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How has native advertising evolved over time?

How has native advertising evolved over time?

There’s a number of different things that
we call native advertising, and of course the technology has gone quickly forward in
the last couple of years. Fortunately, ad tech, which is so mature,
is now really able to be a useful tool for native advertising so that you can keep track
of users and how much response you’ve gotten on a native campaign. In particular, there’s a couple of different
ways that you can present things. Some people will put what is basically an
ad into the middle of a bunch of editorial content and call that a native advertising
piece. Others will do something a little different
where they’ll make something that looks more like the rest of the page, is clearly disclaimed
as a piece of sponsored content, but links to an article that is also hosted within the
confines of that publication’s site. So it makes a big difference in the experience
a user has. And those kinds of tools are evolving and
have evolved over the last couple years. That, I think, makes a more seamless and less
jarring experience. And that stuff’s going to continue to develop
over time.

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