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How do I manage bids with Google Hotel Ads Center?

How do I manage bids with Google Hotel Ads Center?

In this video, we walk you through how
you can use the Hotel Ads Center to easily manage your Google Hotel Ads bids. As a quick refresher, Google Hotel Ads give you the option to manage your bids at a number of levels. Your most basic option is setting a default bid across all of your
properties, called an Account Default Bid. And from there you can choose to
override this default bid on certain properties in two ways: first you can create hotel groups, or
clusters of properties, that you want to bid similarly on. And adjusting group
default bids helps you scale more specific bid management on strategic
clusters of properties. Your second option is overriding both default and
Hotel Group bids for individual properties using Hotel Bids. You can
imagine this gets time-intensive with a large number of properties, but it can be
useful for bidding more aggressively on highly strategic properties, like one
with an upcoming grand opening or in a city with a large event taking place. Of
course the Google Hotel Ads Center allows you to make all of these adjustments. To
start, we recommend setting a default bid for all of your properties directly
from your Dashboard view. To do this simply click the Edit button. You’ll be
prompted to choose the type of bid you’d like to use and enter your bid amount. If
you’re using CPC-based bids, you’ll also have the option to add or edit Bid
Multipliers. As their name implies, Bid Multipliers help you adjust your CPC
based bids based on the six query specific factors you see highlighted
here. This helps you manage your return on investment because you can make
adjustments according to the positive or negative impact of these factors
typically have on your conversion rates. With that in mind, setting multipliers is
pretty straightforward: you can toggle between the types of multipliers
directly in this navigation bar, and you can adjust your multiplier up or down by
a certain percentage. Finally you can see the impact those multipliers will have
on your total bid. And if you choose, dive deeper by clicking Details. When you’re
done, click Save. And then click Save once more on the
main bid editing screen. That’s it. You’ve now set a default bid. Next you may want to
set more tailored bids for some or all of your hotel groups. To do this, still in your Dashboard, choose “View By
Hotel Group” to see all of the hotel groups currently in your account. Then
either simply edit the bid for your groups directly on this page or click
into the hotel group for full bid editing capability. Once on the hotel
group page, you can once again simply and directly edit the bid for the hotel
group. Or you can access more granular bidding settings, including bid
multipliers for CPC bids, by clicking the Edit button. On this Edit page, you can change the type of bid this hotel group uses by toggling between bidding options. And you can edit Bid Multipliers for CPC bid methods once again by clicking the Edit
button. Note that if you do not specify multipliers at the hotel group level, the
bid inherits the account default bid multipliers. Ok. The last level of bidding you may want is overriding any account default or Hotel Group bid to specify a
bid for an individual property. The process is very similar to what we’ve
done so far and starts with viewing your hotels by Hotel ID on your Dashboard.
Just like with Hotel Groups, you can now edit directly from this page or click on
the hotel name for the full set of bidding options, including multipliers.
One final option with setting individual hotel bids is doing it in bulk. In other words, from your Hotel ID view
you can check the boxes of multiple properties and then click the “Bulk Edit Bids” dropdown menu to select an option to set bids or Bid Multipliers for the
checked group of individual hotels. It’s worth reiterating that Google will use
the most specific bid available for a hotel. In other words, when you set Hotel
Group bids, they override the account level defaults for those hotel groups,
and similarly, when you set bids on individual properties, those individual
property bids override any bid on the property’s Hotel Group.

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