend and utilized that seven hundred budget over the time and like if he was doing 100 over thirty days you said it at three thousand now I noticed for some people just getting started they may think what and I’d say at three thousand that’s you know ton of money but Facebook aren’t just going to spend three thousand you know three thousand three thousand dollars in the first day or in in this first week or so you know so don’t be scared to do large lifetime budgets okay what’s gonna happen is you know if it isn’t working over the first you know three days then you can always just shut the campaign off but don’t be afraid Facebook are not just going to you know totally wipe out that three thousand dollars in just two days okay so beware full of that and remember you’re only using this on winning ad sets now just to really quickly show you how how to set up a lifetime budget ad set sorry we’ve got to do just go into the campaign and just change literally this most of the time it’ll be on a daily budget so if you see here this little bit here every set daily budget so most of the time it will just be on a daily budget and then of course you just set your your lifetime budget to whatever you may be and then if you scroll down you can just set your start date and end date so whether it be a week or whether it be you know 30 days or whatever it may be so that was how you do that now going back to this of course we had some down here we had some this was a retargeting asset mr. Ross was fantastic some of these daily ones did work great okay and there was a standout daily one here as well at 105 dollars per day and of course the robust on that was you know over eight so fantastic of course and that one was just done literally just beer by increasing the daily budget you know every few days if it was if the Rojas was positive just upped the budget and that’s why we set out a hundred and five dollars where it was still bringing in consistent sells at a fantastic grow us again some of these lifetime budgets didn’t work they weren’t fantastic this one’s that at one point Force Ones a tattoo and of course not every single ad set is going to work you know but these ones here are not words to four hundred dollar one to five hundred pound one sorry the 700-pound one and these two large ones we’re bringing in robots over three mckay anything cover three of course is great for see this is a 3-13 this was at 3:22 this was at 3:53 this was a three this was 2a and then of course we go down to those bad bones as well but the way I’m actually using them or or on these ad sets is I like to target large audiences now this was specific that I’m actually highlighting I’m gonna show you I can’t show you the audience’s like I’m gonna actually run this again for q4 so I can’t show you the audiences or interest is interest sorry so apologies about that but I’ll try to break it down basically with this large one here what I’d done was I stuck all of the interest that I was running you know cold stack them all into our lifetime budget and just targeted worldwide so you can see some of these audiences here are absolutely massive okay so 470 million people that’s a massive audience now like I said this is you only really want to be doing these on winning ad sets you couldn’t just run this on a cold audience you know or a product that hasn’t really been validated because nine times I attend you’re not going to get saw the results but if you know something he’s working has been working on small daily budgets you know that audiences are working then this is one that I like to do stack all my interests together I’m just target have a large or you know lifetime budget you can see here seventy million people while still bringing in a robot of 313 now if you go down to this one here you can have a look let’s see what the size of this audience is and we can see that this one is 16 million people so a very large budget and I find that very large budgets and very large in it’s a very large audiences and very large budgets a lifetime work great ok and if we look at this one here as well by in this audience was 18 million people ok so again another large audience if we just shut this one that was that three as well seven million so 7.3 million so they’re all very large audiences and like I said I generally find that if you’ve got a large lifetime budget and a large audience okay to target and of course you know it’s shown signs in a previous campaign on daily budgets at low you know amounts then test them out lifetime budgets are very under utilized a lot of people don’t actually talk about them like election which is a reason why I wanted to put this video out and just show you the results that you can get with lifetime budgets so definitely something to try out okay and it can bring stability you know these ones you can just leave these pretty much you know when they’re working of course if they’re working and they’re bringing in you know very nice whereas over a long period of time I find that lifetime pledges are super stable when you let you know Facebook take the take the rain so to speak so I hope you got some value from this video so I hope you got some value from this video if you did please do like comment and of course smash that subscribe button and be sure to hit the notification about as well see stay up to date with all of my latest content hopefully now you can see how effective lifetime budgets can be a local mention a lot of people don’t actually use last time budgets but when done correctly you can get strong stable results over a sustained period of time now I have got a course coming up if you want to be on the wait list and get notified before any body else click the link down below jump on the waitlist that will be coming very very soon which I’m super excited to bring out I’ve got a free Facebook mastermind group as well the link for that will be down below I’m in net of the marketers in there we talk about nothing but ecommerce dropship in everything to do with Facebook as on a daily basis okay so jump in there hundred percent free and we can connect on there hit me up on Instagram took me I like drop me at the end drop me a follow and we can try and connect on there now that is it for this video I hope you got some value and I hope you go out and actually start to test lifetime bridges on those winning ad sets okay give them a go give them a chance and let me know what the results are so I hope you got some value take care and I’ll see you in the next video

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