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How Facebook Ads Work 2019 – Social Media Marketing

How Facebook Ads Work 2019 – Social Media Marketing

– Hey everyone, Christian
from PixlFeed here. I see a lot of people jumping on Facebook and trying to run ads
without having a clue on what they’re doing,
especially small businesses. Might as well fly out to
Vegas, walk into a casino, and gamble all your money away because you might get
better results that way. Everyone asks me all the time, “how do Facebook ads work?” So I decided to make this video
that explains the foundation of how Facebook ads work
because like anything else, if you don’t have a proper foundation, you cannot build anything. So lets go back in time, but first, smash that like button, and subscribe! All right, the year is
1986, Metallica’s starting to put their mark in the music world by releasing Master of
Puppets, and Guns n’ Roses, a year later, releases
Welcome to the Jungle. Everything is just big and in your face, the hair, the gold chains,
boomboxes, skateboarding, crazy clothes and bright
colors, and all the places where the cool kids
hang out at is the mall. You have food, movies, record stores, book stores, and arcades. Sound familiar? (beeps) Seriously, I wish I was monetized already so I could turn this into a
movie and just roll the B roll. That would be pretty awesome, right? Right. (beeps) Now lets come back to our present time. This is what Facebook is. Facebook is the mall where
everyone is hanging out at. It’s still the place to
be, but the only difference is that everyone does
on Facebook is now argue about politics, click on
clickbait articles, and ads. Now Facebook, it’s not just Facebook. Big bad Zuck has become the
big villain in our movie that’s taking everyone out. Zucks is the big bad evil corporate guy who just buys everyone else
out if they try to remotely even compete with them, or
just simply destroy them. For example, Instagram came along, so Zuck picks up the phone
and calls Kevin and Mike, who invented Instagram
and says, “hey bros, “I’ll give you a billion
dollars for your app.” And then they go, “shit,
sure, we’ll take it.” And then at the same time,
he does the same thing with What’s App, and the same
with Snap, but Evan’s like, “no way bro, I just bought a Lambo.” True story. So Zuck says, “okay, I’ll just “copy the whole thing and destroy you.” Mmm. So now, it’s not just
Facebook, it’s Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, What’s
App, and the Audience Network. If you have never advertised on Facebook, then you have never heard
of the Audience Network. Think of the Audience
Network as the real estate on websites like Fox
News or CNN that rents it out to advertisers like
myself to put our ads on. By now, you must be asking
yourself, what does all this have to do with how Facebook ads work? Well, have you heard of the
Cambridge Analytical scandal? That’s the reason Zucks
is in front of congress every month now. (groans) In other words, Facebook
has become the number one data mining operation in the world. Next to Google, okay? By not only using all the
information that you upload to the platform yourself,
along with what you have to say and post, but also
by tracking your every move through the web using a
piece of code injected to most websites called a Facebook Pixel. The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that most companies
plug into their website, and a pixel is what I’m
talking about, just a pixel, like the pixel on your
screen, and it tracks everything you do, it
sends the information back to Facebook, and Facebook uses that information for our ad platform. This way, they know what
you buy, when you buy it, on what device, with which credit card, and on what exact day and
time they need to put that ad in front of you, so the
probability of you clicking on that ad and pulling the
trigger is 99.9999.9 accurate. Now, back to the present day, snap. No pun intended. Have you ever been
flipping through channels and seen those car auctions
where guys are like, “balalala, the first winner with $5,000, $20,000, $30,000, falalala (gibbering) and sold to the highest bidder!” That’s how their ad platform works, but mixed with all that data, and one of the most powerful
algorithms in the world. So lets say I have a cat store
and I wanna sell a cat toy. Well the first thing that I
need to do, is go into this tool that they have called Audience Insights. And what that tool is, I can search Facebook database based on interest. So once I’m looking, I can see
people are totally into cats, obsessed with cats, I love cat pages, they buy everything cat
related, and it’s all there. I have access to it but I can’t
tell it’s you particularly. It’s anonymous, it’s
just a big pool of data. People have this
misconception that Facebook sells all this data to everybody else, but that’s not how it works. Advertisers, like myself,
just have access to that data. So when I want to target you with an ad, I just target those
interests, and then I say, “I wanna place my ad on
Facebook newsfeed, Instagram, “What’s App, Audience Network, Messenger.” Get the idea? So it’s just that. It’s an auction, just
like they wanna show you and talk about the cars. So people like me, advertisers
like myself, go in there and say, “I wanna place this
ad for this cat-related product “in front of a person
that’s most likely to buy.” And then I raise my hand and say, “hey, “I’m willing to pay
this much to put this ad “for this particular product
in front of that person.” And then I just press a button, and the algorithm works
it’s wonders and magic. Now, there’s a misconception
out there as well that in 2019, present day, or 2020, that you can run Facebook
ads for $5 a day. I hate to break it to you,
but those days are long gone. Now, to have a good
strategy with Facebook, you really have to put a plan together of what your funnel strategy’s gonna be. And when we talk about funnel strategy, we’re talking about top of the funnel, middle of the funnel,
and bottom of the funnel. So what’s the difference
between those three? Top of the funnel is
the ad that you’re going to show to your cold audience. Middle of the funnel is the
ad that you’re gonna show to people that are already
familiar with your brand, maybe they saw the first ad but they didn’t pull the trigger. They’re like, “oh okay,
let me go check it out”. They click over, go to your website, they check everything out,
Facebook is tracking this in the back hand this whole time, right? This is how you get the creepy ads appear out of nowhere everywhere you go. Now, I’m doing what’s
called retargeting you. And that’s when we move to
the bottom of our funnel. And the bottom of our funnel
is our retargeting ads. This is the ad when I’m gonna
go after you relentlessly to make sure you buy that product with me. And by Facebook knowing all
your data, and doing it’s work when I place that bid,
it’s gonna place that ad in front of the person that’s most likely to come back and buy from me, okay? So that’s how Facebook ads work. Let me know in the comments
if you have any questions. Let me know what you’re
doing to make your ads work. And let me know if this
answered your questions. I really wanna know if I’m helping you. So make sure, again,
smash that like button, subscribe to the channel, and
I’ll talk to you guys later.

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