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How Facebook Advertising Works

How Facebook Advertising Works

Hi, this is Mark and today I want to speak to you about the importance of having a social media advertising
strategy. Back in the old days, if you were on Facebook in 2008-2009, you posted something on your business page and chances are a lot of people would see that
content. Over the years, Facebook has eroded that reach to the point where the
organic reach is now about one or two percent. All this means is for every
hundred people that like your page on Facebook your content is getting out to
one or two of them. Of course, Facebook is a business so they
want to make money and what they’re trying to do is encourage businesses to
pay them to get that content out. I actually think it’s a pretty fair deal
because Facebook advertising is really effective. Not only do you not have to
spend a lot of money, but you can reach a very targeted group of people. When
you’re boosting a post, you can target people by age and geographic location
down to the first three digits of a postal code or even identify them by
interests or a combination, so that whether you’re spending five dollars or
fifty dollars you’re getting your content out to the right
people. To give an example of how this works, I have a client who posted a video
in November and we boosted it for $25. over 4,800 people saw that post in their
timeline. 3500 people actually watched all or part of the video and it generated
more than 70 likes, a dozen comments and three shares, which is
fantastic because it really expanded the awareness of the post. And all it was was
$25 to a very specific group of people. If you have any questions about how
to use social media advertising, please get in touch!

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