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How does Target ROAS bidding work for Google Hotel Ads?

How does Target ROAS bidding work for Google Hotel Ads?

This video covers the Target Return on
Ad Spend or Target ROAS bidding option for Google Hotel Ads. Like its name
implies, Target ROAS helps you manage your Hotel Ads in terms of the return on
ad spend you’d like to achieve. You start by specifying a Target ROAS goal: for
instance, 500% or $5 back for every $1 you spend. Then Target ROAS optimizes
your bids to help you hit the goal. So Target ROAS is great if you want an
automated way to manage your Hotel Ads bidding. The question you might be asking is how does Target ROAS know where to set bids for a property. For the
properties where you’re using Target ROAS bidding, Target ROAS predicts
future conversions and the total value of those conversions based on your
historical performance data. From there, max CPC bids are automatically set across your properties based on their potential to help you meet your Target ROAS goal. Think about it like this: It can be hard to figure out how to bid on
each individual property and even how to bid on particular variables of this
traffic, for instance mobile users versus users based in one country versus
another. Target ROAS provides an automated real-time bidding solution so you still
pay on a CPC model but you get dynamic bid management designed to optimize
towards your desired return on ad spend. So how does Target ROAS know what to bid on a property? A good part of it is analyzing conversion tracking data to
understand which properties are enabling a strong return on ad spend. In fact in
order to use Target ROAS bidding, you must have conversion tracking enabled
and be passing booking values to Google. You can check if you’ve enabled
conversion tracking in your Hotel Ads Center account on the Home tab. Additionally we recommend working with your technical team to ensure you set up
certain parameters in your conversion tracking code. The parameters listed here
help us understand the booking value of a given property so that we can optimize
your bids accordingly against your Target ROAS goals.

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